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Instagram Video: A Complete Guide

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Instagram Video: A Complete Guide

Video content has taken a new shape in terms of consumption. In the last year, it has shown a significant rise in the entertainment world. Netizens are inclining more towards video content. All major platforms, including social media sites, have now understood its significance and are coming up with the latest features in the video category itself.

Instagram Video: A Complete Guide

Instagram Video: A Complete Guide

Instagram is not at all behind in providing a seamless experience through their different video types and features. Today, on Instagram, you will find that most of the brands are available and try their best to showcase the brand value and product offerings through video content. Individuals, too, are coming up with very creative and thought-provoking video ideas on Instagram.

Here in this blog, we will guide you for your next video content on Instagram. From video types to best practices, you will find a complete guide in this blog. So, let’s begin!

Types of Instagram Video

At present, you will find a total of 5 different types of Instagram videos. Each type has its specification, and each one serves a different purpose. So, here is a quick view of all these types of videos found on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Feed Videos

Feed videos on Instagram are since 2013. One can see feed videos in their Instagram Feed section. Companies use these videos to share and promote their planned video content. These videos can either be vertical, horizontal or square, depending on the need. Check this out.

  1. Instagram Story

Launched in 2016, it is similar to Snapchat stories. These are vertical short-duration videos that are generally used to showcase the company’s more personal side or an individual. Brands use these videos to connect personally to their followers on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Live

With Instagram Live, one can broadcast a live video on Instagram, enabling followers to watch and comment in real-time. These are uncut, spontaneous videos used for sharing live updates or connecting to followers in real-time.

  1. IGTV

IGTV was launched in 2018 to meet the increasing demands of video content. It’s a channel where individuals or brands can upload regular content of longer duration for their Instagram followers. It’s a great feature as it reduces the limits of video length, which you face in-feed videos.

  1. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the latest video feature launched by Facebook. After the ban of Tik Tok in many countries, including India, Facebook felt the need for something similar to TikTok, which can drive TikTok users to Instagram, so they launched Instagram Reels. Here, you can create and edit short, fun video content, including cool transitions, effects, and awesome tools. It has all the features which you will find on TikTok or any similar app.

Instagram Video Best Practices

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Every video on Instagram serves a purpose. So, your video must be up to the mark and engaging. Few things should be considered while posting a video on Instagram:

  1. It should tell stories

For brands particularly, videos should be unique and storytelling. Keeping in view your followers and Instagram algorithm, create such videos that are appealing and engaging. People should relate to your videos, your brand. If you can do that, then you will, for sure, build a loyal fan following on Instagram through video content itself.

  1. Post Videos in Series

If you have a great idea for your next video content, then don’t put all of them in a single video but create a series of videos. You can make your videos in episodes and can post it on your IGTV. This will keep your followers’ excitement alive for your next video and will also help increase video traffic.

  1. Put a Teaser Video First

Creating a teaser video for your video content is always considered a best practice. Teasers create a buzz among the audience, and they get a taste of your next video content. Now, making a teaser video is super easy. You can make a premium, high-quality teaser video for your next video project online on cloud-based video editors such as InVideo in minutes.

  1. Cross-promote Your Videos

There are different video formats on Instagram alone; you can use these formats to cross-promote your video in Stories, IGTV, or even on Live. If you came up Live on Instagram, make sure you post that video on your Stories so that people who missed your Live video can see that later. You can also promote your videos on all your social media handles, blogs, and even emails.

  1. Include Subtitles in Your Video

Including subtitles on Instagram videos is another great practice you should do. It helps reach your video to those audiences for whom a particular language is a barrier and stops them from consuming your content on Instagram. It will build credibility and deliver a message to your non-native audiences that you care for them.

  1. Show Behind the Screen Scenes

Once your video is out on Instagram, build a personal relationship with your followers by showing them behind the screen scenes. This will help you communicate your brand with your followers and help create an intimate connection with your audience.


As you can see, there are different types of video format Instagram supports. You can wisely use these different formats for your video content, depending upon your content requirement, your message you want to deliver via your video content. You need to plan your goals for the video content on Instagram, then shoot video accordingly considering your message and your followers, edit it accordingly and then post it on your account. If your message is clear, then for sure, it will reach your followers, and they will like it.

Instagram is flooded with videos, so to stand out, you need to be selective in your video content. It should be unique and creative, and your followers should relate to those videos.

Be unique in your ideas, and do something great!

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