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Eternity Network International (ENI) APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN

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INTIMACY I PARTNERSHIP I FELLOWSHIP – Eternity Network International (ENI)

  • Abuja Address: Chida Event Centre, Utako, Jabi District. , Abuja, Nigeria
  • Phone: 0814 721 4444
  • Email: info@koinoniaglobal.org
  • Founder: ENI was founded by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak in 2011.
  • Location: ENI is headquartered at Chida Event Centre, Utako district, Abuja, Nigeria, and has branches in Kaduna State and Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Membership: ENI has over 25,000 members.
  • Programmes: ENI has various programmes, including Koinonia, a weekly evangelic ministry, and ENI School of Ministry, a six-month biblical ministry that mentors young people.
  • Vision: ENI’s vision is to “replicate the fullness of God’s life on earth.”
  • Mission: ENI’s mission is to seek and save the lost, equip and perfect saints, demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit, and reveal the wealth of the kingdom and finance God’s end-time agenda.

About Eternity Network International (ENI)

ENI- is a non-denominational Christian ministry founded by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak. ENI is headquartered in Zaria, Nigeria, and it is dedicated to the spiritual growth and empowerment of believers worldwide.


ENI’s mission is to equip Christians with practical teachings and resources to deepen their relationship with God, understand the Scriptures, and walk in the fullness of their purpose and destiny. The ministry emphasizes the importance of prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, and the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

Apostle Joshua Selman, as the founder and lead teacher of ENI, delivers dynamic and impactful messages through conferences, seminars, retreats, and online platforms. His teachings focus on various aspects of Christian living, including personal development, leadership principles, kingdom dynamics, and the power of faith.

ENI also hosts regular programs such as the School of Ministry (SOM), where participants receive in-depth training in biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry skills. Additionally, the ministry provides resources such as audio messages, books, and articles to support believers in their spiritual journey.

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Through its activities and initiatives, Eternity Network International seeks to inspire believers to live purpose-driven lives, impact their communities positively, and contribute to the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth.

About Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman is a renowned Nigerian preacher, televangelist, and founder of the Eternity Network International (ENI), a non-denominational ministry founded in Zaria, Nigeria, with a Base in Abuja and other parts of the World. He is widely known for his dynamic preaching style, profound teachings on spiritual growth, and insightful revelations into the Word of God.

Selman’s ministry focuses on equipping believers with practical tools and understanding to deepen their relationship with God, activate spiritual gifts, and live victorious lives. He often addresses topics such as prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God.

Apostle Selman is also recognized for his emphasis on the importance of personal development, character building, and leadership principles rooted in biblical values. His teachings have inspired millions of people around the world to pursue a deeper intimacy with God and fulfill their divine purpose.

Through conferences, seminars, podcasts, and online resources, Apostle Joshua Selman continues to impact lives globally, empowering believers to experience spiritual transformation and walk in the fullness of God’s purpose for their lives.


  • I speak over you according to 2 Corinthians 9:8; every dimension of grace it will take for your life to command fearful result in this season; may that unction rest upon you, your family, spouse, business, ministry, children, and works of your hands in the name of Jesus.
  • I speak over your life; the power that fights your remaining, your reputation and destiny goes down for your sake.
  • It will be good news all the days of your life. From one stride after another, one result after another. You will never plateau in destiny and life .
  • In your relationships, finances, word study and character, prayer life; go forward!!
  • Extraordinary Wisdom rests upon you.
  • The power of the Holy Ghost causing you to walk in extraordinary dimensions, let it rest upon you.
  • Wealth by your value and by true relationships, let it gravitate towards you. Men will arise to help you and your children.
  • Every spirit assigned to cut short your life; both the human and spirit agents go down for your sake.

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