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Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June, 2018 – The Supernatural Is My New Realm In Redemption – John 3:8

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New Dawn greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June 2018

I have no doubt that every Winner must have been successfully launched into the realms of financial dominion by the fresh understanding of the covenant as unveiled all through the month of May 2018; and because the Word of God lives and abides forever, we shall abide in this new realm, all through the days of our lives, both as a church and as individuals. No one among us shall need to beg to survive anymore. None shall struggle to have bread to eat and no one shall live under the heavy burden of indebtedness anymore. But while others shall be saying there is a casting down, every Winner shall be singing, there is a lifting up, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

2018 Winners Personalized Prophetic Declarations by David Oyedepo

But what is the Holy Ghost saying to us as a church in this great month?
Remember, it is written; “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: SO IS EVERY ONE THAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT.” – Jn. 3:8 Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June, 2018

From the above scripture, we recognize that:

  • Every child of God is born a wonder to his world – Jn. 3:8/ Is. 8:18
  • The supernatural is the natural realm of everyone that is born again – Is. 7:14-15/ Jn. 17:18
  • A miracle is simply a confirmation of the word we receive, believe and obey – Jn. 1:12/ Jn 9:1-8/ Jn 21:5-6
  • Engaging with the word, empowers believers to operate in the supernatural – Ex. 4:17/ Jn. 14:21  Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June, 2018

Furthermore, we understand from the scriptures that:

  • God’s presence goes with everyone engaging in soul winning endeavours – Mk. 16:15-16/20
  • Behind the manifestation of the supernatural is divine presence – Mak. 16:15/ Ex.35:14-16
  • Signs and wonders are vital forces in reaping the harvest of souls into the kingdom – Jn. 4:48/ Act. 9: 33-36/37-42/44/ Act. 8:7-8
  • Commitment to Kingdom Advancement Endeavours secures divine presence, which is key to commanding the supernatural – Mk.16:15-16/20/Acts.14:11/Acts.19:11-12

On the other hand, as we engage our heart in praying kingdom advancement prayers, that is, praying for souls to be saved, praying for the saved to be established in the faith, praying for the needs of Church members to be met and many more, God will continue to decorate our lives supernaturally, thereby bringing more people into the kingdom – Mat. 6:6/9-10/33/ Zch. 8:20-23

Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June, 2018

Consequently, all through the month of June 2018, we shall be exploring from scriptures, the hidden forces behind the supernatural, which is key to actualizing this season of supernatural enthronement ordained for us, both as a Church and as individuals this year.

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We should therefore expect new waves of manifestations of the supernatural in our lives this month, as we continue to engage in Kingdom Advancement Endeavours, thereby enhancing our level of command of the supernatural.

Therefore, the Prophetic focus for the month of June 2018 is:


We must all get spiritually set for a launch into the realms of financial fortune, all through this new month.

Recommended books for the month authored by Bishop David Oyedepo include:

  • Walking in the Miraculous
  • Operating in the Supernatural
  • Releasing the Supernatural
  • Commanding the Supernatural
  • All you need to have all your Needs Met

Winners’ Prophetic Focus For June, 2018

Remain ever blessed.
Jesus is Lord!!!



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