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Let somebody shout hallelujah – Hallelujah.

We want to give Thanks to God for such a wonderful Convention that He has brought us in.

And we want to Thank the Lord because He has been with us and He will continue to be with us, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

But Somebody is here inclusive those reading now,  you are going home a Different Person, a Glorious Person, a Lifted Individual, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

And your Life will never remain the same – Amen!

That Amen is too low: In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

We want to appreciate our father – Daddy GO: for the sacrifice that the Lord has been helping him to invest upon and upon the entire Church – Which has brought us to this Level. And our mother Mummy GO.

We Pray that the Lord will continue to renew their Strength, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

Now, we want to quickly speak on: UNDERSTANDING VISION 2032.

Let me start with a Question: Please if you are here inclusive those reading now, and have heard of “VISION 2032” before, can you wave your hands to Jesus Christ?

Do you believe it is Possible? I didn’t hear you – YES!

If you believe, join me to shout a big Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

I am glad that you have heard about it; and so this is just to remind us what the Vision that the Lord has given to our father-in-the-Lord is all about – In Summary (not details), in the next few minutes.

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The Bible says in Habakkuk 2:1-2;

1 I will Stand upon my Watch, and set me upon the Tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the Vision, and make it Plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

There is no running in Ministry, except you have a Vision;

And Nobody runs in vain in Life, except there is no Vision.

The day you don’t Plan to go anywhere, you wake up anytime you like. But the day they say you should come for an Interview by 8am; you will wake up very early because something is waking you up.

If somebody is running, it is because he or she has a Vision. If a Church is running, it is because that Church has a Vision. If an Organization is running, it is because that Organization has a Vision.

… And so they believe in that Vision; and the Manifestation of the Vision.

God Himself said, “Write the Vision, and make it Plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

And by the Special Grace of God, that Vision has been helping the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) all these years!

This is a Church of Vision – We have been following our Vision, and that had brought us this far.


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So, what is this VISION 2032 all about?

VISION 2032 is simply a call for Aggressive Soul Winning and Deliberate Multiplication of our Membership to a minimum of Forty (40) Million by the Year 2032.

How many Millions? – Forty (40) Million Membership in the Year 2032!

Please, say it and let the Heaven Stamp it – Forty (40) Million Membership in the Year 2032!

Membership to How Many Million? Forty (40) Million! Say it to your Neighbour – Year 2032: Forty (40) Million Membership!

And by the Special Grace of God, you will be alive to Witness it – Amen.

Somebody is here inclusive those reading now; by the Year 2032 you will still be alive and in the Lord; and you will be Part of this Vision, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Aggressive Soul Winning; Deliberate Multiplication of our Membership from the Level we are today – Of a Membership of around Three (3) Million, to Forty (40) Million in the Year 2032.

So the Vision is very Simple – It’s not Complex.

We know where we are and we know where we are going. And we know how God has taken us to this Level.

And we know the same God can take us to the Level that the Almighty God has asked us to go – Amen.

Daddy GO has kept on saying for years that we have not started. And all we have been hearing during this Conference has also been towards the Growth of the Kingdom: that we should be Blessings to the Kingdom of God.

And by the Special Grace of God; the Kingdom of God is here; and God is saying “it’s time for us to move forward – Amen.

Soul Winning, Aggressive Evangelism has no Substitute in Church Growth.


It is just a matter of revisiting those things that God has given us; which He has helped us to use in time past and we have dropped them! We have forgotten about them. And now it is becoming difficult for us to speak to People about Christ.

How many Workers, how many Ministers in the last one (1) Month spoke to a Person one-on-one and you told them about your Faith?

Start from yourself, don’t think far.

For you to know where we are, start from yourself – When last did you meet a Sinner on the road and there is this burden in your heart to discuss about Christ with that fellow?

All we do now is within the Church Building. Anybody that comes to Church, fine! If he doesn’t come, that’s the end of it. And in those days it was not so.

If a Member or a Worker in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is going on the road and there is a fellow ahead of him, he will multiply his steps to catch up because he wants to Witness to that fellow.

But we have gotten to a Level that, even when we enter a Vehicle: buses, taxis, keke, Nobody talks about Jesus. We only enter and we alight and nothing happens!

The burden for Soul Winning is no more there.

We had some of those things before; and they are the things that we have left.

And Daddy is saying that we should wake up.

And by the Special Grace of God, before this Conference ends; the Anointing for Soul Winning will rest upon every one of us – Amen.

Deliberate Multiplication! – There is no other business we are doing in this Kingdom of God apart from Winning Souls.

Nothing! Every Department you belong to, there is nothing you are doing there than to ensure that you are Winning Souls.

If you want to sing in the Choir, you can only sing when People are in the Church!

You can only usher People in to the Church when they come!

Soul Winning is our Primary Assignment.

When Jesus Christ was going He said, the only Assignment I have for you is, “Go ye into world: Preach the Gospel, win Souls, Disciple them, and let them remain.”

It doesn’t matter what has taken our attention, as long as Soul Winning is not part of it; the Lord is still crying. When are we going to get back to the track?

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, that Fresh Fire will fall upon us, before the end of this Conference – Amen.


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1. The Bible says, “with God all things are Possible.”

Do you believe that? – Yes,

Meaning What?

That by the Year 2032, we will even be far above Forty 40 Million, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

2. And the Bible says, “all things are Possible to them that believeth.”

And we are Believers.

If you hear anybody saying “it is not Possible.” Ask the fellow: “Are you a Believer in the first instance?” Because all things are Possible to him that believeth.

We believe, and it will happen, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

3. The Bible also says, “All things are Possible to them who are United.”

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is a Family; we are connected together – We are connected by Covenant, we are under the same Covenant.

This is a Big Family: we are United, and the Bible says, whatever we desire to do according to Genesis 11:6; it shall be Possible, and no one can stop us.



And this takes us to our First Love, which we have just talked about.

The Vision is a Call to our First Love – So that we begin to get desperate for Souls as we used to be.

And the First Love of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is Passion for Souls. Hunger for souls. And that is where God is taking us to now: that anywhere we go we win Souls.

Daddy GO told us that when he is being invited to a Place; as long as they will give him Microphone, even if it’s for five (5) Minutes, he wants to win Souls.

It doesn’t matter the gathering – It could be any Social Gathering, it could be anywhere.

At the end of the day, his determination to attend is because he wants to go there and win Souls.

That should become our Passion!

If that becomes our Passion, that target will be achieved far before Year 2032.

May God restore our First Love, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!


There are several things, but I will just take the Summary:

1. The first thing is AWARENESS:

I Thank God that several of us inclusive those reading now on, we have heard about it. We have known about it.

The next thing is, it should become Part and Parcel of us, so that we can also be the instrument that God will use to create the Awareness for everybody in our Churches.

Let every Members bear the burden; carry the Vision and know that this is the Core Duty now – Awareness!

Several People will be going around Advertising VISION 2032. All we are saying is that in our Churches, let there be a Deliberate Awareness. I mean, do something.

You can Print Banners, Fliers, do anything to ensure that every Members of the Church is aware of it.


2. And then we have DIRECTIONAL GROWTH.

Directional Growth – We have the Vertical Growth and we also have the Horizontal Growth.


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When you are talking about the Vertical Growth, you are talking about Church Multiplying.

It is the Multiplication of our Parishes – There is what we call “Operation 1:1:1”

I want to explain what I mean by 1:1:1

Daddy GO said, every Born Again Member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG):

As long as the fellow is Born Again; he should be able to win at least one (1) Soul in Thirty (30) days that will be established in the Church.

So the Drive that we have now is to ensure that every Workers, every Ministers, every Members drives this Passion of at least winning one (1) Soul in Thirty (30) days – one Month!

Even if the fellow will Pray, Fast, do anything within Thirty (30) days, every Members should be able to add a Soul to the Church.

How do we get this one done? There are Strategies here:

The first thing is that our Services should be Eventful and Purposeful.

You know, our Members – They want to bring People to Church. But we must be able to create events that will allow them to invite their friends.

And this Places a lot of responsibilities on the Pastors, on the Ministers, that you know what will happen in your Church.

In the Month of August for example, you know what will happen every Sunday.

You have the Theme for every Month; you have the Theme for next Month (September) and you know what will happen every Sunday.

You can do a lot – Print Flyers, do a lot of things.

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So the Members of the Church would know, next Sunday is Healing Service and so they can bring People.

Our Services must be Eventful, Purposeful – “What do I want to achieve this Sunday?” I want every sick Person to be healed!

And so the Prayer Squad would have been Praying towards that direction.

The Choir would choose Songs in that way.

And everybody would work towards the same thing.

But when the Pastor chooses the Topic on Saturday morning or Saturday Evening; sometimes, early morning d the Sunday;


– The Pastor is talking about “God will Heal you;

– The Choir is singing “Heavenly Home”;

Everything is just going different ways, because there is no Purpose.

Please be Purposeful: Sit down; the Month of August for example is “Beyond Expectations” – That is the Theme.

Then break it down – The first Sunday, the Second Sunday, the Third Sunday, the Fourth Sunday.

And then you can now know what you want to achieve those Sundays, that will make your Members to be able to invite People to Church.

And as they come, they have come for Healing but they will come and meet Christ. They will get saved. They can come for anything!

Whatever they have come for, the first thing is to introduce them to Christ.

And so we have to work on our Services, and we have to be deliberate about it.

And then, we have to engage the Supernatural Manifestation of the Power of God – This has been the cry of our father-in-the-Lord:


– That we’ll not be Ordinary Ministers;

– We must be Ministers who believe in the Power of Prayers;

– Ministers we believe in the Bible that we Preach.

Ministers who believe that this God is the same Yesterday and Today and (when?) For ever! He had done it before and He can do it again.

Supernatural Manifestation of the Presence of God! – He is more than ready to manifest in our Services. All He is looking for is for us to be able to trust Him.

And during this Conference, I believe that Fresh Anointing will come upon every one of us – Amen!

Such that in our Services: there will be Miracles, Healing and all kind of Wonders – Amen.

Why do People come to the Holy Ghost Services at the Redeemed City of God despite the traffic jam and everything?

It is because they see the Power of God; they see the Anointing of God.

You come and you hear that somebody just went to the Hospital, and in one (1) day three (3) dead bodies were raised!

How would you not go for such Meetings again?

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, those Testimonies would begin to happen in our Parishes – Amen.

I didn’t hear a louder Amen – Amen!

Supernatural Manifestation! God s more than enough.

The people said, “we have never seen it in this fashion before.”

People are not after Story-Telling now; they are tired of Stories. They want to see that God that we have been talking about, to manifest His Power.

Apostle Paul said, “my Preaching is not in the enticing words of Man’s Wisdom: but in the Demonstration of the Spirit.”

Daddy GO said, in every of our Services, we should lay hand on People.

Meaning what? Every Service there should be Miracles; there should be Wonders – There should be Manifestations of the Power of God.

Let People know that this is not an Ordinary Church – This is a Church with Covenant and the God of Heaven is with us!

All we need is Faith – You are not the one that will healed, you are not the one that will deliver. He is the Deliverer, He is the Healer.

He is just looking for Someone who can believe enough in Him and declare!

Because the Bible says, He is the One that confirmeth the Word of God Servant, and Performs the Counsel is His Messengers.

… But what if His Messenger does not even have any Counsel?

The Lord will lay His hand upon us, we will leave this Minister’s Conference; and Signs and Wonders will begin to follow us, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

Then we need to Prepare People – Prepare them for the following Sunday.

Announce in the Service: “Oh, next Sunday is going to be Great, it’s going to be Wonderful. If you come here next Sunday there will be Healing, there will be this.”

People will be eager to come to the next Sunday Service.

I have seen a Ministry; every Sunday there will be Flyers for the following Sunday. And as you are going, they are turning you automatically to an Evangelist.

Let’s be Purposeful; let’s put hunger in People to attend our Services.




We have to be intentional about Follow-up.

Statistics have shown that several People attend our Services, but many People don’t stay.

Aggressive Follow-up on the New Comers is very, very, important!



We should also use the Power of House Fellowship.

House Fellowship is closer to People, let’s invest in it.

If we can use that instrument, it will Multiply our Church Beyond our Expectations.

House Fellowship that has become big can be upgraded into a Parish. And it will amaze us how they will grow.

All we need is to train those Leaders and let them know: they are not just there for the Members of the Church, but for everybody in their Community.

So that the Fellowship can grow – Not only with the Members of the Church, but with the People in the environment. It’s a Vital tool.



We should use it as a means of gathering People.

Jesus Christ said, you follow me I will make you a Fisher of men.

And Fishermen use Baits and hooks – Fish will look for the bait, but will end up in the hook.

When you do this CSR, all you are doing is that you are bringing People into the Church.

Sometimes they just come and eat.

But before they come to eat, you have Prepared Sermons for their Salvation:

– How they will come and they will not return the same;

– How they will come and they will be Healed.

So when People come to eat, you have Prayed on the food, you have Prepared your Sermon. And you will offer them Salvation first! If not they will eat your food and just go away.

Because food does not save; it is the Word of God that you Share that will save them. And the Prayer invested into those activities.



Daddy GO has said that we should be going out – If not twice, at least once in a Month for Go-a-Fishing.

And I want you to Please Note that one – Every Month you are to go out to go and win Souls. The Go-a-Fishing should now be Monthly.

Meaning what? You are going to win Souls, establish Churches, and grow the Churches. And ensure that the First Timers are being retained. Our Converts are being retained!

And not only that, we have to be Intentional in moving Parishes that are below fifty (50) to hundred. And those that are below one hundred to two hundred (200) – Very, very important!

There are several of our Parishes that are below hundred:

Eighty five Percent (85%) of our Parishes are below one hundred (100) Membership.

All these Parishes can grow to one hundred – We can be intentional about it.

God has Promised that He is with us. And He will surprise us, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.



Every Target that you are being given, Please run with that Target.


And finally, the last thing I will talk about is Planting of Parishes Brethren – That is the Horizontal Growth.

The Vertical Growth is when your Church is Multiplied. But then, we need to spread everywhere.

Let’s go and be intentional to occupy the Event Centers, Hotels and everywhere that we can occupy.

We have done it in time past, and we can do it again.

Let’s go and occupy everywhere we can occupy – Let’s spread everywhere. And with that we know that the Church of God will grow.

And the Church Planting should be deliberate, such that every Church that is Planted will not be less than one hundred (100) Members.

That is what we call a Unit.

All we are just saying today is that, we have heard of all these things;

– It’s time for the Manifestation;

– It’s time for us to work towards it;

– It’s time to go and win souls!

Let’s leave this Convention and become Soul Winners. And the Reward is there!

The Bible says if we do that, He will answer our Prayers. He will hear us. He says:

… That ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my Name, he may give it you – John 15:16

You don’t need to Labour in Prayers. Go and Labour to Win Souls; and you’ll see that delay giving way, Miracles Pursuing you because you are making God happy.


And I am Praying for everyone here inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC;

In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, as you go forth and do this, the Heaven will Reward you – Amen.

… I didn’t hear a louder Amen – Amen!

I said, the Almighty God will Reward you!

You will not miss your Reward, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

And by the Special Grace of God, if you do well, Daddy GO will also Reward you.

And I believe God for everyone here inclusive those reading now , you will Succeed, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Everybody saying Amen: you will be Part of the VISION 2032.

You will be alive to Witness it!

The Lord will use you!

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, 2032 you will be alive with the Success Story.

So shall it be, in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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