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Shiloh 2020 Stream – Dstv: Channel 408 Gotv: Channel 112 TStvAfrica Channel 128

SHILOH 2020 LIVE broadcast

Shiloh 2020 Stream WATCH THE 2020 SHILOH LIVE BELOW  Scroll down for – SHILOH 2020 INTERCESSORY PRAYER GUIDELINE : SHILOH 2020 | DAY 4 | TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS ALSO, THOSE WHO Have DSTV CAN STREAM ON CHANNEL 408 Shiloh 2020 Stream Shiloh 2020 Stream GOTV 112 Things to bring along to Shiloh SEE YOU THERE! Dates: December 8th – 13th, 2020 …

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Winners Church Sunday Sunday Service Oyedepo

WATCH WINNERS’ CHAPEL LIVE SERVICE WITH DAVID OYEDEPO Breaking Limit!!! You are watching the Winners’ Chapel Sunday LIVE Service, 9th August, 2020 with Bishop David Oyedepo at Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel, Faith Tabernacle Canaan Land Ota Nigeria. (Please, reload this page for the latest live service) Bishop David Oyedepo is the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church …

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David Oyedepo Daily Declaration A new day for you 20th February 2020

David Oyedepo speaking

David Oyedepo Daily Declaration 20th February 2020 I decree today as the dawning of a new day for you, in the name of Jesus! ‘The reason you haven’t accessed light over that subject matter even after you study the Word is that you haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to teach you.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo our days of struggling for …

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Faith Oyedepo Daily Declaration 20th February 2020 #FaithOyedepo #MarriageTalk

Pastor Faith Oyedepo Daily

Faith Oyedepo Daily Declaration Wives, you reverence your husband when his word counts in your ears and heart, and his instructions matter to you. Not that when He speaks, they enter one ear and come out from the other. #MarriageTalk #ThursdayThoughts #Throwback #FaithOyedepo No matter how long that oppression has being in your life, today marks your day of escape! …

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David Oyedepo Daily Declaration Feb 18 2020

David Oyedepo Daily Declaration

May every closed door against your life be blasted opened! #OpenDoors #Tuesday #Breakinglimits Covenant Blessings For The Week!!! David Oyedepo Daily Declaration Feb 18 2020 If you said the alter call prayer, email us at outreachconvertsdata@lfcww.org and if you live in/around Lagos or its environs, visit us at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland. We are always open. Your story is changing today! …

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David Oyedepo Welcome Charge sermon ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING

David Oyedepo Live

Welcome Charge: ‘Tonight your own Word will come! There is a purpose the king sent for you. As it is our year of release, whatever has kept you bound, tonight I see you go free! By the time the day is breaking, the yoke is broken. He didn’t just exchange captivity for liberty, He made him lord of his house. …

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Winners’ 2020 Prophetic and Personalized Declarations

David Oyedepo Live

Winners’ 2020 Prophetic and Personalized Declarations 2020 Winners’ Personalized Prophetic Declarations By Bishop David Oyedepo Click HERE for Previous MESSAGES by Bishop David Oyedepo Every prophetic word is a guide of the Holy Ghost to the future that awaits us as the redeemed of the Lord – John 16:12-14 Every prophetic word speaks to the future of God’s people, corporately or individually …

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Watch LIVE: Winners Crossover Night Service 2019-2020

Watch LIVE: Winners Crossover Night

Watch LIVE: Winners Chapel Crossover Night Service 2019-2020 Broadcast LFC, Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel, holds her Crossover Night/Vigil Service 2019-2020 today, 31st December, 2019. Please, join Bishop David Oyedepo LIVE broadcast Service from Faith Tabernacle Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria…BREAKING LIMITS. GET FREE UPDDATE VIA EMAIL JOIN OTHER CHRISTIANS GET UPDATE BY EMAIL Join 861 other subscribers Email Address …

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Faith is a profession Shiloh 2019 Day 2 Sermon By Bishop David O. Oyedepo

watch bishop David Oyedepo online 247devotionals.com

Faith is a profession Shiloh 2019 Day 2 Sermon Shiloh 2019 Day 2 Sermon By Bishop David O. Oyedepo Hebrews 10:38 the just shall live by faith, faith is a profession for living, everyone’s life is a function of the faith at work in him. Faith is a profession you need to learn the skill to make it deliver. Shiloh …

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Shiloh 2019 Message David Oyedepo Day 1- Understanding Faith As the master key to a world of No limits

Shiloh 2019 Online Broadcast

Shiloh 2019 Message David Oyedepo Shiloh 2019 Theme: Breaking Limits By David O. Oyedepo 3rd December 2019 Shiloh 2019 Online Broadcast 1 Samuel 3:21 It shall be your Shiloh of release: its a verdict of release at the end of every 7 years there shall be a release Deuteronomy 15:1 This the 21st Shiloh God has vowed to release you …

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