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SHILOH 2022 Day 4 Morning Session Bishop Oyedepo Kingdom Service

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Day 4 Morning session Bishop Oyedepo


Job 36:11 if they obey me they shall spend there days in prosperity.

Serving God is a choice nit a gift or a Calling but choice people make. Jesus lay down his life for us, deliberate. Psalm 105:42 , Daniel 6:23 the world around Daniel knew he served God.

You font have to be called to ministry to serve God, its an open platform.

Luke 2:37 Hannah served God. Open ended platform why stan idle? Go to the vineyard and work there is room for everybody.

Serve Gods interest with passion and delight. Be a value adding member of the body of Christ, you are not a consumer but adding value to the kingdom of your father.

When you are out of service you are no longer a candidate for promotion. The age at which tiu retire in any career marks the end of your journey i that career.

Serving God is the mystery behind change of story for every believer. John 15:12 any branch that beareth no fruit he but away, but the bearing one he prunes. Luke 13:6-9 Jesus found no fruits in the fig and said it should be cut down. Dont be a sit down at church member be a value adding member. Matthew 20:22 Jesus told theM he cant guarantee them to sit at his throne they serve to get there. From today everyone of you shall be adding value i the body of Christ in Jesus name.

Proof its open to all

1. Pray kingdom advancement prayers. Matthew 6:6 pray in secret your father shall reward your praying service openly.
God does not reward request he rewards prayer service. Pray as people gather they should not go home empty but have an encounter, add fasting pray for souls and watch God decorate your life.

2. Witnessing: Reaching out to the Lost: John 15:16

What must I do to operate in the supernal Shiloh 2022 Sermon David Oyedepo

There are many that are ordained for eternal life we go after the lost.

May everybody passion to souls come alive in Jesus name.

3. John 4:29 Invitation: Invite people to come see what Jesus is done. Luke 14: 17 keep inviting them until they come.

Sanctuary services, units like ushering, carpark, choir, Crowd control etc

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You sot down doing nothing you go no where. Stagnant water stink dont be a stagnant Christian be a serving Christian. As long as you can eat you can pray!!

4. Financial stewardship: Promoting the kingdom financially, Haggai 1:4 financial stewardship is a vital key to double open heaven.

Everybody has a place in kingdom stewardship

Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

What kind of kingdom stewardship works?

1. Love Motivated, not Eye service: Ephesians 6:6 our service must be love motivated not eye service. Dont serve God in condition not reward-driven but love-motivated.

2. Sacrificially: There is no star without a scar!! The star of every man is his sacrifice. Psalms 126:1

3. Serve God with Good will, don’t wish other people down, dont wish them a calamity Ephesian 6:7. Good Will

Now lets serve God with Humility, Service Him willingly with Joy

4. Service God unashamed, Romans 1:16, if you cant serve him openly he cant reward you openly. Jesus made himself of no reputation Philippians 2:7 to serve effectively with man. 1 Corinthians 2:9 unashamed of God

5. Be steadfast: Sow tirelessly

Psalm 22:30 serve him as a seed, serving God as a seed is the secret behind ultimate reward for stewardship Hebrews 13:7

An unplanted seed cannot grow, we plant and it grows and it keeps counting for years and years.

He that wins a soul is wise Proverbs 3:35

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