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David Oyedepo Sermon – The wonder-working power THE NAME OF JESUS

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David Oyedepo Sermon: Operating in the supernatural

Teaching Series – Engaging the power of the supernatural ( June 20th, 2018)

Topic- The wonder-working power of THE NAME OF JESUS

Th supernatural is the natural realm for every redeemed of the Lord, its for everyone, it’s not for specific people its for everyone who believes in the Lord, the natural is not your realm it will be an abuse of redemption when you fear the way men in the natural realm fear, it is an abuse of the price of redemption in your life, it will never happen to you in Jesus name.

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David Oyedepo Sermon_ Operating in the supernatural


You are born in the wonder-working God, this understanding will help you in dealing with the issues of life. John 1:12, we came to Canaan Land in his name, when we came here Satan fled Prayer: anyone resisting your advancement, in the name of Jesus I cast them out!

Every word you receive believe and put it to work, you are empowered for the supernatural Mark 16:20, the supernatural is simply the product of believing the word.

Topic- The wonder-working power of the name of Jesus

What is in the name that works wonders?

  1. The irrevocable gift of God is in the name, Philippians 2:9 Romans 11:29, when God delivers a gift in a man, he protects it. At the name of Jesus every name should bow of things in heaven and on earth, so its a gift from the father 2 Kings 13:20 that is the gift of God. Think now of a living Christ, Revelations 1: 19, this is the living Christ, so the gift is eternally active, giving him a name, at the name of Jesus every Knee should bow.
  2. The power of God is in that name, Luke 10:17, that was the name before he went to the Cross and received that eternal irrevocable gift. You say that name to any demon attempting to molest you flee. The 70 said even devils obeyed, the power is in the name. The power is in both the word and in the name. Songs of Solomon 1:3 there is a pouring forth of Gods power when the name is involved, you are spraying the anointing of Jesus when you mention that name. As you spray the name of Jesus devils will be falling dead like when you spray insecticide on mosquitoes, they just fall dead that how powerful, unlimited power in the name. The name of Jesus cancels all incantations, his name is very powerful.
  3. Our defense in the name: Proverbs 18:10, in the name of Jesus he comes to envelop you. To make you inaccessible in the arms of the wicked Psalms 91:14, … Because he has known my name. His name is our strongest defense against every assault of the wicked. His name is an eternal defense against every assault of the wicked.

1 Samuel 17:45, see David bragging with that name, I come to you in THE NAME OF THE LORD he boasted not the name. The name is our strongest defense

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  1. The supernatural is loaded in the Name: Isaiah 9:6 the name is pregnant of the supernatural, Acts 3: IN THE NAME OF JESUS RISE AND WALK. The name is a supernatural emitting name, signs, and wonders are supernaturally emitted in his name. Therefore in the name of Jesus, I command your supernatural healing in THE NAME OF JESUS! Acts 9:34, he just evoked the name on Aeneas Jesus makes you healed now he said…  It is loaded with signs and wondersActs 4:30-33 IN TH NAME OF JESUS my health is absolutely restored I don’t have high bold pressure” ! Boldly saying it

At his name demons flee, obstacles are cleared offActs 8:5

Prayer: There is nothing that came negative with you shall remain IN JEUS NAME

  1. He does anything you ask in his name: In the name lay our guaranteed for answered prayers
  2. The gate lifting power lies in that name: Psalms 24:8 t barriers braking power is in that name, Colossians 3:17 whatever you do in his name. You are going out declare as you are going put in his name, practically do everything in His name. When you enter any place in the name of Jesus everything will begin to work for you by virtues of that name. Immediately you enter a place people will be running up and down for you. That’s how people will start contacting you even for jobs you never applied for! That’s the name working for you, they don’t need to know God the name can reach anyone no matter who they are.

Understand it’s our right in redemption to engage in that name, it’s our right as believers,

There are things you must not return back into, if I were you, I will drop those things that displease GOD  tonight, whatever you sense on your part that is not rite if I were you I will engage in the name.

The name answers only to the redeemed if you have not given your life to Christ now is the time, only those who belong to the body of Christ can have access to that name. Say the prayer of repentance now, give your life to Jesus and your story will be changed forever.

confess your sins to Jesus and ask him to come into your life, ask Jesus to wash you with his blood, believe it and thank Him for forgiving you. Ask him to give you a new life, ask him to write your name in the book of life, In Jesus name Amen!!

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Jesus is Lord.

Sermons by Bishop Oyedepo

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