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What must I do to operate in the supernal Shiloh 2022 Sermon David Oyedepo

Shiloh 2022 Topic Unveiling the Covenant Highways Evening

Isaiah 55:11 the highways of God are in his word! It shows what God has to offer us and what to do for delivery. The Bible (Word) is a what to do book.


What everybody is and What everybody has a right to!

Sign’s and wonders covenant

The believer is to be a supernatural being Isaiah 8:18, Jesus said to Nicodemus John 3:8 thus every born again child of God is redeemed to be in command. You are not redeemed to suffer what the word suffers, we are not redeemed to be at the mercy of the Devil.

We have stayed too long with ordinary men that we have lost our supernatural identity. We are redeemed as lions Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah John 17:18 the days of you being cheated are over in your life in Jesus name.

The day of assault on your life are finally over in Jesus name.

1. By redemption an now a spirit being no more just a human being, I have a flesh but when you encounter Jesus u gain your spiritual man. When Adam sin he was still alive physical but his spiritual being lost connection with God. You are a spirit being wearing a fleshly clothing.

Declare: I have been redeemed as a spirit being!!



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You are not a weakling its a mentality, Johnn15:18&19 1 Peter 2:19 yea are a chosen generation, Matthew 5:13 yea are the salt of the earth. We are to stop the earth from decay, we don’t belong here! We are only in the world but not of the a world, that’s the distinction between us.

3. By redemption we seated in heavenly places Ephesians 2:5 , when we were yet sinners Christ quickened us together and made us sit together in heavenly places

4. By redemption we carry the presence not God Emmanuel God with us.

5. A child of God is also a god, Acts 14:11 the gods has come to us in the likeness of men. Psalms 82:5 I have said yea are gods. Redemption came to validate we are gods.

The Holyghost is the customs of signs and wonders

What must I do to operate in the supernal

1. Be born again and remain so. Philippians 2:12 Isaiah 8:18 Zechariah 3:8
2. The Word: Lay hold on Gods word Exodus 4:17 Isaiah 11:1 Jesus Carry the spirit of God – word empty people can’t operate in the supernatural. 2 Peter 1:4
3. Engage in prayer of faith for release James 1:6&7 let him ask in Faith Matthew 21:22 ask in Faith believing.
4. Engage the name of Jesus Christ to effect your command. Acts 3:16 faith in the name of Jesus is important for commanding the supernatural.
5. Engage bold declarations of your faith! – What you can’t declare boldly God cannot confirmed openly. Psalms 81:10, Acts 14:3 Bold declaration Boldness coming from the stuff on your inside

Testimonies: they are pointers of our heritage Matthew 14:36 we gain supernatural command by keying into testimonies. Those who despises testimony always lack one.
The supernatural has no Limit.

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