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Pastor Alph LUKAU Live Sunday 2019 AMI

Pastor Alph Lukau | Sunday 8 December 2019 AMI LIVE

Pastor Alph Lukau
Praise & Worship Sunday Pastor Alph Lukau Live

Pastor Alph Lukau
Pastor Alph Lukau is a South African pastor who founded Alleluia Ministries International in 2002. The church has grown significantly since then and now boasts hundreds of thousands of members across many branches in several countries like South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Europe and even in South America.
The man of God is reported to be able to heal any kind of illness brought before him. In fact, the man of God himself claimed that he could raise the dead.

According to Alleluia Ministries’ website, Pastor Lukau is also a Bible scholar, coach, mentor, and spiritual father to many followers.
The rich pastor who uses his God given riches for charity is also known for is expensive lifestyle. He is known for his expensive style and love for luxurious
In addition, he is an entrepreneur. His wife, Celeste Lukau, serves with him in his Johannesburg-based church. The couple reportedly donate to charity regularly.

In one of his services, the spirit of GoLukau.. Pastor Alph Lukau to a lady named Yvonne who was visiting Alleluia Ministries for the 3rd time. God revealed to the Man of God that there was a marine spirit operating in her life and that this covenant was established before she was born and she was therefore married under water. Pastor Alph Lukau also revealed that there was a fish inside her body. She confirmed that the revelation was true because she had been to doctors who saw this fish through a scan! They even operated her but did not find this fish, instead they removed fibroids! God punish the devil!
That spirit had vowed that she will never marry, it sleeps with her regularly and because of its manipulation, she attracts all the wrong men, either they are married or they waste her time!
Family, whatever man cannot do for you, God will do it for you! The Man of God prayed and delivered her from that foul spirit! He prophesied that God would release her and that she will get married, have children and begin to see elevation in her place of employment. The man she will marry will be a Pastor and businessman born in 1977. God does not make mistakes. He speaks with precision and accuracy. We look forward to her testimony in the name of Jesus!
May every power of the enemy in your life be broken in the name of Jesus!
May your life be free!
May everything you lost in your life come back in the name of Jesus! As the anointing oil falls on you, may every covenant that was entered into with or without your knowledge be destroyed in the name of Jesus!
South African pastor and General overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, Alph Lukau, is said to be the richest pastor in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1billion. Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) has TENS OF THOUSANDS of members in Africa, Europe, and South America.
May God do SOMETHING NEW in your life before 2018 is over.
Alph Lukau.
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May God do SOMETHING NEW in your…
Pastor Alph Lukau

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Sunday 2 September 2018 Pastor 247devotionals.com Alph Lukau AMI LIVESTREAM

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Prophetic Moments Teaching & Healing Service Sept 2018 Pastor Alph Lukau

Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU – Unbelievable! A Man’s Manhood Destroyed

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Live Stream Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday
Prophetic Moments Teaching & Healing Service Friday Sept 2018 Pastor Alph Lukau



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Live Streaming Holy Ghost Service with Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday

Alleluia Ministries International has TENS OF THOUSANDS of members in Africa, Europe, and South America. Alleluia Ministries International Live Streaming

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Live Sunday Sermon with Pastor Alph Lukau

pastor alph lukau house

Alleluia Ministries International has TENS OF THOUSANDS of members in Africa, Europe, and South America. Celebration Service with Pastor Alph Lukau  LIVESTREAM

In the past, the Pastor has come under fire for allegedly claiming to heal fake, dying patients. On his social media, he posted images of “dead” clients laying in hospital beds and then him bring them “back to lie.”

“There is NO sickness that Jehovah Rapha cannot heal. Is it HIV, is it cancer? Diabetes, arthritis, high/low blood, paralysis or back pains? There is nothing He cannot do. He lifted this woman from her bed of death as doctors had sent her home with no solution. Your solution is found in Jesus,” he boasted. Social media swarmed him and told him to cut it out. Alleluia Ministries International Live Streaming

The scandal obviously didn’t hurt his career, and he has since become a billionaire, and he is not shy about flaunting his wealth. His works will come under immense scrutiny, and people will be looking to him to share the wealth with that less fortunate Celebration

Service with Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday 23/09/2018 AMI LIVESTREAM

Live Stream Sermon with Pastor Alph Lukau | Celebration

Alleluia Ministries International Live Streaming

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  1. When God lift a man with great power and authority we should celebrate his deed that of truth.May God bless such kind of people that we can see the truth fruit in them without doubt.

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