Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God.

And you are going to Pray for thirty (30) Minutes. After Thirty (30) Minutes you will give your Offering.

1. Cry to the Almighty God and say:

Father; intervene in my Life.

I don’t want to be Ordinary; my House Fellowship must not be Ordinary, my Church, Office, and home must not be Ordinary. I want Miracles, Signs and Wonders Beyond Expectations!

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2. Lord, I don’t want to be Ordinary – I want to Stand out for You. I want to be Outstanding. I don’t want my Anointing, my Testimony, my Family, to be Ordinary. I want to exceed Expectations. Lord God Almighty, help me. Intervene in my affairs.

3. In my House Fellowship, let there be Nothing called Sickness at all. Let everybody who come to my House Fellowship receive a Miracle, Sign and Wonder. Bless my family so Mightily with Your Anointing, with Your Power, with Your Support; that the whole Nation would soon hear about it.

4. I don’t want to be an Ordinary Worker; I want to be Exceptional; I want to be Beyond Expectations. I don’t want to be an Ordinary Christian that People would just say well, he or she is a Christian. I must be Outstanding! Help me O Lord.

5. Help me to Pray – I don’t want my Prayer to be Ordinary. I want to be a Prayer Warrior that will Pray and shake my Nations; I want to be Extraordinary. I want my Strength to be Extraordinary, I want my Miracle and Family to be Extraordinary. A family where there is no Sickness, no Disease, no Demons.

6. I want anybody who steps into my House Fellowship to receive Extraordinary Miracles. I want every Visitors to my House Fellowship to know that they are going for Miracles. Let my House Fellowship be a House Fellowship of Fervent Prayers. I don’t want to a Lazy Child of God; I want to be a Prayer Warrior. Oh Yes Lord! I want to be able to Pray and shake Nations.

7. I don’t want Ordinary Fever in my House Fellowship – No ache, no pain; not in my House Fellowship Lord! Because I want You to intervene; my House Fellowship is Your house, and Your House is a House of Prayer, a House of Miracles, of Signs and Wonders.

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8. Oh Lord God Almighty, help me! Transform me from tonight; let my Life become Extraordinary, Supernatural. Let my Anointing become Supernatural. King of kings and Lord of lords, help me.

9. You were in a house, they had to break through the roof to bring in someone to You; and the Fellow got his Miracle. Whenever anybody is brought into my House Fellowship, let them walk out with their Miracles, with their Testimonies.

10. Help me Lord, empower me to Pray. Anoint me to seek You with all my Strength, with all my Mind, with all my Soul. Let my House Fellowship become a terror to the devil. Let the enemies know, “you ever go near that House Fellowship, you’ll be in trouble!”

11. From tonight onwards,u let there be Dramatic Changes in every facets of my Life. Make me absolutely Extraordinary. I must be different O Lord, Superior O Lord, More Than a Conqueror O Lord – Extraordinary!

12. Please, don’t let my own House Fellowship be an Ordinary one. Let it be different, Powerful, known for Miracles, for Signs, for Wonders. That before the end of this year let my Town know, “there is a Place in this Town, if only you can get there, you will get your Miracle.” Let that be said of my House Fellowship Center, Lord. Let that be said of my House!

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13. I want to serve You diligently with all my Heart, and with everything I have. I want my house to be Your House – A Place of Prayer, Healing, Deliverance, Joy, Miracles, Signs and Wonders. I want to become Special for You Lord; that even when I am walking past, the devils would be telling one another, “here he comes!”

14. Help me Lord: I don’t want my House Fellowship to be just one of those Places. Let it be a Place Lord God Almighty, that Heaven would know, “God dwells here! There is a House Fellowship Center in this Town where God dwells, where God answers Prayers.”

15. Let my house be the house where People would say, “we know that God lives in your house, we know that God answers Prayer in your house.” Let that be my Portion Lord! Let me be different Lord.

16. Have Mercy on me, Almighty God reach out to me tonight: transform everything that has to do with me from Natural to Supernatural, from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

17. Let my house be a Place Prayer would be going unto Heaven regularly, Powerfully and Gloriously. Make me Outstanding Lord. Let me stand out even among my Colleagues.

18. Lord God Almighty, I am available to be used of You. I am available Almighty God to do Your Will. I don’t want my Life to be an Ordinary routine – Waking up, eating, going to work, coming back, sleeping. No, No, No!

19. I want every bit of me to be Unusually Divine. Even in my Office, let them know that this young boy (girl) carries the Power of the Most High God.

20. Let my house be a Place no Demon can come near; no thief can come near, no robber can come near because they know that God lives in this house!

Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


The Almighty God will grant your Requests; and He will answer your Prayers tonight.

And all of you who are here tonight or reading now

God will give you “Advance Miracles”!

So shall it be!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


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