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Winners Church Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 3 David Oyedepo June 3 2022

Winners Church Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 3 David Oyedepo June 3, 2022

Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 3 David Oyedepo June 3, 2022

Oyedepo Prays on Glory Dome Alter
Oyedepo Prays on Glory Dome Alter

We must understand the word is as a seed. Luke 8:11 they had the word sowed in their hearts.
Mark 4: 25-28 so is the kingdom of God as a man sow his seed. Obeying what the word commands and it grows to fruits just as you sow seeds and the rains come water and it grows so is the word. We water the word by praise. Remember Paul planted Apollos watered and God gave the increase. Without obedience, No word will produce anything. We must continue to water our seed via praises Proverbs 12:8, and Hebrews 13:15 all talk about praises. We have example of Moses Exodus 4:20 He took his wife and went to Egypt Obedience is truly costly but the end result is priceless.

Topic: The Agony of obedience David Oyedepo

The agony of obedience is far cheaper than the distraction of disobedience. Read Matthew 26:37 Jesus took them and He said my soul is indeed sorrowful, He went further to pray. The Agony of doing the will of God. Matthew 26:42.
Luke 22:44 – Being in an Agony he prayed earnestly. Come unto me yea that are weary… My yoke is easy and my burden Light. The agony of obedience! Jesus had the power to avoid the suffering but he took of upon himself to go through it for our sake. John 18:8, John 19:11 Peter did not take offense when Jesus said to him ‘Get behind me Satan’ the agony of obedience.

1Peter 2:19-23 … Endure suffering it is acceptable unto God as Christ also suffered for us.

Obedience to God Carry cost, called names etc.



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Destructive powers of Disobedience

1. Destruction: Eli sons Proverbs 9:12, we had the story of Saul go destroy the Amalecai 1Samuel 15:23 destructive cost of Disobedience. You know the story of Gehazi 1 Timothy 6:11 love of money. Apart from money many may not be in church today, God just blew me with money let me go, not that they want it to serve God.

Benefits of the Agony of Obedience

1. Abraham not knowing where the was going, no child, a child came and he went to even sacrifice the Child, the Agony not obedience, see today Abraham became eternally blessed as a result of obedience, God did test Abraham!! And he passed the test. Genesis 26:12 God told him stay here and sow. He obeyed and waxed very great that nations came to negotiate with him.
Follow God leading, obey him, and he shall bless you. Obedience gets you stronger by the day, you always go up by obedience to God.
Peter,Paul , Philippians 2:7 Jesus highly exalted above the earth that every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Obedient even to the death of the cross. Nothing is a substitute to obedience in Gods kingdom.

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You better get ready for the agony of obedience, please be open to Gods correction and instruction, it may not look the way you want bit if he speaks its final.

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