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I have Prayed even in your Presence that your God, my God will put that blessing in my heart and I will be able to say it out – Amen!!!.

Mothers are Blessed People .

Any woman in the house shout Hallelujah- Hallelujah!

When it comes to mothers, right from the beginning of the world, God himself has created them to be instrument of Enlargement.

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1: 26-28.

When God created the whole world, He said it is not good that a man should be alone, and the next thing he did was that he created a woman that can be there for him all the time as helpmate for him.

Because, he said that in Genesis 1:26.

So that you will not be asking me who asks you to come and give us any blessing this morning.

I am here because I am being ordained to do so, and I am glad that I am in my Post right now.

So for me to be here, I’m Proving it for you.

God said in Genesis 1:26-28

26. Let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them Dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the Earth and over every creeping things that creeps upon the Earth.

27. And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them.

In verse 28, that is where Enlargement came from:

28. And God bless them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every creeping thing that moves upon the earth.

Brethren, this is the origination, Male and Female.

And he said let them replenish the Earth.

A man alone cannot give birth to a child, it takes a man and a woman to give birth.


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1. And also in Genesis 27:28-30, there was a mother there, known by name as Rebecca.

We may say she stole the blessing for her son Jacob.

Let me show you something before then in Genesis 25:23.

God himself has ordained it.

God said in that Genesis 25:23; that there are two Nations in the womb of Rebecca, and two manner of People shall be separated from your bowels, and the one people shall be stronger than the other people and the elder shall serve the younger.

We can’t query God because God is Sovereign.

The Bible tells us that, He sit in the Heaven and he does what Pleases him.

So what brought Jacob to be the elder in this issue, and taking the blessings of Esau has been ordained by God himself.

And what happened, God himself has made the Pronouncement.

When the time came for the Manifestation, the mother orchestrated it.

She orchestrated it, she heard the father telling Esau, go and do this. The mother called Jacob, do you hear what your father said, he said your brother should go and do this and do this, but take one at the back of the house right now, don’t go to the bush, this is what we are going to do.

She taught him, so that the blessing of God that he had Prepared for Jacob will reach him.

I Pray this morning – Every blessings God has Prepared for you while you were in your mother’s womb, It will come to pass in the Mighty Name of Jesus (Amen).


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2. I will give you another example quickly – 1Kings 1:25.

We learnt that Adonijah usurped the throne of David.

David was still alive.

Adonijah just tell himself, everyone want to ride a horse and just began to behave like a King and you know, he quickly had his own Counsel

But it was told in that 1 Kings 1:11, that Nathan hinted Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon.

This is what is happening in the Palace right now.

*Are you asleep as a mother? Have you forgotten the Promises of King David concerning your son?

The mother of Solomon went to David, behold the Bible tells us in 1 Kings13: 30-32, that Solomon was given the Throne.

Wherever God wants you to reign, the Throne God has Prepared for you before you were born, Nobody will take it from you – Amen.

You are born to win – Amen.

You are born to reign – Amen.

You are born to have Dominion – Amen.

You are born to have Enlargement – Amen.

And so shall it be in Jesus Name – Amen.

In the Verse 30 of that Particular Chapter of 1 Kings 13 (1 Kings 13:30), the Bible tells us that David swore to Bathsheba that, Solomon shall sit on his Throne and it came to pass.

So when we were talking about mothers, please listen to your mother.

I’m not talking about me now, but I’m connecting myself with your own Natural mothers.

Listen to them when they talk.

A good mother will always wish her children well, as I have come this Morning to wish you well.

If you listen this Morning, it will do you good in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

So for me to be here this Morning, after I have given the example of two (2) mothers; I have come to just give some advice.

We have been hearing so many messages on Enlarge.

If we are going to Enlarge, there must be a Place, a Foundation for it – And the Foundation is Open Heaven.

I’m not talking about the Open Heavens Book that we read everyday.

When God looks down and open his Love, his Power, his Strength, his Wish, his Grace upon you for Enlargement.


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1. The first Advice for you is that Open Heaven must open unto you.

In the Book of Matthew 3:17, the Lord Jesus Christ went for Baptism. And out of the water as He was coming up, there was a voice that came – The Heaven Open unto Him, saying: This is my beloveth Son.

… A Proclamation! So that the world may know that this one is Ordained by God – He is sent by Him. This is my beloveth Son.

And the Second time again was in Matthew 17:5.

There was this voice again – Another Proclamation by God: This is my beloveth Son.

That is the first thing for your Enlargement – The moment the Heaven open on to you.

How do you know when the Heaven Open?

Some of us, the Heaven has Open onto us before we came here, some of us it’s just opening now, after all the message we have been hearing.

How do you know?

Because the Heaven can be opening wider and wider.

It is when your Heart is fix to do that which you are hearing and the more you hear.

The Bible even tells us and advice us that we should add more virtue, unto the ones we have had before, so that we can receive more Enlargement.

And the more you are having that one and your heart is fixed to do that which you have been hearing, your Heaven is opening wider and wider.

Is anybody in the house here this Morning or reading now on the Label of DMC who want his/her Heaven to open wider and wider?

If you are say here, say I am here – I am here.

The Lord will recognise you and your Heaven will Open – Amen.

The Apostles, they receive Open Heaven on the Day of Pentecost.

The Bible tells us that when that Day came, what happened to the Apostles, they received the Power and they started Ministering.

They have been waiting for 10 days at the Upper Room and when that Day of Pentecost fully come and the Power came; everyone of them received in Acts Chapter 2, and what was the next thing, they were able to launch out, they were no longer hiding.

Many of us we are here in the Upper Room right now.

As we receive more Open Heaven, we shall have Enlargement, moving from one degree of Glory to another – Amen.

We shall no longer be hidden because the Apostles were no longer hiding.

They went out boldly.

Signs and wonders, you know, was following them, they were Preaching, thousands were being saved.

Finally Multitude, uncountable, to the extent that even the Shadow of Brother Peter began to heal; Paul handkerchief began to heal, and doing Deliverance for the People.

Open heaven is essential.

Don’t compare Note in this Meeting, be yourself.

Know what you are here for – You are here for Enlargement.

God is ready to Enlarge your coasts even far beyond your Imagination.

I know what I’m talking about, I will give you one example – I give God all the Glory.

Before the Congress started in 1977; the General Overseer has taking it upon himself at every Public Holiday, all the Youth in the Church – We were not yet General Overseer then.

He will gathered us together – We’ll go to the beach (Badagry Beach); sometimes the Youth Camp where the Four Square Gospel Church has brought now – Just to teach us for two (2) days.

We get there Friday Evening, teach us for the whole of that Friday Evening, Saturday in the Evening we will be going back.

In one of the Camp Meetings when we returned, as I slept in the Night, I now saw finally that he has become the General Overseer.

And one of the Night, God showed me that Pregnant women were laid on the floor, they lined them up and they were dead. And as I was passing by and I was trying to cry, and my Passion was holding for them, they were rising up – It was terrifying, I was shaking.

Because it was Saturday Night, I had to wake up 4:30 am on Sunday Morning, because once we have left the house, we are not coming back till around 9pm on Sunday Night or 10pm.

So I have to Prepare what the children will eat, and if we happened to have visitors, I must Prepare something for the visitor who are going to visit us in the Church.

When I got to the Kitchen to Prepare, I was just tonguing throughout.

I was so sober, I don’t know – What kind of Vision is this, Lord help me.

And of course, you entered into the car on Sunday Morning, till you get to the Church Nobody will say a word – You must be Praying throughout before you get to Church, so I couldn’t share anything with anybody.

My tonguing in the car was more than anyone else.

And behold we got to the Church, I used to sit close to the door that leads to the Vestry, because anytime they will call me.

And then one of the Midwives came from the Maternity Centre and say, lease Mummy come, come.

I said oh my God.

I left the Altar and I followed her, and I told her, I have told you People, I don’t have the Calling of Midwife Team.

Because there is no way I will stand by Pregnant woman ready to give birth, and she’s weeping or crying, I’ll be crying too – Don’t come to call me.

She said this occasion we are calling you.

I used to have a wrapper in my bag that I can tie on my dress, and I brought out the wrapper from my bag and I followed them.

Behold the woman had been there for five (5) days, travailing the child bearing and she was almost dying so to say.

She couldn’t hear anybody again, I whisper to her ear – Can you hear me? No respond, I shook her, no respond.

I just get the inspiration, get me some block outside, there was some moulded blocks, we raise the bed from the feet and we started Praying.

As we are Praying and tonguing ahahaha! You know that kind of tongue – It is like God you must Open Heaven today.

Behold, the baby came out, the baby came out dead.

We put the baby on the trolley, trying to revive the woman now – I just lay hands on her, the woman came alive.

Now we now face the baby with cotton wool and with a lot of olive oil (speaking in tongues), just cleaning the baby up.

All of a sudden the baby was doing like this – Shaking, shaking.

And the midwife who had already left us, and crying by the husband, and the relatives, everybody started jumping up, we settle them.

By the time I finished, the Service has ended.

I went into the room, I have a small room at Ebutta Metta, I was there crying – I said God you should have told me in the Language I will Understand.

I faced this shaking since the Midnight.

What am I trying to tell you this Morning – When you want Enlargement, whatever the Preacher tells you, put it in your heart and begin to work on it.

I don’t believe up till today, that there is something God cannot do.

There is Nothing God cannot do – He has done it in my Life before, and He is still doing it.

This Last Convention – Beyond Expectations is for me, because after the Convention, things that are beyond my Expectations in Life has happened to me several times, between the Convention and now.

Brethren, I am a mother giving you Advice – The first thing you need to experience is Open Heaven.

When the Word of God will become very real to you and you hold on to it, you don’t joke with it, you have Faith in it.

He sent His Words, it healeth them, deliver them from all their Destructions.

Don’t let fear destroy you, don’t let Human Philosophy destroy you -;This is what will happen to this when it is this. Don’t listen.

Listen to the Word of God and let God help you.

That is number one.

What is number one advice – Open Heaven.

Let the Heaven open unto you – Amen.

2. You should hearkened diligently to the Voice of God.

Hearken diligently to the Voice of God – That is what the Bible says in Deuteronomy 28.

Everybody loves the Blessings of God.

What did the Bible says in the Book of Deuteronomy 28 – We always read it, we don’t read it with the Conditions there.

What is the Condition? We only want the Blessings.

If you want Blessings, shout I want Blessings – I want Blessings.

I want Blessings myself.

The first one says, and it shall come to pass if thou shall hearken diligently to the Voice of the Lord your God to observe and to do all His Commandments which I Command you these days that the Lord your God will set you on high above all Nations of the Earth.

They were talking about benefits of Righteousness in our Open Heavens.

I have to tell my household two (2) days ago that, you don’t receive a benefit without a Condition.

The benefit are in Deuteronomy 28 right, from Verses 1 to 13.

But what are the Conditions?.

You must hearken diligently and obey the Commandment of God.

And the Bible tells us that the Commandment of God are not grievous.

I’m not saying that God thinks it’s difficult for us to obey.

Then, we went back to Exodus 20 to read from Verses 1 to 17 – what are the Commandments, they are there.

So we need to hearken diligently, all they have been talking to us about.

Don’t let the Word of God just fall – It can’t fall into the ground without doing what it will do.

But don’t delay, let it work for you.

And it will work for you in Jesus Name – Amen.

We should hearken, we should do the doing not the hearing alone.


3. And the next thing is we should obey his Commandment which is in Exodus 20:1-13.

They are not grievous.

After the whole Heaven has open to you, it will be easy for you because you are now sober.

You are ready to say all that you are, and all that I am.

All that you are, all I am, you will give to Jesus.

And Bible tells us that yourself, our body is even the Temple of the Living God and we are made for his Pleasure.

Why should we Struggle? The moment you are Struggling with God – This is what you will do, you are not going to do that, you Prolong you Suffering.

But the earlier you obey, the better you are.

So Number three is obey his Commandment.


4. Be Patient, because that is the Problem of the Youth.

Be Patient, because we are not Patient to follow Systematically.

Many of you, you have attended the School of Disciple (SOD) regimentally – Follower of Jesus.

Jesus said this, yes I do.

But many of us we want our cart to go before the horse, when the horse should go before the cart and so you delay the results.

You delay your Enlargement, instead of moving forward you are looking backward, and backward and derailing.

But after this Convention, you will move forward forever in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Hebrews 12:1 says, we should run the race with Patient that is set before us.

Sense itself is needed – It may take you years to achieve one thing, but when it is achieved by God for you, it will last forever.

But what you hurriedly achieve and God is not there, you will enjoy it for a while, then there will be a crash landing.

Which one is the better? – The one that God Planned, it may be late before you have it, but it will last forever and you will enjoy it. But the one you do yourself hurriedly by all kind of means, it can’t last.

It is only the Blessings of God that add no sorrow to it.

Because till today, desires and what you want to achieve now is different in our own days.

Some of you, it’s good to have a car, for example because your Place of work is far from home. You don’t have a car right, you want to buy a car.

How do you get the car, you don’t have the money you go and borrow – You take a Loan from your Place of work.

You bought a car that is not sound – That is not good enough.

After about six (6) Months, the car started giving Problem that the money that it taking from you is almost more than your Salary every Month.

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You are still Paying loan.

About nine (9) Months of riding car, driving the car, it is grounded, because you did not order your Priority well and you are not Patient.

Tell your neighbour for me – Be Patient!

Because the Bible tells us that they that wait upon the Lord they shall do what? – Renew their Strength.

Wait on the Lord!

The Lord is good to them that waited on Him. And when we waited on God, He will do that which cannot Perish for us and it will last, and we will enjoy it.

Either in Marriage, either in Business, either in Career, in everything, because we are talking about Enlarging.

If we don’t wait on him, those things that will be diminishing our Returns is what will be happening – Which is not supposed to be for us.

That is why the Bible tells us that; Godliness with Contentment is a Great Gain.

Let’s have that Gain.

The Lord will help us.


5. Be Hardworking.

Work hard.

The height that Men reach, Nothing goes for Nothing.

You want to be Enlarge and you are sleeping at home and you are confessing, I’m in Enlargement, I have Enlarged.On what? On Zero – Zero Multiplication. And what are you Enlarging.

If you are Enlarging, there must be something you are Enlarging upon – Therefore hard work is necessary.

Isaac was told not to leave, not to japa (“Japa” literally means Relocate for Greener Ventures) as some People are doing now.

Japa is good, I’m not condemning Japa, but if only God tells you to do it. If He doesn’t tell you to do it – Please don’t do it.

Isaac was told to stay where he is, even in the time he was – At the time of Famine.

He works so hard, Planted, and God bless him so much.

And in Genesis 26:22, he worked so hard, so much that even the Philistines they envied him.

He was so faithful and when the Philistines they were after him, Abimelech even told him Please you can’t stay here again.

He moved away to where he wanted to move to, because every wells Abraham had dug before he died, they were filling it, so that he won’t get water for his Irrigation – To irrigate the farm.

But behold, the one who knows where he was going, who wanted Enlargement and the Heaven has already Opened upon; what did he do? He too was digging another well.

He was not in corner weeping eeheeh! they have closed all the wells. What do I do now ahahaha?

When the world says there is a let down, God will say there is Lifting – Amen!

Brethren, Isaac continued to dig well and from him we learnt the first Irrigation.

Some People are supposed to be farmers – Maybe after this Enlargement, I believe while the open Heaven has opened upon you; God will give you a way out and will show you what to do for your Enlargement – Amen. And as He is showing you, He will Strengthened you, and you will not be weary – Amen.

That’s the blessing that I brought for you – Part of it, and so you better be saying Amen – Amen!!!

Isaac was not weary, he kept on digging the well and you People (chuckles) – God has been giving me this Land, I’m going to Plant, I’m going to be Successful.

They were covering it, he was digging another one.

Brethren we need to work hard, this is very important.


6. We need to Pray.

Prayer is Communication between you and God – To tell Him your Needs, thank Him for what He has done in the Past and Pray more.

Why you ask, He said you should ask till our Joy be full.

Brother Paul because we need Prayer for Grace; Hebrews 4:16 says, Prayer for Grace is essential.

He said we should therefore come to the Throne of Grace to receive Grace for the time of help.

You and me, we need more Grace because, many of us we have the Strength, we have the Understanding, we have the Wisdom.

But where is the Heavenly encouragement to help you do what you want to do – The Heavenly Strength, Grace.

1 Corinthians 15: 9-10, Brother Paul was telling us – It’s by His Grace he was able to do what he did.

H was the least among the Apostles.

By the Grace of God he became the best.

Who is the next Person to become the Best

You will become the Best – Amen.

Pray for Grace, Pray for Grace.


7. To continue from wherever God has taken you.

Do not stop even when you have achieve – Continue!

Brother Paul told his own followers, People like Timothy – Occupy till I come.

Till I come, He didn’t say we should go and be resting.

If the General Overseer is still occupied, you the offspring, what do you want to do – You want to go and be resting?

We are in it together – Like father, like children.

You have to continue Enlarging – Don’t say I have achieved this one this year and I have done enough, let me go and rest. That is the lie of the enemy for you.

I don’t take that one for you as a mother.

You will not be weary, you not be tired – Amen.

Philippians 3:13-14, the Bible tells us that Brother Paul says, I forgot the one of the Past, I keep on forgetting the Past and he is Launching the things he has not had.

He said, I keep on forgetting just the Past!

I don’t know what you have achieved before you came for the RCCG IYC Convention 2023 (Enlarge); you better take that one of the past years and say okay, the past, God I thank you for it, but I am Launching to the Future, a Greater Achievement.

So advice Number seven (7) is continue Enlarging.

Philippians 3:13-14, Brother Paul say, he Press towards the marks, forgetting that which was, he has done in the Past, continuing to Press towards the mark.

You don’t finish, you don’t rest until you are Finished.

Jesus didn’t make the announcement that He has finished, until He was on the Cross – He says I have Finished.

Brother Paul said I have finished the good works, I have ran it, the race of Faith, and I have Finished.

We shall all Finished well in Jesus Name – Amen.


8. Final Advice – You cannot continue to be Enlarge and Enlarge without a Purpose.

God does not do anything without a Purpose.

You Enlarge because God wants you to be enlarged for something.

The Apostles, they Enlarge in those days and God told them they should not sit in Jerusalem.

They should move about so that others can hear the Gospel.

Out of them is Brother Philip – He went to Samaria, a Deacon.

In RCCG, we will say Deacon is the least Officer in Pastoral Line.

It will surprise you, even those who are not Deacons or Deaconesses – I hope you can listen to me now, when the Heaven Open on to you in this Meeting and your Enlargement starts, you better move forward.

All those who carry the Position of “I’m a Deacon/Deaconess”, don’t you know I’m Assistant Pastor – You better run you race, make full Proof of your Enlargement.

Don’t let anybody put a blocking – A road block on your way.

As your mother, I never agreed, when there is a Pastoral Conference, whatever they tell us there; the back of my Note is full of you must do this one now instantly.

Those who work with me in my office, they know that I don’t joke with time.

Whatever God lays in my heart, I don’t look right, I don’t look left, and God has been Faithful.

Whatever God has help me to lay my hands upon, it keeps flourishing – I gave him all the Praise.

Don’t look back, be yourself in your Enlargement and be conscious of the fact that Enlargement is for a Purpose.

If God has given you money, it’s for a Purpose.

And I’m telling you, God will not owe any man anything.

As you are spending yourself, your Strength, He will be renewing it.

Your money, he will be adding more, your time you will be aha!….(song).

You be Faithful God, from the Ages Past, that is why your name, is forever more.

You alone art Worthy Baba (Father), to be Praise and adored.

God has been Faithful over the years, He will not because of you, be Unfaithful.

Your Enlargement is to Propagate the Kingdom of Heaven, it is for God to be known, it is for God to be Glorified.

You should know that one, this is very important.

Esther was brought to the Palace, so that the Jews will not die Untimely Death.

Esther 4:4, She now said, if I Perish, I Perish.

Brethren how do you want to use your own Enlargement?

The Apostles Preach after the Power of the Day of Pentecost – Three thousands (3,000), five thousands (5,000) Multitudes gave their lives to God.

In Acts 9:15, Brother Paul was given the Assignment by Jesus Himself, to work among the Gentiles and God Enlarged his coast.

At the end of the day, his Aprons and Handkerchiefs were raising the Dead.


What do you want to use your Enlargement for before you leave here?

I. Is it to go and buy an Island and be living there and your family and be enjoying or to Propagate His Gospel?

II. Is it for neighbors to know that Jesus Christ is alive

III. Is it for the Nation to Change for better and for best?

IV. Is it for your entire family Members and Relations to enjoy the Grace of God in your Life.

You have the answers.


But I’m telling you, God is ready to a Enlarge you – He is ready.

1.You must allow the Heaven to Open on you.

Take every words of God seriously, apply it.

2. Hearken to the Voice.

3. Obey the Commandment.

4. Be Patient.

Don’t run before God – Let God lead in everything and you will follow

5. Be Hardworking.

6. Pray for Grace.

7. Continue in your Enlargement.

Use whatever God has done for you to Multiply the Kingdom because God is a Rewarder.

This Morning, my Conclusion is that God is ready to Enlarge us.

But there is one major thing the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12 :13.

The Bible says; and conclusion of the matter…

What is the conclusion of the matter.

Fear God and obey his Commandment and this is the whole work of man.

If you are the best Singer Congratulation.

If you are the best Ushers, you have to sleep in the Church to count money, Hallelujah.

You are the best Sunday School Teacher, you are a “Moving Concordance”.

You know the word – The Book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, Hallelujah.

If you don’t Fear God and you obey his Commandments!

Hey, when you Enlarge, the final Enlargement – While everybody will be Submitting and giving the record of their doings, it will be a shame.

Because there is no way you can be wiser than God.

It is only in Him, you can live and move and have your being.

You don’t Fear God, you are not living in Him, you don’t obey his Commandments you are on your own.

So whatever all the running up and down you do, without obeying God and fearing Him, ha it is a dangerous hold.

Several Altar Calls has been made.

I was watching yesterday, many of you were here, the Preacher even said – if you carry Charm to this Place, you must submit it .

If you still need to repent, don’t hide yourself.

I’m here to bless you – I’m going to Pray for you, but after I have left, I believe our Leaders will continue and will do the best things to do for you.

I’m here just to Pray.

Are we ready for Enlargement Blessings?

You are ready, you are not ready?.

I’m ready, rise on your feet.

Brethren, they that know their God, they shall be Strong and they will do Exploits.

The conclusion of the matter is: Fear God and obey His Commandments.


Our Father and our God, sincerely I want to thank You.

I didn’t know how You made it, You did it while I was still in my Mother’s womb.

I return all the Glory to You because it is not by Power or Might.

I honour You, I salute Your Majesty again.

And I thank you Lord for this Session You have given me this Morning with Your Children.

As a mother, what You have put in me I have shared with them.

And I’m saying Jehovah, as Rebecca revealing the Secret to Jacob I have done.

As Bathsheba try to remind King David of the Promises he had for Solomon I have done.

By Your Special Grace and I am asking this Morning that in Your Love, in Your Faithfulness; I ask that the ears of Your Children that have heard the Word this Morning, this advise or reading now on the Label of DMC, has already been opened.

I Pray that they will be doing the doings in the name of Jesus.

Let the Heaven be opened unto them.

Let them hear what they should hear.

Help them to be diligent.

Let them have the Determination for Enlargement.

Every forms of Laziness, be removed from their lives.

Where they have fallen short of Your Grace or in their Prayer lives; this Morning come to their aid.

Help them Lord, Strengthen them from their inner man, Enlarge their Coast.

Your Pronouncement from the Beginning that we should be Fruitful and Multiply, let it be their Portion.

Help all of us to continue to have Dominion – Dominion over everything we need to have.

Every Spirit of Covetousness and every Spirit of Greediness, lack of Contentment, we rebuke and we reject – It will not be our Portion.

We commit them into Your hands, because Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

Brother Paul told Timothy that he is Persuaded, that whatever is committed into His Hands, He will do it.

We commit them into Your Hands, they are Yours, and they are Your own.

Encamp them with Your Angels – The Angels of Enlargement.

Don’t let anyone of them escaped from Enlargement in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Because there is a Cloud of Witnesses around them, right now anything that will serve as a road block to them, we demolish in the Name of Jesus.

We Pray, Your Children will move from Strength to Strength, from Grace to Grace, from Glory to Glory.

No more Shame for you.

God will send Help to you from Zion.

Favour will be your Portion – Anywhere you go, you shall be favoured.

Jesus increased – He had favour with God and Man. You will increase, you will find favour from God and from Man.

You will not die Young.

You will fulfill your Days.

The Lord will bless you.

You will even give to Nations.

You will make your Parents happy.

You will obey God and His Commandments.

You will fear God.

You will teach others.

You will be Good Example to others and in this world.

You will continue till the end of the Day, and at the end of the Day; we all make a Heaven.

So shall it be!

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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