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BIBLE TEXT: JOHN 8: 32 & 36

Let Us Pray!


We Thank You Lord
We Thank You Lord
We Thank You Lord
Yes, we Thank You Lord
You are Lord Oh

We Bless You Lord
We Bless You Lord
We Bless You Lord
Yes, we Bless You Lord
You are Lord Oh

We Love You Lord
We Love You Lord
We Love You Lord
Yes, we Love You Lord
You are Lord Oh

We Worship You Lord
We Worship You Lord
We Worship You Lord
Yes, we Worship You Lord
You are Lord Oh

We Adore You Lord
We Adore You Lord
We Adore You Lord
Yes, we Adore You Lord
You are Lord Oh.


God of the Whole Universe, the Kimg of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Desire of Nations; we Worship You.

We Adore You our Father and our God and we are giving You a very, very big Thank You for the Nation Nigeria on this our Day of Independence.

We Thank You for what You have done for us in the Past, we Thank You for keeping us as one, we Thank You Lord God Almighty for the Victory You gave to this Nation even during the Civil War and we Thank You that thus far, You have helped us.

Thank You for Peace, Thank You for Progress, Thank You for not only what You have done in the Past but what You will do in the Future.

Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Today, my Father and my God, we are asking You to bless everyone all over the world with Peace, with Joy and with Security.

That as Your Word will be going forth, it will bring Healings to every Members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and even all those who are not Members but who are listening to us right now or reading now

Father, we are asking that You will do what You alone can do today and let this Day mark a Brand New Beginning for the Nation of Nigeria and for everyone of us.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Well, I’m reaching out to you today from the Holy Land (Israel) – You can see that I’m not in a Church Setting.

I am right now in Jerusalem because there is a World Conference to mark this Year’s Feast of Trumpets.

And it has blessed the Almighty God to make my “Humble Self” the Main Speaker during this Conference : Watch Out for our Coverage of this Message).

It’s a Week-Long affair but by the Grace of God, I will be back home before the RCCG October 2023 Holy Ghost Service.

The Topic that we are considering today is: “FREE INDEED“.

Because today, we are Celebrating the Day of our Independence – And Independence of course is talking about Freedom!

John 8: 32 & 36:

32. And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you Free (I Pray that any of you who may be in any form of Bondage, you will be set Free today)

36. If the Son therefore shall make you Free (The Son here means the Lord Jesus Christ), ye shall be Free Indeed.

The Bible teaches that Man is a Triniity – He is made up of Body, Soul and Spirit.

You live in a Body, you have a Soul but you are actually a Spirit-Being.

And so when we talk of you being Free, it means then that we are talking about Freedom in the three (3) aspects of a Man.

It means for example in 3 John 1:2; it is written that I wish above all things that you will Prosper and be in Health even as your Soul Prospers.

You cannot claim that you are Free Indeed if you are in Bondage Physical, in Bondage Material and in Bondage Spiritual.

For Example:

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1. It doesn’t matter how Wealtthy you are, if you are Sick; then you are in Bondage.

I mean you might be the Richest Man on Earth, but if today you have Sickness or Disease that requires urgent and continuous attention of the Doctor in ICU; you will be tied down in the Hospital.

NOTES: Medically, ICU means “Intensive Care Unit” – And Intensive care refers to the Specialised Treatment given to Patients who are acutely unwell and require critical Medical care. An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Provides the critical care and Life Support for acutely ill and injured Patients.

I. I mean you remembered the Story of this Man in John 5: 2-9 – The Man who had an Incurable Disease. And only once a year, an Angel will come and troubled certain water and the first Fellow to get into the water will be healed.

There were many of them there – They couldn’t go home because they don’t know when the Angel will come.

… They were in Bondage.

II. You know the Story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5: 1-14 – He was a Successful General, he was Famous, he was Wealthy but he was a Leper.

And that “Single But” destroyed every other thing – He was in Bondage.

Oh, as Wealthy as he was; he couldn’t embrace his children until God Stepped in.

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2. You cannot say that you are Free Indeed if you are Poor.

I know that some People don’t want to hear us talk about you Prospering.

But if you are Poor, it is not going to be long before you realised it.

Proverbs 22:7 says: The Borrower is a Servant to the Lender.

If you are owing the Bank, and you say that you are Free; who is deceiving who? Because the Borrower is a Servant to the Lender.

You have a house, you haven’t Paid the Mortgage; then you are not the owner of the house. The Bank can come any day and say that they want to claim that house from you.

I. I mean you know the Story in 2 Kings 4: 1-7 – It is the Story of the Widow of a Son of the Prophet. She was a Child of God but she was Bankrupt.

And so, when the Creditors came; they said: If you don’t Pay our money by tomorrow, we will sell your two (2) sons into Slavery in other to recover our money.

II. And when you considered Daniel 4: 1-end – And you will find there the Story of Nebuchadnezzar.

He was a King. Infact he waa the Greatest King of his time – Wealthy and Powerfull. But when something went wrong and he lost his Mind; of what use is all his Wealth?

If they call him – Your Majesty, it will be Probably be animals talking.

I Pray for everyone of you today – Physically you will be Free, Mentally you will be Free and Spiritually you will be Free (Amen).

3. You are not Free If you are still afraid of something.

I. The Bible tells us that anyone who is in Fear is in Torment – 1 John 4:18.

So, if you are still afraid of Witches, afraid of Wizards, afraid of going back to your Village, afraid when you wake up in the Morning, afraid when you go to bed at Night, afraid when you go to your Office because you are scared someone might have put something on your seat when you are not there – Then you are not Free Indeed!

1 John 4:18 says: Fear has Torment.

So, there is this saying that says: There are more Prisoners Outside the Prison Walls than those who are Inside.

In other words, you are not in Kirikiri Prison but there are some People even in Kirikiri Prison who are freerer than you. Because someone is in Kirikiri Prison and is safe, Born Again, Whole Physically, Whole Mentally, Whole Spiritually. He might be better than you outside who is Wealthy, Famous and you can’t even Sleep at Night because of Fear.

NOTES: Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison is a Prison West of Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is named after the rural Kirikiri Community in which it is situated. A part of the Nigerian Correctional Service, its Official Capacity is 1,056. It was first established in 1955.

That was why when God wants to set the children of Israel Free in Egypt – You can read the Story in Exodus Chapter 12.

The Bible said that when God was setting His People Free:


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I. He made sure that not a Single Feeble one among them – He healed them all.

… “National Healing” – In a Single Day, He healed a Whole Nation.

And I Pray in the Name that is above every other name; that God will heal our Nation – Amen!

II. Not only that, He asked them to collect the Salary that the Egyptians owed their fathers for 430 years – The People left loaded with money.

Why? You are not Free Indeed if you are Poor.

You can go down History Lane and check what happened to the Black Man in America when they said: Now, all Slaves are Free. You can go anywhere you want, you can do whatever you want.

But they had no Land, no money – They had Nothing. And so they are Free and Hungry; Free and Nothing to use to established the Freedom.

So, they ended up becoming Laborers for the very People they said thar they were Freed from.

Everything that you need to establish your Freedom, may the Almighty God made it available to you today – Amen!

But that is why you need to come to the Lord Jesus Christ – Because the Bible says that you will know the Truth. And the Truth is just what I have just shared with you briefly.

And the Truth is the Lord Jesus Christ!

And He says: If you know the Truth, the Truth will make you Free. And if the Son shall make you Freem you shall be Free Indeed.

What do they mean by that?

I. When Jesus Christ sets you Free, He heals you too.

1 Peter 2:24 says: When He went to the Cross for you, He took Stripes to make sure that by His Stripes, you might be Healed.

So, if there is any of us who are already Born Again and you are in any form of Sickness; today in the Name that is above every other names – That Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ; receive your Healings (Amen).

II. When He saves your Soul, He make sure that your Needs will be met from now on.

Philippians 4:19 says: But my God shall Supply all my Needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 8:9: That even though Jesus Christ was Rich – He is the Lord, Silver is His, Gold is His, the Earth is of the Lord and the Fullness thereof.

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But it says that because of you, He became Poor, that you through His Poverty might be made Rich.

Propsperity is embedded in your Salvation!

Oh, when we say that He will Supply all your Needs – The meaning of Wealthy is actually that all your Needs are met.

God has His own Wonderful way of making sure that you won’t need to borrow!

I can give you Example:

1. Before I was Born Again as a Lecturer at the University of Lagos; I had a Driver because I have just come down from Upcountry and I was afraid to drive in Lagos; that I Paid regularly.

But by the Middle of the Month, I was borrowing money from my Driver to be able to put fuel in the car.

But when I became Born Again, things Changed.

2. Before I became Born Again, I had many friends who will come to my house and there is hardly any kind of Alcoholic Drink that you won’t find in my house.

So, those friends were coming and they will say that we can’t pass by the house of the King and don’t say hello to the King.

And then they will come and then I will entertained them – What will you take? Oh, “Scotch on the Rocks”; “Four Fingers” – Some of you don’t know that I know that kind of Language.


NOTES: “Scotch on the Rocks” with a twist is a Scotch Whisky with ice and a little slice of Lemon skin. The Lemon skin is twisted and rubbed along the rim of the glass for an immediate taste and aroma of lemon before the Scotch reaches your tongue. The term “On the Rocks” came from an Old Scottish Tradition of using chilled stones from the Mountain snow to cool the whisky. In the 1940s, it was coined and was described as adding ice to the Spirits. On the other hand, the “twist” derived its name from the thin strip of a Citrus Peel without Pith and meat. It is twisted on the drink’s surface to release the Lemon’s Oils and aroma.

NOTES: “Four Fingers” is named after an unfortunate accident – The 1205 Distillery Four Finger Series commemorates the literal blood, sweat, and tears that went into building this company. On September 29th 2014, our Distiller and owner, Brad, was cutting a piece of wood for a door of our Distillery and cut his hand instead. This accident resulted in him losing his pinky and the knuckle of his ring finger. Unfortunately, the Doctors were unable to save the pinky, but the circumstance resulted in a fantastic name for a Whiskey series. Let’s raise a glass of your favorite “Four Finger Whiskey” to Brad’s finger.

Then I became Born Again, then I discovered that as a Child of God, I’m not even allowed to entertain People with Alcohol – Because the Bible says that you give Alcohol to somebody who is about to Perish.

NOTES: Proverbs 31:6 says: Give Strong Drink unto him that is ready to Perish, and Wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.

And so my friends will now come and I will say what will you take? And they will mentioned what they want. And I will say sorry, I don’t have that anymore. I have Coke, Fanta, Bitter Lemon. And they will say what kind of joke is this?

Very, very soon, all my friends disappeared and then I began to have friends who do not love me for Alcoholic sake.

Now, I have friends all over the world – I have brothers, sisters, children, sons and daughters; who love me for my sake.

And of course, that saved me quite a bit of money.


3. Before I was saved, I was regularly Sick – At least once in two (2) Weeks, Malaria will knock me down.

You can go to the University of Lagos and find out from the Health Center – Ask for my File.

Because as I will be getting out of one Sickness, my wife will take over. When my wife is getting over, one of the children will take over.

When I got Born Again, the Almighty God chased Sickness out of my family.

And I never needed to borrow from my Driver again,

God will see to it that all your Needs are met!

A Rich Man is not one who has Control of many Banks. A Rich Man is one who is not coming to you to beg for food, not begging you for Clothes.

… All his Needs are met.

And in the Name that is above every other names, I decree that from today, you will never borrow again – Amen!

And then, when Jesus Christ saves your Soul, suddenly He destroys Fear from your Life.

How does He do it?

Hebrews 2: 14-15; tells us that He became Flesh so that He will be able to die. And by Death, He destroyed the one who has the Power of Death (That is satan).

So that, all those who are in Bondage because of the Fear of Death may be Free.

What I am saying is that the moment you come to Jesus Christ, you don’t have to be afraid of Death anymore.

Am I saying that you will never die?

If Jesus Christ tarries, you will die at the Appointed Time,

If you belong to Jesus Christ, He Himself made it clear – He said that I will build my Church (And you are Partakers of His Church) and the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against His Church.

The Elders of Hell will never be able to Prevail over you,

And He will keep you alive till it is time for Him to take you Home.

When you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, you won’t even have to fear evil.

And the moment the Fear of Death is gone, you will know what is called Freedom and Freedom Indeed.

In Philippians 2: 9-10; the Bible says clearly: At the Name of Jesus, every knees must bow – Things in Heaven, on Earth or underneath the Earth.

– In other words, Witches that fly in the sky must bow to the Name of Jesus.

– Mammy Water Spirit, Evil Force and it doesn’t matter where they are coming from; at the Name of Jesus, they must bow.

And you know what?

They recognised you! All those evil forces would say clearly: Jesus will know and we know His Children.

When Jesus Christ comes into your Life, Fear disappears!

And the Bible tells us in Ephesians 1: 19-22 – It tells us that Jesus Christ is seated far above Principalities and Powers.

And God has put everything under His feet – All these evil forces are under your feet if you are a Child of God because the feet is the Lowest Part of the Body.

So, even if you are at the lowest Part of the Body of Jesus Christ, all these evil forces are still under you.

Oh, we used to sing when I was a Younger Christian – We say: All those who has been saved will shout Hallelujah.

We say why? Because we can step on Death, Demons, Evil Forces.

And you know what? The evil Forces know it.

In case you don’t know, so know now.

So, when you are in Christ, then you know the meaning of “True Freedom” or “Free Indeed”.

And you know that what is applicable to the Individual can become applicable to a Nation because a Nation is made up of Individuals.

That is why you must join Forces together as much as Possible as to bring Salvation to our Nation by bringing as many Souls as Possible because whosoever the son shall set Free shall be Free Indeed.

That is why you have a responsibility to keep Praying for your Nation, to keep Praying for Individuals that are yet to be saved – That God will save their Soul.

And the more of us that are saved, the easier it will be for everyone of us to say that we are now Free Indeed.

You can be enjoying Independence from the Colonial Masters and still be a Slavery to Sickness, Poverty, Terror, Forces of Darkness.

But if you will come to the Son, the Son will set you “Absolutely Free”.

I am wishing you a very Good Celebration!

But more than anything else, I wish all of you who are already in Christ – Freedom and Freedom Indeed!


For those of you who are yet to Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ, I invite you to come – Come and taste the Lord and see that He is Good.

You can always use me as an Example – If you consider all my responsibilities, if you consider how many thousands of Kilometers I have to travel Day and Night; and you consider the fact that by the Special Grace of God, my Blood Pressure (BP) remains Normal.

Then you will know that it Pays to belong to Jesus Christ.

Because whatever the Son shall set Free, shall be Free Indeed – Fear from Sickness, Poverty, Fear (Fear Physically, Materially and Spiritually).

That can be your Portion too if you will Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; then you can begin to enjoy that from this moment onwards.

So, if you want to Surrender your Life to Jesus Chris; if you will bow your Head now – Call on Him to save your Soul, then He will do so.

And I will Pray for you even right now.

So, those of you who want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, will you go to the Altar? – And move very quickly.

And Pray as you are moving forward that the Almighty – The Truth l, will set you Free today, that He the Son will set you Free Indeed.


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You.

I want to give You all the Glory and Honour for Your Words and I want to Thank You for those who are moving forward now to Surrender their lives to You.

Father, Please receive everyone of them, Oh Lord save their Souls, let Your Blood wipe away their sins and let them become “True Children” of the Living God.

As they join Your Family today, my Father and my God, let them become “Absolutely Free”, let them become “Free Indeed” and let them enjoy that Freedom until we all see You in Glory,

Thank You my Father and my God.

For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Pray the Lord – Hallelujah!

For the rest of us, we now go ahead and thank the Almighty God for the Freedom that we have enjoyed all these years. And Pray that we will continue to enjoy that Freedom Forever.

God Almighty will answer all your Prayers,

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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