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Winners Church Covenant Exchange for “FORTUNE 2024”

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Winners Church Covenant Exchange for “FORTUNE 2024”

Covencnet Greetings In Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners’ Chapel often revolve around themes of commitment, dedication, and blessings for the new year. For the 2024 Winners Church Covenant Exchange Theme is  “FORTUNE 2024”

These 2024 COVENANT GREETINGS are confesed as follow;

Caller: Praise God, Fortune is my portion in 2024

Responder: I am also redeemed to flourish in hard times.

Caller: Congratulations

Everyone: Amen and Amen”

The Covenant Exchange is a significant event within the Living Faith Church Worldwide, commonly known as Winners’ Chapel. This event typically occurs at the beginning of a new year and involves members of the church renewing their commitment to God through a covenant exchange service.

Understanding the Covenant Exchange

Spiritual Commitment and Dedication

During the Covenant Exchange service, members of the Winners’ Chapel congregation come together to reaffirm their commitment to God. It’s a time when believers reflect on the past year, express gratitude for God’s faithfulness, and dedicate themselves anew to God’s service for the upcoming year.

Renewal of Covenant

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The Covenant Exchange service involves a solemn recommitment where members pledge allegiance to God, promising to uphold the principles and values of the church. This covenant often includes aspects such as faithfulness in attendance, tithing, active participation in church activities, evangelism, and personal spiritual growth.

Teachings and Guidance

The service usually incorporates teachings and exhortations from the church leadership, particularly the presiding Bishop, Dr. David Oyedepo. These teachings focus on the importance of maintaining a vibrant spiritual life, adhering to biblical principles, and the blessings that come with honoring one’s covenant with God.

Corporate Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship play a significant role in the Covenant Exchange service. There are intense moments of prayer, thanksgiving, and praise as congregants collectively seek God’s guidance, blessings, and favor for the new year. The service emphasizes the power of corporate prayer and the importance of unity among believers.

Symbolism and Rituals

In some instances, there might be symbolic acts or rituals during the Covenant Exchange service, representing the commitment and dedication of the congregation. This might include the signing of commitment cards, laying of hands for impartation, or symbolic gestures to signify consecration and dedication.

Purpose and Impact

The Covenant Exchange service serves as a pivotal moment for members of Winners’ Chapel. It sets the tone for the new year, encouraging believers to start afresh with a renewed sense of purpose, faith, and dedication to God’s work.


The Covenant Exchange in Winners’ Chapel represents a spiritual milestone, signifying a fresh start and a deeper commitment to God and the church’s vision. It’s a time of reflection, dedication, and anticipation for the blessings and direction that the new year will bring as members recommit themselves to living out their faith and serving God faithfully.

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