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Winners Operation Must Abide July 16 to August 19 2018

Winners Operation Must Abide July 16 to August 19 2018

Declaring Operation Must Abide July 16 to August 19, 2018

As we are all aware, our prophetic church growth agenda for the year captioned Operation Take Your Territory for Christ continues up until October 7, 2018.

We give God thanks for how far He has helped us, particularly in the just concluded first segment of this prophetic agenda tagged, Operation 615.

Winners Operation Must Abide

Winners Operation Must Abide

However, we must understand that we are not only chosen and ordained to bring forth fruits, that is, lead people to salvation, we are also called to take responsibility for making disciples of our converts, that is, to ensure their retention both in the faith and in the house of God for life – Jn. 15:16/ Mat. 28:18-20/ Lk. 15:7-8 David O Oyedepo messages today – Engaging the power of testimony Isaiah 8:20

We understand from scriptures that getting people saved and gathering them into the store house, that is, the church, is the will of God. As we all know, when we pray according to the will of God, He hears and answers us –Jn. 4:34-36/1Jn. 5:14-15

Therefore, the same way we have to go to see souls saved, we must pray and follow them up, to see them established in the faith and in the church – Gal. 4:19/ Col. 4:12/ Act 15:36

Biblical requirement for securing establishment of our New Converts:

We must continue to engage in effectual fervent prayer for them – Col. 4:12/Gal. 4:19
We must ensure that they are regular in church services – Ps. 84:7/ Ps. 23:6
We must encourage them to attend Believers Foundation Class– Ps. 11:3/ Is. 5:13
We must ensure that they belong to Winners’ Satellite Fellowship, the grass root family unit of the church – Act. 2:46/ Rom. 16:5
We must encourage them to join any service group of their choice in the Church, so they can begin to enjoy the blessings that accrue from service – Exo. 23:25/Jn 12:24
We must ensure that they are baptised in the Holy Ghost, for a most fulfilling adventure in the faith – Act. 1:8/ Dan. 12:3/Isa. 10:27
We must ensure that they are baptised in water, because it is a requirement for fulfilment of all righteousness – Mat. 3:15
We must encourage them to partake of the Basic Certificate Course (BCC) for accelerated spiritual growth that will result to their establishment and enthronement in the kingdom – Gen. 14:14/Gal. 4:1-4 Sunday Sermons David Oyedepo Jnr : Engaging the Supernatural power of Love
Furthermore, we must endeavour to maintain regular contact with them concerning their well-being and continue to release blessings upon them either through telephone, SMS or any other social medial platform.



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We should also be sensitive to know when any of our new converts requires our support in one way or the other such as transportation to and from church etc and to respond as able.

Therefore, for the next five weeks, that is from Monday July 16 to Sunday August 19, 2018 we shall be focusing on ensuring that all our new converts of the year are fully established in church, by engaging all of the above listed strategies and many more as may be inspired by the Holy Ghost.

I pray that not one soul that has stepped through the doors of our churches since the year began shall step out but abide to enjoy the fullness of the blessings that the Liberation Mandate carries in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Remember, as the church continues to grow, God will continue to change the levels of all engaging Winners – Jer. 30:19-21 David Oyedepo Sermon – The wonder-working power THE NAME OF JESUS

Therefore, make this task a MUST and you shall make the MOST of it both in result and returns.

Remain ever Blessed.

Jesus is Lord! Winners Operation Must Abide

Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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