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Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Let Us Pray!


Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name, Oh Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name, Oh Lord

Holy is Your Name
Holy is Your Name
Holy is Your Name, Oh Lord
Holy is Your Name
Holy is Your Name
Holy is Your Name, Oh Lord

Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name, Oh Lord
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name, Oh Lord


Our Father and our God, we just want to bless Your Holy Name. We want to bless You for yet another Convention.

We Thank You for what You did Last Year, we Thank You for what You have been doing in our lives since our Last Convention.

We give You Glory, and we give You Honour in Advance for what You will do during this Convention.

Father, Please accept our Thanks and our Worship in Jesus Name.

Lord God Almighty, we are committing this Convention into Your Hands; we ask Oh Lord that You will manifest Your Glory, and You will bless all Your Children beyond their wildest Dreams.

Surprise them Oh Lord and just let all their Needs be met.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

We are rejoicing with all our Beloveth Children.

We bring you Greetings from every Child of God in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – Particularly from the World Headquarters here in Nigeria.

We Congratulate you that you are having another Convention this time and with this beautiful Theme: “OPEN DOORS”.

We are believing God that the Almighty God will open “Mighty Doors” of Blessings to all of you in Jesus Name.


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My Bible Text in the few Minutes that I will be sharing with you is going to be found in Revelation 3: 7-8:

7. And to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is Holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;

8. I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an Open Door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little Strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my Name.

A door is a means of either entering or getting out of a building.

… That is what a door is in the simplest Language.

1. And it follows immediately that if you are out when the door is shut, then you are “Shut Out”.

In other words, if you are out when the door of the building is shut – That is saying you are outside. And you will remain outside unless that door is re-opened.

You remembered the Story in Matthew 25: 1-12 – It is the Story of the ten Virgins.

You remembered that five of them has extra sense of taking extra Oil with them and the other five – The Bible called them Foolish because they are not Extra-Prepared.

And while they were waiting for the Bridegroom, the Bible says that they discovered that their Lamp was burning Low, Particular when the Announcement came that the Bridegroom you are waiting for is now here.

And then the Foolish went to buy oil for their Lamp on the advice of the Wise ones.

Before they returned, the Bridegroom came, the five Wise Virgins went in with him and the Bible said that the door was shut.

And once the door was shut, when the Foolish Virgins came back, and said: Lord, we are here! We have been waiting for you!

He said that I didn’t know you.

My Prayer for you tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC, is that the Door of the Kingdom of Heaven will not be shut against you – Amen!

… Once the door is shut, if you are out; then you are “Shut Out”!

In Esther 4: 10-11; Esther said that there is a King so Powerful that he had as one of his Laws – Nobody comes into my Presence except when he sent for you.

Meaning what? Everybody is “Shut Out” from the Presence of this King unless he Specifically ask you to come.

Thank God that the King of Kings is a very Compassionate King – And before we finished, we will see that according to the Bible Text that we read; before all of you over there listening to me now or reading now on the Label of DMC; there is an Open Door (Amen).

… The door has been opened by the King of Kings Himself.

2. Now, if you are in when the door is shut, then we said that you are “Shut In”.

Now, when we talk about being “Shut In”, it could have a lot of Implications:

I. It could mean that you are in your house, you want to sleep at Night and you shut the door.

That means that every evil is shut out – Thieves can’t come in because your door has been shut!

… No evil is allowed in when you have shut the door.

II. It could also mean that you are in, you have shut the door but the enemy is out.

The enemy might be the type that says that I’m not going anywhere.

So, let us read the Story in 2 Kings 6: 8-end – It tells you of what the Bible calls a Siege.

A Siege means the enemy is waiting Outside and he is saying that you cannot come out because if you come out, you will just come out into our hands.

So, to be “Shut In” could mean that you are under a Siege!

III. It could also mean that you are in Prison.

The one who has put you in Prison may not want you to go out or escape and so he shut the door of the Prison.

In Acts 5: 17-18; the Enemies of the Gospel shut in the Apostles in Prison.

And as long as the door of the Prison is being shut, unless God intervenes; the Gospel is “Shut In” with the Apostles.

I’m Praying for all of you who has been “Shut In” by the Enemies; in the Name of the One who has Chosen the Theme: “Open Doors” for you; the Enemies will be disappointed today – Amen!

And so what happens when the Door opens because for you to understand the importance of “Open Doors”, you need to understand the “Shut Doors”.

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When the Door is opened – When we talk of Open Doors, we could be talking about:

1. The Siege is Over!

… The Enemies are gone, and you are free now to come out of hiding.

When you read 2 Kings 7: 1-end – You see what happened when the Enemies that lay Siege to that Great City left.

The Peoole who were in such a terrible situation when the Siege was on, and that they were beginning to eat their children; suddenly found out that the Enemies had fled and now they can now move out freely, and they can now take everything that the enemy has.


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2. It could mean when the Wealth is Transferred.

Because when the Siege was over, the Wealth of the Enemies was transferred.

3. It could mean that Help had come.

Help is available even up to the Salvation of a Nation.

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For Example, in the case of Esther that we spoke about; the King had a Law – You can’t come in except I invite you in. But God granted Esther Favour; the Door opened to her.

She went into the King even without being summoned but God gave her an Open Door – She was able to meet the King, she was able to make her Request known and a whole Nation was saved from an enemy that wanted to wipe them out.


4. Open Door could mean those of you in those Stations where the Gospel is being Preached but there are so many Limitations; God might be Prophesying to you that from now on, the Door to the Nations are opened.

That you can now have Divine Help to reach out to the Almighty God and bring Salvation to all Nations where you are gathered!

The Bible made it clear in Hebrews 4: 14-16 – It says we can come boldly now into the Holiest because Jesus Christ has opened the Door for us and so we can now obtain Help in the times of Need (NOTES: Hebrews 10:19, KJV).

You know that there is a Place in the Temple in the Olden Days called “The Holy of Holies” – Only the High Priest can go in there once a year.

And if he went in and he made a mistake there; he will die there as there is so much Power there.

NOTES: “The Holy of Holies” is a term in the Hebrew Bible that refers to the Inner Sanctuary of the Tabernacle, where God’s Presence appeared. According to Hebrew Tradition, the area was defined by four Pillars that held up the Veil of the Covering, under which the Ark of the Covenant was held above the floor.

But when Jesus Christ died on the Cross; the curtain that separated “The Holy of Holies” from the rest of the Temple was torn from Top to bottom (And not from bottom to Top). Because the One who tore it is from Above.

The Almighty God said now the Door is opened and now you can come to “The Holy of Holies” and you can now ask anything that you want!

You know that there are certain Problems that you cannot get solved by staying outside and writing Letters or carrying Placards.

There are certain things that you can only get solved if you are able to enter into the Presence of the Head of State.

I can tell you so many things that has happened to me at one Point or the other where it is the admission into the Presence of the One who is in Charge that makes it Possible for us to receive certain favours.

I will give you an Example but won’t mention names.

We are going to start The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in a Particular Nation. They had told me as soon as I arrived – What do you say that you want to do? I told them and they say you are joking.

That the Head of State had made a Law – No Room for Foreign Missions. Any Denominations coming from outside is not Permitted to stay in this Country.

And then somehow, I met a Man who told me that he was the Teacher of the President when he was in School.

I told the Man what I want and he said what you need to do is to get to the President’s Office.

And he said, don’t worry, I will tell him I’m coming to see him tomorrow and all I will do is to take you along. And so he took me along.

And then the President and I began to talk. After 15 minutes, it was the President who asked if I want a cup of tea. I wasn’t thirsty but I said yes sir, I will drink.

And we talked for another 2 hours – I made sure that I didn’t mention why I came and I talk about things that I know that will Please him.

After 2 hours, he said: How can I help you?

I said Thank you sir. That day, I got my Request granted.

Today, that Particular Country is a Continental Headquarters.

But I got that Request granted because I was able to get into the Presence of the one who was In-Charge!

The Bible says: Now, you have access to the Holiest – You can come into the Presence of the Almighty God Himself directly through the Lord Jesus Christ, so that you can obtain Help.

During this Convention, enter boldly into the Presence of the King of Kings and ask Him for anything that you want.

That is the Joy of Open Doors – You can get into the Presence of the Holy One and you can obtain Help in any kind of form that you want it!

5. Open Doors can mean that your Destiny can no longer be Truncated.

In Acts 5: 17-25; when the Apostles were Performing Miracles, Signs and Wonders and Multitudes were gathering together to the Apostles; the Religious Leaders of the Land became angry and they threw the Apostles into Prison.

But in the Night, the Angel of the LORD came and opened the door and said to them: Go!

By the following day, when the Religious Leaders of the Land came; they found out that the Prison were securely locked but there is Someone who Himself is called “The Door”. He had come and taken out His Own People.

And while they were wondering – What happened? Somebody came to tell them that the People you imprisoned are already Preaching.

You thought that you are going to stop their Goal or Destiny, but the Door had opened and they are already continuing!

You find another Example in Acts 12: 1-11 – One King decided to kill one of the Disciples and then he saw that some People liked it and he arrested Peter too. And decided that I will kill this one later.

But before he could bring him up for killing, the Bible said that an Angel came and opened the door.

And again, you will find out that the Man that the King said he will no longer be able to Preach, became even more Successful than ever before.

As a matter of fact – If you read the entire Chapter of Acts 12, you will find out that when the King who wanted to stop Peter from doing his job died; the work of God enlarged.

An Open Door could mean that anybody who tries to truncate your Destiny will Pay with his own Life and you will continue to do what God wants you to do.

6. An Open Door means “Free Movement”.

Because if the door is opened, it means if you are in; you can go out or if you are out, then you can come in.

And the Lord Jesus Christ said in John 10: 9-10 – He said that I am the Door; if you are one of my Children, you can go in, go out and you can find rest for your Soul.

If the Door open Permanently as a result of your Connection with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have Freedom of Movement and everything you seek, you will find and you will be Prosperous in all your ways!

Let me Conclude so that you can have time to Pray:

The door could be opened for a while and then shut.

But in the Bible Text that we read, the Almighty God made a Promise – He said: Hey, I am the One who opens and no Man can shut and if I shut, no Man can open.

And He said that the Door that He is Presenting to you is the Door that is opened and no Man will be able to shut it.

When you are connected to the Lord Jesus Christ, not only will you have Open Doors; even if there are Ancient Doors – Doors that has been shut against you because of something in your Generation; Connection to the Lord Jesus Christ will command the Doors to open!

Psalms 24:10 says that even the Everlasting Doors will lift up their heads when Jesus Christ comes.

In other words, if the Lord Jesus Christ is holding your hands, there is no door that can ever shut against you.

Which leads to the Question – How do I enjoy Permanent Doors?

Well, if you read that Psalms 24: 1-end; it will tell you that there are certain things that you must do – Clean Hands, Pure Hearts etc

Which is another way of saying – Be Holy!

Once you are Holy, the Door that is opened to you will remain forever opened!

When God holds you by hand, wherever He goes, you will go with Him and wherever you goes, He is backing you up.

But He is a Holy God – He said: Be ye Holy as I am Holy.

He is not going to hold dirty hands.

You can’t expect Him to keep the Door open for you if you are living in sin.

Don’t let anybody deceives you – Who tells you that once you are Born Again, you can continue to be Fraudulent, Lie and Cheat; and then expect Doors to keep on opening to you?

It is not going to be so! He is a Holy God.


And then for those of you who has not even known Him; or you have not Surrendered your Life to Him – He is the One who opens the Doors and no one else.

The Door is shut against the Sinner.

The Bible says, for the Wicked, the door opened to them is the door of Travail and Hardship.

But the Lord Himself said: Come to me all ye that Labour and are heavy ladened and I will give you rest.

So it is up to you as the Door is opened!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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