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Operation Reach for the Stars Winners Churche worldwide

Operation Reach for the Stars Winners Churches worldwide

Operation Reach for the Stars Winners Churches worldwide
Operation Reach for the Stars Winners Churches worldwide

We recognize that every child of God is
redeemed a star after the order of Christ
– Rev. 22:16/ Jhn 17:18
But there is what we must do to cause our star to
shine forth – Mat. 5:14-16
Among others, we discover that wisdom is what
makes stars in the kingdom, as we saw in the
following examples:
· Joseph – Gen. 41:15-16/37-44
· Daniel – Dan. 2:16-46/ Dan. 6:1-3/28
· David – Psa. 19:7-11/ Psa. 119:97-100
· Solomon – 1 Kgs 3:3-12/ 1 Kgs 4:29-34
· Paul – 2 Pet. 3:15/ Act 19:14-15
· Christ our perfect example is the wisdom and the
power of God–1Cor.1:24/Mat. 13:54
However, according to scriptures, among others, he
that wins souls is wise and the wise shall inherit
glory – Pro. 11:30/ Pro. 3:35
God is committed to make stars out of believers
who are dedicated to seeing people brought into
the kingdom in their numbers.
This is why I believe, there shall be the rise of an
army of giants from this Church, the kind the world
has never seen in terms of numbers from one
But as I have often said here, “there is no star
without a scar and the scar of every star is sacrifice
– Phi. 2:9-11
July 4-31, 2022
–Dan. 12:3
for the STARS
We also discover that global impact is the lot of only
those who are willing to stretch themselves towards
kingdom advancement endeavours as driven by
their passion for God” . – Luk.12:49-50/Jhn 18:37
We must therefore endeavour to step up our
kingdom advancement endeavours from diligence
to dedication and from dedication to sacrifice,
which is sure to cause our star to break forth as
There shall be raw confirmation of the prophetic
word from Daniel, as it is written, “And they that be
wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;
and they that turn many to righteousness as the
stars for ever and ever”. (Dan. 12:3)
Furthermore, prophetically, the midst of the year is
ordained a season of revival and at the same time,
a season of the rise of giants– Hab. 3:1-2/17-19
As we all know, the midst of the year is made up of
the months of June and July, so we look forward for
a time of divine visitation that will lead to our
supernatural transformation, both as a Church and
as individuals
To this end, for the month of July, beginning from
Monday 3rd to Sunday 31st we shall be embarking
on Operation Reach for the Stars across our
Churches worldwide.
There shall be massive turnaround testimonies in
return, and many among us shall be turned to
testimonials as a result of our sacrificial order of
engagement in this season
As we all know, our kingdom advancement
endeavours include a passionate drive towards
salvation of souls, praying kingdom advancement
prayers, and commitment to seeing our new
converts established in the faith and in this Church,
among others.
May each one receives the grace to reach God’s
benchmark of many in our soul winning
endeavours this month in the name of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is Lord!

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