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Engaging the power of the Word ( Bishop David Oyedepo) June 13th, 2018

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David Oyedepo – Operating in the supernatural part 3 ( June 13th, 2018)

Mark 16: 20 and The Lord working with them confirming the word they received believed and obey. The supernatural is simply the manifestation of the word we received and engage.

Topic: Engaging the power of the Word ( Bishop David Oyedepo)

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The word was with power, demonstrated in Genesis 1:4, that’s to show you the amount of power in there, Jeremiah 10:22 “He made the earth by his power” so power was responsible for the creation of the earth. The Word is not a history book nor chemistry book but power. Luke 5:27, Jesus was teaching and the power was healing them… power! Gods word is power packed, he was casting out evil spirits with his word, power! Romans 1:16. Engaging the power of the Word ( Bishop David Oyedepo https://247devotionals.com )

It is by the word we are empowered to operate in the supernatural Isaiah 11:2 it is by the Word we engage with not the word we know or preach but the word we engage with that we command signs Exodus 4:17 it means you shall engage this Word. Not in thy mind but in thy mouth, then you command signs and wonders.

I saw Matthew 6:33 I began to engage in it till today, see it now opening destinies. I took! Matthew 8:27 I declared I cannot be sick! Engaging with the truth in Truth guarantees supernatural signs. Engage in it not noise practical, it is the word that empowers us to command in the supernatural.

As we feed on the Word, we are feeding on divine nature, 2 Peter 1:4 our divinity content is enhanced, become increasingly like God John 10:35, thereby enhancing our command of the supernatural. There are some people burning for Jesus being in command of life situation they are there highly divinized. Psalms 82:6, I have said ye are Gods, redemption has made a divine entity of you. Keep building your divinity content by feasting on the Word.

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We need to build our divinity content by feasting on the word as God has commanded us to. Not just feasting on the Word, but by engaging in it. The Bible is filled with letters and wonders, it is the wonder content of the Word that changes people, the Word is pregnant with wonders but many people only see the letters.

Prayer: May the eyes of everyone be opened to the Word in Jesus name.

We need to build spiritual maturity, our level of command of authority a function of our spiritual maturity. Galatians 4:1, the moment you remain a child you are limited in authority when you knock on a door by the words of the response you get, Acts 19:15, Jesus I know who are you?… When that ritual killer knew I was the one He released the victim and gave her transport money! The devil knows! We need to build up spiritual maturity, enhance our divinity content. The more insight we gain the higher our command of spiritual authority.

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Acts 19:12, 2 Corinthians 12:7

Proverbs 4:22

Engaging the power of the Word ( Bishop David Oyedepo) Teaching Series – Operating in the supernatural part 3

What to do  with the Word

  1. Receive it: put your name in it Matthew 6:33 seek ye first the Kingdom,  Deuteronomy 8:18 I knew I cannot be poor!
  2. Believed it
  3. Obey John 14:21
  4. Do warfare with it: 1 Timothy 1:28 every word you encounter create room for you to engage with it, do warfare with the Word you have found. Receive it and swing into prayer, do warfare.
  5. Continue to declare it: open your mouth, don’t close your mouth, speak confidently boldly, what you don’t declare God cannot deliver Acts 14:3, 1979! I declared “I cannot be sick” as long as you don’t doubt it in your heart you shall receive it., 1 Billion demons cannot make me sick, I declare it. I don’t keep quiet when I go out to the streets to reach out to souls I tell them I pray and God hears! They say we know!, I give them practical testimonies.

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Nobody will change class sitting down, pray  an examination prayer, a prayer that you must pass! Not casually, 1 Timothy 1:12 you don’t need to know people Daniel 11:32, know God you don’t need anybody, those who know their God not those who know people.

You cannot operate in the supernatural you must be born again. There are many sicknesses today that don’t have a name, you can free yourself, surrender your life to Christ tonight and become a child of light and have eternal life. If you want to give your life to Christ do it right now, confess your sins to Jesus and ask him to come into your life, ask Jesus to wash you with his blood, believe it and thank Him for forgiving you. Ask him to give you a new life, ask him to write your name in the book of life, In Jesus name Amen!!

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