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Common on, let Someone shout a loud Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Say to your Neighbour: It is my Season to ENLARGE!

Beloved, two (2) years ago (2021), it was “Exceeding Expectations”; Last year (2022), you “Shine Forth”. And when you “Shine Forth”; it means that you are ready to “Enlatge”.

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And I like to thank my father-in-the-Lord and our Motherr-In-Israel – Daddyy and Mummy GO for the Privilege and Opportunity they have given to the Youths and Young Adults of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) worldwide to express ourselves in times like this.

This year (RCCG IYC 2023) is very Unique as we have People from various Countries here with us.

The Opening Prayer tonight (Day 1) was taken by the National Youth Pastor of Seychelles – Pastor Aaron.

And we have People from various Countries with us – Togo, Ghana, Republic of Benin.

We have People from America, Cameroon, and People from various Parts of the world coming to join us.

In just 3 Minutes, let me share with you about the Theme: “Enlarge”.

By the way, I will like Someone to spell “Enlarge” for me – “ENLARGE“.


1. You see, the “E” of Enlarge means – You should extend your Enterprise.

Whatever you are doing (Business or Whatever) God has called you to do something – God expects that you should “Extend” or “Enlarge” it.

Though your Beginning may be small, your end will Greatly Increase.

So, God expects you to extend it.

That’s why the Bible tells us in Isaiah 54:2 – Enlarge or Extend the Place of your Tent or Enterprise.


2. The “N” of Enlarge means – Nullify Negativities.

Whatever your Mind tells you that you can’t enlarge; nullify it or Negates it.

That is why the Word of God tells us in Philippians 4:8 – Whatever things are True or Honest; think on these things. Whatever things are Just; realise that you can and you will do it.


3. The “L” of Enlarge tells us that we shall lift every Limitations.

Every Gates that is holding you down, let it be lifted so that the King of Glory can step in – And you will Enlarge.

Every Limitations that hinders you from Enlarging, shall be lifted because by Fire by Force, as the Word of God goes forth, as the various Ministers minister; beloved you will Enlarge!

You can’t come to this Conference (RCCG IYC 2023) and remained the same way – You will Enlarge!

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4. The “A” of Enlarge – You see, for those Limitations to be lifted, something is needed and it is called Anointing.

So, the “A” of Enlarge means: Activate the Anointing.

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As the Anointing is activated; whatever has been a Stronghold hindering you from Enlarging (Business or Capacity); shall be destroyed in the Name of Jesus – Amen!


5. The “R” of Enlarge tells us that you need “Renewed Revelations”.

Because some People need to understand how and where they should Enlarge.

Your eyes of Understanding has to be enlightened as you need Revelations!

Beloved, for all the Plenary Sessions, the Syndicate Sessions; you shall receive Revelations that will give you an Understanding of how and where you will Enlarge.

And be rest assured – I know it; by the time you heard the Word of God, by the time you received the Teachings; you shall be stirred up.

The Holy Spirit will reveal things to you – “Renewed Revelations” because you must Enlarge.

The Bible made it clear – When God blessed Man, God said: Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue and Dominate.

… That only happens, when you Enlarge!

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6. The “G” of Enlarge – For anyone to Enlarge Capacities or Business; Intellectually, Ministerially then the “G” means that you need to “Grow Gracefully”.

The Bible says that we should grow in Grace and grow in the Knowledge of Him (God).

You grow and acquire Knowledge that will enable you to Enlarge!

That is why this Programme has been Specifically Packaged – The Speakers have been Properly Prepared, and the Anointing is Released in this Place already.

And by the time you have Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 – Mine oh mine, you will Enlarge!


7. Finally, when we talk of the “E” of Enlarge, let’s understand that for anyone to Enlarge, you need to emulate Excellence.

Excellence is a Key to Enlargement – There should not be Mediocrity as you Enlarge on the Platform of Excellence!

And so, from the March Pass – By the time you see the various Groups Marching with the mark of Excellence; as you begin to see the various things happening with a mark of Excellence – Just realise that we are ready and set to Enlarge.

I want to encourage each and everyone of you – Prepare your Hearts, Prepare your Minds.

The IYC 2023 is a type that you have never had before.

If you want to put the IYC’s in times Past; this will be the Best to date.

So, Prepare your Hearts and Minds – Make sure that you come on time each Day and that you are Prepared for your Season to Enlarge is now!

Give your Neighbour a “High Five” and say: “I WILL ENLARGE”.


When is your Time – Now!
When is your Season – Now!
When is your moment – Now!

Let Somebody give a shout of Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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