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Who is going to be the first to receive Healing tonight? – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

Then go ahead and Praise the Almighty God. Bless His Holy Name. Give Him Glory, Give Him Honour, Give Him Adoration. Praise Him!

Praise the King of kings, Praise the Lord of lords, Praise the Ancient of Days, Praise the Unchangeable Changer!

Praise the Highest – Who is Higher than the highest;

Praise the Greatest – Who is Greater than the greatest;

Praise the Ancient of Days – Who is Older than the oldest;

Praise the Wisest – Who is Wiser than the wisest;

Praise the One Who is the Richest: Richer than the richest;

Praise the One Who is the Alpha and Omega; Praise Him Who is Coming Again. Praise Him!

Let Him hear your Voice, so that you will be the first one He will come to – To release the first Healing tonight.

Praise Him! Give Him Glory, Give Him Honour, Give Him Adoration. Blessed be Your Holy Name Oh Lord.

Thank You Father. Thank You Lord!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!


You are the Mighty God,
The Great I Am;
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!



Father, You are the Great I Am!

Long before the Mountains were brought forth, You are God: so I know that tonight, You are going to Uproot Mountains.

You are the One Who spoke and said, “Let there be Light and there was Light.”

So I know that tonight, Darkness is going to lose its hold on Your Children.

You are the Great Physician – You never refer cases. You are the Ultimate Healer: so I know that tonight, as many of us as have come to the Last Bus Stop, we are going to shout for Joy!

Father, accept our Worship, in Jesus’ Name!

Almighty God Prove Yourself tonight: heal Your People, make everyone of us Whole.

Before we leave here tonight, let Your Healing Virtue begin to flow through us.

Thank you Almighty God! For in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People, say: Good Evening, God s going to surprise you tonight – Amen!


Well, as of tonight, five (5) Babies have been delivered in the Camp here – One (1) Boy and four (4) Girls. Woow!

Let the Girls shout: Praise the Lord!

Let the Boys shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Tomorrow by the Grace of God (Thursday, 8th December 2022); I will be Ministering from the New Auditorium.

… And of course, you know this would be the Overflow!

And tomorrow we would be talking on: “FROM CURSES TO BLESSINGS”.

Tomorrow is an extremely important day. Why? – Because there are Two (2) Major Forces on Earth controlling the Life of any Man – One is Curses, the other is Blessings.

So, whatever is happening in the Life of any man can be traced either to Curses or to Blessings.

In the Name that’s above every other names; every Curse that may still remain in your Life will be terminated by tomorrow – Amen!

And the Blessing you need to reach your Goal rapidly, unhindered; assisted by the Almighty God Himself: you would receive tomorrow – Amen.

But Tonight I will be speaking to you on: “HEALING VIRTUES”.

Luke 6:17-19.

And while you are opening your Bibles, will you Please, help me give the Lord a Big round of applause for the Choir? That was Good, tonight!

And then give another round of applause for the Young Man who brought the First Message – Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant. That was good!

Alright! Luke 6:17-19;

17 And he came down with them, and stood in the plain, and the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people out of all Judaea and Jerusalem, and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon, which came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases;

18 And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed.

19 And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.

In the Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ, one of the Testimonies of this Congress will be – “And He healed them all” – Amen!!!

When God made man, He was Perfect – I mean man was Perfect: Physically Perfect.

In Genesis 1:26-31, the Almighty God looked at the man He had made and said: “Woow! This is very Good.”

And when God says something is ‘Very Good’ you can be sure that thing must be “Very Good”!

Thank You Father!

The Lord said there is Someone here, He says the Doctors have been worried about the Pain in your Chest.

The Lord asked me to tell you, “the pain is gone!” AMEN

In Psalms 139:14 David said, “I was fearfully and wonderfully made.”

It was so Perfect that it was fearful.

Do you know that, of all the billions of People in the world (at any one time); you will never find two (2) People exactly the same.

… God is so Creative, He made everyone Unique!

Oh, they may look alike to you – Looking at Identical Twins; but check their fingerprints, you would discovered that Nobody is exactly the same as the other.

That’s how wonderful God is!

But then sin came: and when sin came, death came – Genesis 3:1-19.

Because Sin came, God Pronounced a Curse on Man and said, “you came from the dust, you will return to the dust”.

And immediately after that, the body began to Malfunction – The body that was Perfect before began to Malfunction.

Because Sickness is an Agent of Death.

And so, to repair man, when man began to multiply, et cetera; according to Psalms 107:17-20, the Bible said, whenever man sinned and they get into trouble (as a result) and they begin to suffer; they become so sick that they can’t even eat.

Whenever they repent and they cry unto God in their distress, He will send His Word and heal them – Jesus Christ, the Word Himself will come and heal them.

John 1:1-3 says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

… Jesus Christ is the Word, and without Him nothing was made.

So God would say to Him, “You made them, go and repair them.”

So in Psalms 107:20, when they cry to Him He would send His Word and He will heal them.

I have Good News for you – God is already sending His Word (Amen).

Okay Lord!

Daddy wants me to remind you of a Story of a man during one of our Holy Ghost Services in the National Stadium, Surulere (Lagos Nigeria);

The Word of God just came and said there was a man who has only one Kidney, because the Second one has been removed.

And the only one remaining is also beginning to give trouble. And God said: well, tell him “I have given Him two (2) New Kidneys”

Well, I think that is a Word for Somebody already – Amen!!!

That was Friday Night. The following Monday, the man concerned ran to his Doctor to examine him.

In the Testimony that followed, the Doctor said, I was the one who removed the first Kidney. And on the day we were removing that Kidney, everything that could go wrong went wrong: Light went out, Problem with Anaesthesia, et cetera.

He said, the Surgery that was to last one (1) hour lasted eight (8) hours. Hence, I can’t forget this man!

When the man went to the same Doctor on Monday, the Doctor said, I can’t believe you are the one, because: Now, there are two (2) healthy Kidneys.

The Lord asked me to tell you that Story because, there is Someone here or reading on the Label of DMC:

The Doctors have removed something important from your body. “You are getting a Brand New one now – Amen!

Now, when Jesus came down – When He the Word became flesh and He came down, you would find that Healing was a big Part of His Ministry.

In Acts 10:38 the Bible says: How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Power: who went about doing Good, and healing all that were Oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.

… He just kept on Healing.

In Luke 5:17, the Bible tells us, even as He talked – Anytime People gathered together, as He is teaching them, the Power of God is always Present to heal. At every Place where Jesus Preached, Healing followed!

And He is about to repeat that here tonight – Amen.

Now, because He could not Possibly touch everybody that came to Him, He got the Healing going through something that the Bible calls – THE HEALING VIRTUE.

Mark 5:25-34 (for Example) tells you the Story of a woman with the Issue of blood. There was a crowd round about Jesus, she came from behind (anyway) and said, “if I can just touch the helm of His Garment – I know there is enough Power flowing through Him.

And she Struggled through, touched the helm of His Garment; and she was healed.

The Bible says Jesus now said, “who touched me?” And the People said, You can see the crowd thronging You. He said, No, No, No! Somebody touched me because Virtue had gone out of me.

Before I leave this Place tonight, the Healing Virtue of the Most High God is going to touch Somebody – Amen.

And in Luke 6:19; it says, it is not just one case of the woman with the Issue of blood; it says the multitude were Struggling to touch Him.

Somehow they realised that there is enough Healing Power in Him, flowing so Mightily; that if they can just touch him. And all who touched him were made Whole.

I am begging you tonight, Touch Him!

One of the Greatest ways of touching Him is by Faith – Just believe that He will do it and it will be done tonight (Amen).

Now, He was using the Virtue flowing through Him to heal those that He could not lay His hand upon.

Believe it or not, when the Holy Ghost Service came to this Camp Ground, at the First Auditorium near the Expressway, we were few! And so, I will always lay hands on everybody.

But can you imagine me laying hands on everybody here? By the time I finished, I think you will have to lay hands on me (laughing)!

So, God kept on using the Old Method of sending His Word.

Like in the case of Mark 10:46-52 – Bartimaeus cried unto Him for Mercy.

They brought him finally to Jesus. He said, “what do you want?” Bartimaeus said, I want to recover my sight. Jesus said, alright, receive your sight – Amen!

The Word of God is coming to Somebody right now or as you read on the Label of DMC: Receive your Healing – Amen!

In Matthew 8:5-13, a Centurion came to Jesus, “Please, my Servant is sick.” Jesus said, no Problem, I’ll come and heal him. The Centurion said, No! You don’t have to waste your time coming to my house: “Speak the Word only and my Servant shall be made Whole.”

… Jesus was to touched by that kind of Faith!

I am here today representing the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not Jesus (you should know that for sure). I am not Jesus at all. Jesus never ate Pounded yam.

But He is my God: And I am assuring you that as I am Standing here, He is Standing here with me. And He is sending His Word through me.

And He is saying to Somebody right now: Receive your Healing – Amen!

Now, because the Need was so Great – So many People needing Healing; He began to delegate the Healing Power to His Disciples.

For Example, in Matthew 10:5-8, when He had chosen Twelve (12) to be with Him, He delegated the Power to Heal to them: “Heal the Sick, Cleanse Lepers…” He even asked them to go ahead and Raise the dead.

… I thank God for the Testimonies we heard tonight.

I am amazed that some of us, because we have heard so many Great Testimonies; when we hear them now it doesn’t move us anymore.

There are at least two (2) Testimonies here tonight of People who took an Anointed Handkerchief and used them to Raise the Dead. And we were just sitting down – “We have heard that one before!”

That is not happening anywhere else – God is blessing us.

Let Somebody shout Hallelujah to Him – Hallelujah!

So the Disciples went about: Healing the Sick, Cleansing Lepers, Raising the dead.



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When He was about to leave for Heaven, He now delegated the Power to Heal the Sick to every Believers – Not just His Special Twelve (12) Disciples.

He said in Mark 16:17-18: “When you lay hands on the Sick they will recover.”

Do you know what He was saying? – The Healing Virtue will flow through your Hands!

Now, only those who believe will say Amen to that – Amen!

I have told you yesterday, that the Purpose of this Holy Ghost Congress is to move you from Receiving to Becoming – Amen.

Not just to receive your Healing but to become a Healer, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

He gave all Believers the Power to Heal the Sick.

And so we find in Acts 3:1-8 – when Peter saw a man who had been Lame for a long time, he just went to him and said: Well, I have no money to give you. But I have something better. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Rise up and walk!

He grabbed the Lame man by the hand, the Healing Virtue flowed and the man got up – Jumping, Leaping and Praising God.

Now, knowing that some Sicknesses and diseases will later surface, He made Provision for that too. Because in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, there was no Cancer (you know)! There was no HIV or AIDS, there was no Coronavirus. So He made Provision for that too.

In John 14:12 He said, if you just believe in me (that’s all He is asking for): the works that I do, you shall do also.

That means, you will heal the Sick, Cleanse Lepers, and raise the dead – Amen.

And then He went on to say, “… And Greater Works than these shall you do!”

Whether you believe it or not: Somebody would come out of this Holy Ghost Congress sharing Testimonies that will frighten you – Amen!

When you read Acts 19:11-12, the Bible tells us that God Performed Special Miracles by the hands of Paul so that from his body, they bring Handkerchiefs, Aprons and take them to the Sick and they were all healed.

When Jesus was here and they were touching the helm of His Garment; He was right inside the Garment! But in the case of Paul, he will just take the Handkerchief and send – Greater Works!

There was a time when I could lay hands on all your Handkerchiefs. Then the crowd grew! And Daddy said to me: “you don’t have to touch the Handkerchiefs, just wave your hands.”

That is Greater Works!

And when you hear all those who are Testifying say: “The Handkerchief that Daddy anointed.” I didn’t touch those Handkerchiefs – I waved my hands!

And as I am waving my hands to you just now, receive your Healing – Amen.

Then you find in Acts 5:14-16, it tells us how God Performed Great Miracles by the hands of the Apostles.

And He singled out Peter and said: Even the Shadow of Peter began to heal.

The Lord wants to move you from “Receiving” your Healing to ‘Becoming” the Carrier of His Healing Virtue- Amen.

The Elders here can tell you is a situation that happened in the very first Auditorium – We were having a Holy Ghost Night, and God spoke and said there were some People in the Congregation having severe backache. That they have not been able to touch their toes for a very long time.

He said: call them forward, and I did (I have Witnesses here). After they came forward, He asked me to dance round them.

You better know the Voice of God!

One of the Miracles God will Perform for you during this Holy Ghost Congress is that, He will give you the ability to Hear Him – Amen!

If I didn’t know His Voice, I would have said, “dance round them? What would I said I am dancing about? Am I rejoicing your hack is aching?” But I know the Voice of the One Who called me. This is what God asked me to do.

Then I began to dance round them. After about five (5) Minutes He said, that’s enough! Tell them to touch their toes. And they were all healed! I did not touch them. But He healed them.

I am not going to be the one touching you tonight (though some People would);

But even before these Elders begin to touch you, Receive your Healing – AMEN.

Oh, Please say the ‘Amen’ as if you believe – AMEN!!!!

… I am beginning to conclude, because He is already working!

But the real Point is – As a Believer, you are not even supposed to be Sick at all.

In 1 Peter 2:24, that Passage is saying: if you can receive Salvation because they crucified Him. Then you can receive Healing because they beat Him before Crucifying Him.

He says He bore your sin in His Body (on the tree) so that you can now become dead to sin; receive Salvation, live unto Righteousness. And then by His Stripes you were healed!

If you can look up to Him on the Cross and say: “You died for me on the Cross; You shed Your Blood for me” – You receive it by Faith.

We know we are saved, because we believe Jesus died for us on the Cross. Is that correct? Yes!

And Peter is saying (1 Peter 2:24): if you can receive Salvation by believing Him who died on the Cross for you; He said the next thing, you’ll receive is Healing by His Stripes.

Thank You Daddy!

The Lord is saying that a fellow in the Crowd is saying, “Satan, your Secret is out!”

The Lord asked me to tell you, “I will confirm it to you” – Amen!

As a Believer, you are not supposed to be Sick at all.

That is why it is written in James 5:14-15 says: “Is any Sick among you?” You know what that means? You are not supposed to be Sick!

He is now saying, Peradventure; just in case you are Sick. He says in that case, send for the Elders let them anoint that Fellow with Oil and Pray for him.

He said something very interesting (read the whole Passage); He said, not only will the Prayer of Faith heal the sick – After they have anointed that fellow with oil; He said if the fellow committed any sin that led to that Sickness, he or she would be forgiven!

If you sit down and Study that Passage Clearly, God is saying: if you are a Believer and you fall sick, Examine yourself. Check your Christian Life – Are you living in one hundred percent (100%) Obedience to God?

You say: “Daddy, have you ever been Sick after you got Born Again?” Oh Yes, I have faced some Challenges!

But almost invariably, when I ask my Daddy, “what did I do wrong?” The answer comes back almost immediately: “you are overworking the body.”

He built the body to rest once in a while. But some of us – God have Mercy on us! Some of us, we will rest when we get to Heaven (Laugher)!

But He says, if anyone should be Sick among you, your Obedience is not Complete in certain areas – You are not doing everything exactly the way I asked you to do it.

… But if at all you fall sick, send for the Elders.

And I want you to check the Bible very well – You will never read of one of those Eleven (11) – forget Judas Iscariot. You can’t read of any one of the Eleven (11) Disciples who fell sick. Not one!

It is never written: “And Peter had a headache, and John had a a back ache.” The Bible would have told us. It told us when the mother-i-law of Peter had a fever.

Let Somebody say, God have Mercy on me – God have Mercy on DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

He said, “send for the Elders, let them come: Let them anoint that fellow with Oil; Pray for him – The Prayer of Faith. He says, I will heal the fellow, I will forgive whatever sin led to the Sickness.”

Now when He says, “SEND FOR THE ELDERS” He is not talking of the Elders in age. He is not talking about, “send for the very Old People.’

Not too long ago, one of my sons who is Pastoring a Youth Church brought some Officers in his Youth Church to me and he said – Sir, I am here with the Elders of the Church. And the Oldest of them is less than Thirty (30) years old. We laughed!

He is not talking about Old age – He is talking about Elders in Faith.

In 1 Peter 2:2, He talked about New Born babes, as you have just been Born Again. So He is talking about those who have been along, walking with Christ for quite a while.

Or He might be talking about some People who have Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12:1-end. But Verse 28 talks about ‘Gifts’ of Healing (not just one Gift) – ‘Gifts’ of Healing.

Let me assure you – The Anointing that is required to heal headache is not the same kind of anointing that will take care of Cancer.

As we say among ourselves – “Power Passes Power!”

So when He says “Send for the Elders” look for those who have been around for a while – They know what they are doing, they are Close to God, they are loaded with the Holy Spirit, they are loaded with the Word of God.

And they have been Ordained: some of them have been Ordained three (3) times – Ordained a Deacon, Ordained an Assistant Pastor, Ordained a Pastor.

The Oil has been flowing on them regularly for a long time. He says, send for them.

You know, for Example in Acts 9:36-42, a woman (Dorcas) died and they sent for Peter. They didn’t send for just anybody; they sent for Peter, an Elder.

Tonight, following the instructions of the Most High God, we are going to Anoint everybody here with Oil. You don’t have to send for the Elders; the Elders are here! And the Oil is going to flow – Amen!

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, for as many of us that believe, this is the Night of our Healing – Amen.

But don’t forget, Jesus says: it will be unto you according to your Faith.

So, before we come round and do the Anointing because we would do Anointing for Healing: the Elders are going to do the job.

He didn’t even ask the fellow that is going to do the Anointing to do the Praying. After they have Anointed you, we are going to Pray! But the Prayer we are going to Pray would be different from what you think.

But before we can do that; because when a woman came to Jesus Christ saying: “my daughter needs help;” in Matthew 15:21-28, the Bible tells us that Jesus told the woman, “Healing is children’s Bread: I can’t give the bread of children to dogs.” That’s what He said.

In other words, He is saying: if you are not a Child of God, they can Pour a bucket of Oil on your head, nothing is going to happen. He knows those who are His Own!

The Bible says, He came to His Own, His Own received him not; but to as many as received Him, to them gave He Power to become Children of God (John 1:12).


That is why tonight, very, very quickly: if you know that you are not sure of your Salvation – So that the Miracle of this Wonderful Night will not Pass you by, run forward and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.

Okay! Those of you who are ready Totally and Genuinely Surrender your Life tonight, cry to Jesus Christ. Ask Him to have Mercy on you and to save your Soul.

Tell Him you are saying bye-bye to the devil; Now you want to serve Jesus Christ, and Him alone. Ask Him to wash you Clean with His Blood.

Pray that the Almighty God (the Saviour) would save you today and give you Genuine Salvation.

Now, the rest of us Please, Stretch your hands towards these People and intercede for them – That the Almighty God who saved your Soul may bring Salvation to them. Pray that God will give them Genuine Salvation.

… Cry to God for them!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father and my God, I want to say Thank You!

Thank You for Your Word; Thank You because tonight is that Night that You have set aside for Healing.

Thank You because You said in Your Word, anyone who comes to You, You will in no wise cast out. These People have come, Father Please, receive them in Jesus’ Name.

I am asking Lord God Almighty, that this very Night You would save their Souls; Your Blood would wash them Clean.

You would write their names in the Book of Life; You would receive them into the Family of God.

And when they cry to you tonight Lord God Almighty, Please answer them by Fire!

When they are Anointed tonight my Father and my God, let the Anointing work for them also.

Thank You Almighty God! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

I rejoice with those of you who have just surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ. I Promise You, by the Grace of God: I’ll be Praying for you. So I’m going to need your Name, your Address and your Prayer Requests – Congratulations!

Let me hear you shout Hallelujah anyway – Hallelujah!

Now, the rest of us, while we wait for our your brothers and sisters, we will continue to Praise the Almighty God (in advance) for what He is about to do tonight.

… God Bless You Choir!


Thank You Lord!


We are going to cry to the Almighty God;

First of all you are going to say: Lord I Thank You because I have received my Healing.

And I am asking Lord, that through this Anointing Your Healing Virtue will be flowing through me: that anyone I lay my hands upon would receive “Instant Healing”.

Go ahead, let’s talk to the Almighty God!

Father, I Thank You I have received my Healing. Oh, the world will hear about my Testimony very soon.

And Please, because of this Anointing, let Your Healing Virtue begin to flow through me; so that from now on anyone I lay my hands on would receive their Healings too.

… Let’s go ahead and talk to God!

Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Father Almighty, I have done what You asked me to do.

And I thank You because whenever we do what You asked us to do, You will always respond by doing what You alone can do!

So, I am Thanking You in advance for the innumerable Testimonies that would come from Tonight.

Father accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

And it is in Your Name now that I DECREE: everyone of you here tonight, everyone of you connected to this Program or reading now on the label of DMC, who are genuine Children of The Living God:

Receive your Healing now; Be Part of the Testimonies now!

Move from being Healed to being Whole, in Jesus’ Name.

And from now on, may the Healing Virtue of the Almighty God flow through you!

Anyone you touch; as you Pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, will receive their Healings also.

And you will Glorify God! You will return all the Glory to God.

So shall it be, in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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