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Sermon David Oyedepo: Walking in The supernatural Part C

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Sermon David Oyedepo: Walking in The supernatural Part C

Wonders that accompany Gods presence – David Oyedepo

Genesis 39:2 only his presence can make a servant prosper!

Daniel 3: 24 The presence of the Lord will lift you up like these men in Jesus name. James 5:14. There was no call for healing service in the new testament, “Is anyone sick call the elders” there shall come a time in this CHURCH THAT WE won’t HAVE TH SICK NO MORE Chris will cure every sickness supernaturally.

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Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo

Daniel 6:20-22. You will suffer no kor hurt in your life in Jesus. By divine proclamation, by the grace of God whatever I decree comes to pass, whatever is proclaimed to you by divine proclamation shall answer to you in Jesume. You remember one of our member kidnapped by rubbers I declare in 7 hours her release, before the 7th hour she was released.

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Acts 27:23,

At new birth, Isaiah 7:24, the Lord shall give you a sign. Emmanual Matthew 1:20 God with us, at new birth Jesus comes into you Revelation 3:20, Jesus comes to be residence inside. That is why you cannot be sick, Jesus cannot be in you and sickness hide there, therefore every torment of the devil is declared over in Jesus name. The worker of signs and wonders is in you! And you are in Christ. You are far beyond being human, Ephesians 2: 5, seated in heavenly places in Chris Jesus, he is in you and you are in Christ. Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo

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Philippians 1:9, that what Gabe me authority over witchcraft like Daniel in his days, that is how you will be in Jesus name. I made an alter call for witches 1979, they said when ty sense a higher power they clear, it’s not by might is by light. You must understand his ever-abiding presence, Galatians 2:20, Colossians 3:3.

Christ in you, he is in you, and he is standing outside with you, what a security. The consciousness of his divine presence will make you a grand commander. John 10:4, you wake up in the morning, Christ is going with me, Isaiah 45:2, that is His presence, his presence in you, is with you and goes before you. Philippians 2:13, 4:13 Christ is at work in u, to keep things working for you, so no organ of your body is permitted to be dead. Tonight is declared your night of liberty! This are the virtues that accompany his presence (Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo)

It takes faith to engage with the Christ in you, you are only empowered to become what you see and believe. John 1:11 as many as received him! We manifest the reality of the Ruth by seeing believing and expected the manifestation. Faith is the substance of things you are expecting. Matthew 28:20 engaging with Kingdom advancement endeavor guarantees his continue abiding with you! Mark 16:20, this signs shall follow them V17 that follow him. Things don’t follow you while sitting you have to be on the go, on the go for Christ, you sit down you lose command, you are in command when you are truly on the go. People on the go are true commanders of the signs, that shall be your portion.

For Christ to go before you, you must submit to his leading, Isaiah 45:1, when the Lord is your Shepard you have secured Psalms 23:4 in his presence. To keeps presence up, keep doing his will. John 8: 29. His presence us your guaranteed breakthroughs in Life, Isaiah 64:1, mountains flow down at his presence. His presence is our guaranteed for unstoppable progress in life.

Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo

Understand all said and done, Gods presence is impossible without the lifestyle of praise. God can only inhabit the atmosphere of praise. Everybody carrying divine presence assumes his presence. You cannot secure his presence without praise! Philippians 4:4 rejoice evermore, you want to retain his presence then cheer up! Exodus 15:11, the manifest presence of God requires a life of praise. Therefore tonight forget not his benefits, celebrate his grace in your life. You are alive January till now is enough stop the grumbling. A man sold 6 houses to get cure no solution,  but after coming to Gods presence he was cured free.

Without his presence you are just a good lunch to the devil, you Ned his presence Colossians 1:23 you must be translated from the kingdom of darkness to his presence because you stand a big risk! If you know you have not given your life to Christ run to Jesus now, tomorrow may be too late! Be filled with his ever-abiding presence. (Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo)

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With God on your side, every devil that come your way will flee to take cover! If you are not born again now is the time, If you need to rededicate and connect back to God now is the time. Say Lord Jesus, I come to you for my redemption, I confess my sins before you, Wash me with your blood. Thank you Jesus because I believe you died and resurrected on the third day to set me free. Thank you Jesus because I know you  have forgiven me, give me your ever abiding presence now and forever more in Jesus name Amen!

Walking in The supernatural -By Bishop Otedepo

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