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Let somebody shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!


2. CONFERENCE HYMN (with emphasis on Verse 7):

I have a Friend
He loves me so
He gives me Strength within
I just Succeed
He helps me so
I’ll never fail again.


He is my Friend
He is my King
He is my Redeemer
He is my Lord
He is my All,
Let’s shout Hallelujah
Let’s shout Hallelujah.

Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Begin to sing your own Song to the Almighty God once again!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen.

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And so our Heavenly Father, we want to say “Good Morning” for yet another day of this Minister’s Conference. (Day 3). Father, accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

You started so well with us on Thursday (Day 1); yesterday (Day 2) You did Marvelously well. And we know that today You will even do better. Father, accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

And Lord God Almighty, on behalf of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG); where it has Pleased You to make the Ministers who are forty (40) years and above to be more in attendance at this Year’s Ministers’ Conference. Now we know that our tomorrow shall be alright.

We lift our Voices and we shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, the next Hallelujah is Specially for you; depending on how you think He loves you, shout hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!


Please, kindly be be seated. God Bless You – Amen!

I will like to reveal to you a Secret – When I wrote the Conference Hymn, what I wrote in the Chorus originally was “I will shout Hallelujah”.

I remembered you, and because I love you I Changed it to “Let’s shout Hallelujah.”

At your own Private time, I want you to Study the Hymn and you would see that it is a Love Letter between a Lover and his Love – It is a Letter to the Lover of my Soul.

If you meet me and you accidentally hear me say: Oh I have a friend you know! He loves me, His Name is Jesus Christ. He died for me, He is my friend, He knows my name. Let’s just say I am alive today because of Him.

… That’s why you hear me shout Hallelujah all the time.

When I begin to talk about my Lover; Nobody voted Him into Power. He is not in Office for just four (4) years. He has always been in Power and will always be in Power!

In case you don’t know – Even the biggest of all World Leaders is under His footstool. That’s why He is higher than them. And if you are trying to get a glimpse of Him, His dress is brighter than the Sun. When He speaks it is done. He rules by Decree.

At the mention of His Name, every knees that refuses to bow will be forced to do so. Why? Because His Name is above every other name. And at the mention of His every knees must bow.

So if you say, Daddy why is the Hymn having Twelve (12) Verses? There are many other Personal Verses. Maybe we will look at them some other time


1. Today by the Grace of God, after this Morning Session we will be back by 3pm for the Afternoon Session.

2. After that we will go for Break; and return for the Evening Session by 7pm – That is if Jesus has not returned.

3. In case I forget, tomorrow is Sunday (Thanksgiving Service). There are over Forty (40) Parishes on this Camp Ground. You can go and worship in any of the Parishes. Whichever direction you turn you will see a Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – Go there and be a Blessing to them.

You say, “Daddy why is there no Service here (in the Auditorium)?”

Go and be a Blessing to your Landlords, so that they will let you come again some other time (Laughter)!


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Our Bible Text as usual is Psalms 24:3-5. But we are going to add an additional Text later one.

Let’s first read Psalms 24:3-5.

3 Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?

4 He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

5 He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.

If you read Psalms Chapter 15, it will make it even clearer.

Psalms 15:4 says, In whose eyes a vile Person is contemned; but he honoureth them that fear the LORD. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.

That means if you make a Promise without fulfilling it, it will lead you to be embarrassed. Because if you make a Promise as a Child of God, you can’t Change it.

One of my daughters phoned me on Saturday from United Kingdom (UK) – “Daddy, we will be expecting you tomorrow.” I said, where? In London! Did you say London? Yes, at my Birthday Service.

Ah! Your Birthday Service? She said, have you forgotten? You Promised! I said, I did? Where?

Then she told me. Oluwa (Meaning Good)! She said, I can mention one (1) or two (2) People who were there when you Promised me.

I’ve Promised, I must fulfil my Promise.

So quickly, I bought a Ticket to London. The only space remaining was in First Class.

And in those days I had no money for First Class, but I had to look for it.

From the Airport, I went straight to the Church because I Promised.

Another of my son, a young man; I think that one is in America. He said, Daddy Please come and Bless us in my Church.

The fellow is not a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) He said, you can even come twice, not just once.

I said okay I will be in your Church the next time I visit America. And everything around is making it look as if I can’t make it, but I have Promised.

The one who is going to the Hills of the Lord, when he makes a Promise, he must fulfil it.

And I have been there once. Praying seriously that I don’t make the Second trip. But the more I Pray, the more the Prayer hits a brick wall. And the Lord says, you know what to do – You Promised!

How many of you want to go to the hills of the Lord?

How many of you will keep your Promise from now on whatever the cost?

… That’s why we repeated Verse 7 of our Conference Hymn.

Somebody is going to need Help; and you would get Help – Amen.

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Today we want to go to The Mount of Transfiguration – Matthew 17:1-9;

1 And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,

2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

4 Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.

5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

6 And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid.

7 And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.

8 And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

9 And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.

… This is not a Hill – “A High Mountain”. The Bible does not mince words.

I want to go to the Mount of Transfiguration today – How many of you will go with me?

Your Amen will tell me how many of you are ready to go with me – AMEN!

The very first time I went on a visit to Israel was in 1985; on Holy Pilgrimage – Myself and forty nine (49) other People. One of us ran away (did not return back to Nigeria with us).

When we were to go to the Mount of Transfiguration, the Vessels taking us got to a Point and stopped – That was as far as they could go, then we had to move in smaller Vessels (Wheel drives) to the Top.

In those days, I followed my People wherever they went.

Moreover that was also my first time, I needed to see the Places. Any spot we got to, I gave a Sermon about that Place.

When we got to the Mount of Transfiguration, as I was giving the Sermon that day, one of the things I said was that the Lord brought twelve (12) People to the feet of the Mountain, and took three (3) of them to the Top and left the other nine (9) fellows.

What was the fault of the other nine (9)? Why didn’t He go with all the Twelve (12) but selected only three (3)?

Say Father, if you are going to take only Three (3) People today to The Mount of Transfiguration, Please, let me be one (1) of them.

Well, your shout of Hallelujah will tell me who – Hallelujah!

He told the nine (9) – Stand here, you are not going with me to the Top. When they got to the Top, He showed the three (3) certain things.

That is why today, I want to go to the Mount of Transfiguration.

Because Genesis 13:14-18 made it clear – Whatever you see, that is what you will have. What you see can become what you will have.

In Genesis 30:27-43, Jacob Practically took away all the Strong flocks of Laban by making sure the cows saw certain things – You know the Story!

As they drank from the water, whatever they saw in it they conceived and eventually Produced.

What you see can become what you will eventually have!

2 Corinthians 3:18 says, But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the Glory of the Lord, are Changed into the same image from Glory to Glory, even as by the Spirit of the LORD.

… What you see, you can become!

That is why when Children watch violent games, little by little they become violent – Because what see, you become!

I went to America in 1979 (Kenneth Haggins’ Camp Meeting), saw a crowd of about Seventeen Thousand (17,000) People at the time, the entire Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was less than seven hundred (700) Members.

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I saw Raw Miracles happening right in my Presence.

On the way back to Nigeria in the Plane, I said to God: if I get back and you don’t repeat what I have seen in America, I will call You a Racist – You love the White race more than the Blacks.

He didn’t kill me in the Plane because He knew I was not rude; but was just desperate to see things happen.

When I told some of my friends who went with us, they said don’t these People know that you are very Good? They should allow you to Preach during one of their Programs.

I said my son, as the Lord lives; if He is the One Who called me, they will be begging to come and Preach in our Church Altar – Amen.

… What you see you can become!

When I wanted to visit South Korea – The largest Congregation in the world at that time, I had no money. But I said to God, I must go. He Provided!

Your Word says, Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after Righteousness: for they shall be filled – Matthew 5:6.

God did not only Provide, He Provided First Class Ticket.

In those days, there were no Business Class – Just Economy and First Class.

Those of us who travelled Economy, they did not have enough for hungry fellows like us. We supported it with more and more Coke. Unlike the First where they always beg you to eat.

When I was traveling to South Korea (First Class) I said, my God, this Life is Good!

I decree to someone here today or reading now  who is travelling Economy; very soon you will be travelling First Class – Amen.

When I got to South Korea, I saw an Auditorium that was sitting Fifty Thousand (50,000) People; they held seven (7) Services. And I heard the Pastor announcing – Please Brethren, those of you in Church today, don’t come next week, to allow those who couldn’t make it to attend.

I said Hey! Whatever it is going to cost me Almighty God; what I have seen here I must see it in Nigeria.

Imagine today!

Supposed there is only one (1) Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lagos State Nigeria that can take only Fifty Thousand (50,000) Members, every Sunday! If you can see, you will get it.

How many of you want to go to Mount of Transfiguration with me?

Let me hear your Hallelujah once again – Hallelujah.

What do I want to go and do at The Mount of Transfiguration?

1. I want to take a look at MOSES.

Why? I want to take a look at the man with the Greatest Deliverance Ministry in Israel – The man who delivered a whole Nation.

That was a Deliverance Minister of the Highest Order – He delivered a Nation out of the bondage of Four Hundred and Thirty (430) years in one night.

In Exodus 12:1-37, the Bible tells us, when the Children of Israel were leaving the Land of Egypt, they were six hundred thousand (600,000) men after they had counted the women and children.

I want to see Moses so I can take another look at him:

– So that my Deliverance Ministry may Change;

– So that the Deliverance Service of next week Thursday during The RCCG Annual Convention 2023 may be something the world has never seen before;

– So that I don’t spend a whole day chasing out one Demon when I can actually go back to my Village in Ifewara (Osun State) to chase out all the Demons there in one day.

After all in Acts 8:5-8, it is recorded there of an Ordinary Deacon who chased out Demons in Samaria, and there was Great Joy in that City.

2. I will like to have another glimpse of ELIJAH:

A man with the Greatest Revival Ministry in the History of the world.

In 1 Kings 18:20-40, he brought a whole Nation to her face – A whole Nation fell on her face saying, Jehovah is Lord!

I cannot be satisfied until at least Ninety Percent (90%) of Nigerians are crying Jesus is Lord – You can Substitute the name of your Country.

That’s alright!

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I know that Jezebel remained, but at the end, she was eaten by a dog.

I want to take another look at Elijah – What is it that made him bring a whole Nation to her knees?

After all Matthew 28:18-20 says that the Word of God has to go round the whole world.

– Thank God the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has spread;

– Thank God for the Covenant He made with my father-in-the-Lord;

– Thank God my father-in-the-Lord did not make a mistake when he chose me.

I didn’t qualify to be chosen at all – Considering the fact that I just joined the Church less than seven (7) years before.

– And Thank God my father-in-the-Lord didn’t ask for a Vote;

Even though some People still believed that it was manipulated because I have a PhD.

– Thank God – God Proved Himself True.

I am looking forward to a time when I arrive in a Nation – My children there would be so many that the President of that Nation would have no Choice but to join to welcome me at the Airport.

It is going to happen! It has started.

And you are going to be Greater than I – Amen.

I want to take another look at Elijah – I have Studied him for three (3) years more closely.

I. I want to go to the Mount of Transfiguration so I can be better Prepared for Heaven.

Sir, what do you mean? I want to catch a glimpse of the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After all Colossians 1:27 says, … which is: Christ in you, the Hope of Glory:

Let me have a glimpse of that Glory I am hoping for. So that if I go by Death or by Rapture, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17; either you make it by Resurrection like Moses, or by Rapture like Elijah (2 Kings 2:9-12).

After all 1 Corinthians 15:52-53 says something about what is going to happen.

The Bible says, those of us who are alive when He returns; they will first take those who slept in the Lord before. Then the rest of us will follow

II. I want to go to the Mount of Transfiguration so that I may have at least, after this Conference; the beginning of Testimonies that are difficult to share.

Where is it in the Bible?

Jesus said: what you see, don’t tell those nine (9) below.

You will have Testimonies that it would be difficult to share some of them – Amen!

Before when I shared some Testimonies, Brethren would say, Bro we hope you are alright.

In 2 Corinthians 12:1-5, Paul told us that he had some Revelations, he found himself in the Third Heaven. He heard some things that are difficult to share on the Altar.

Before this Conference is over, in the Name that’s above every other name, some of you here or reading now on the Label of DMC, there will be a Testimonies that will be difficult to believe when you share on the Altar – Amen.

Why do I want to go to the Mount of Transfiguration.

You know Peter, when he got to the Mount of Transfiguration, he said Sir, don’t let us go away from this Place – Let’s make Three (3) Tents.

Before this Convention is over, you will not want to go – Amen!

It has happened before – We had a Congress in one of the Towns. When it was time to go home we were all weeping; Praising God for the Mighty works He has done.

… There will be a repeat this Year – Amen!

I know what I shared is fairly deep; just something a little deeper – They saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus.

What were they talking about? What were they discussing?

One of the Disciples (who told this Story) said they were discussing what is about to happen.

They came to tell Jesus – Oga Your Journey to the Top is about to begin; You are about to have a Name that’s above every other name;

However, You have to go through certain Things:

You will be beaten; Nailed to the cross; You will wear a crown of thorns; You have to go down and be Obedient to the very Point of Death.

I’m sure the Lord said, that’s alright! That’s why I came: not to be Ministered to, but to Minister – He gave His Life as a ransome to save you and I.

… But they said a little more than that!

Don’t ask me what else they discussed!

Unless you want to ask Moses – “Moses, how were you able to write the Book of Genesis when you were not born by then?

I believed that is the reason that He took Moses and Elijah so they can hold that Meeting.

As the Theologians (those with PhD in Theology) would say – Moses represent the Law, Elijah represent the Prophets. A combination of the Law and the Prophets is that that met on that Day.

Thank you very much!

I think they whispered to Jesus that somewhere in His Journey to the Topmost top, before given the Name above every other name, at a Particular moment, You will be separated from Your Father.

Oh, we’ve been together from the beginning of the world — In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. (John 1:1-2).

Separation for a moment?

Even after they left, when things began to unfold in Luke 22:41-43; what Elijah and Moses failed to achieve, God had to send an Angel to go and Strengthen His Son.

I want to reach the Top!

Ha! I don’t really mind the pain; whatever the price may be. But Lord, I will need Your Help; I will need Your encouragement. You gave to Help me to Succeed.

You see, because I’ve Prayed (you’ve heard it before) – When I said to God that I want double of the Anointing of Elijah; double the Anointing of Elisha; double the Anointing of Peter; double the Anointing of Paul, and double the Anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Add everything together and double it. That’s what I want.

He said, you have asked for a dangerous thing. Because when I give you, they will not allow you to rest. I said, I don’t mind. You don’t mind?

If I ask now, how many of you will Pay the Price to get to the Mount of Transfiguration – Any Price? The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

I want you to go to the Lord this Morning and say: Father, send Help to me.

See you later!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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