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BIBLE TEXT: 2 Samuel 9:1-13; Luke 6:35,36; Ephesians 4:32
Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else (1 Thessalonians 5:15, NIV).
To help the child understand that God wants and expects him/her to be kind to people even to those who do not deserve to receive kindness from him/her.
During and after the lesson, each child will show that he/she understands the lesson by:
1. Identifying ways God has shown kindness to him/her and how he/she can show kindness to someone within the week.
2. Asking God to help him/her show kindness to others, even those who do not show kindness to him/her.
1. David Remembers His Promise – 2 Samuel 9:1-5
2. David Is Kind to Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 9:6-13
3. Following God’s Example – Luke 6:35, 36; Ephesians 4:32
Mephibosheth became lame when he was five years as a result of an accident he had. He was Prince Jonathan’s son and King Saul’s grandson. Jonathan, his father, was David’s very good friend. Because Jonathan’s father was afraid of David, he hated him and wanted very much to kill him. Jonathan and his father had died when the Israelites were fighting with the Philistines. It was after their death that David became the king of Israel. One day David decided to show kindness to someone from the family of the man who did everything to kill him.
Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit every believer should have. it is easy to show kindness to those who love us and are kind to us, but it is difficult to show the same kindness to people who hate us and people who are unkind to us.
1. David Remembers His Promise – 2 Samuel 9: 1-5
David had forgotten the promise he made to his friend Jonathan many years back. He had promised Jonathan that he would show kindness to him and his family. Now that he is settled, he wanted to fulfil that promise. But he did not know where Jonathan’s children were. He did not even know whether they were still alive. So David began to ask questions. He asked people whether anyone was left in the house of Saul so that he could show kindness to such a person for the sake of Jonathan his friend.
In response to his question, David was told that a servant of Saul called Ziba was still there. David sent for him. And when he came, the king asked him if anyone was left in the family of Saul, the former king of Israel. Ziba said that the only person left was a cripple son of Jonathan called Mephiboshet. David told Ziba to go and bring him. Ziba left and did as he was commanded.
2. David Is Kind to Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 9:6-13
When Mephibosheth was brought before King David, he bowed down to the King in reverence. He was afraid, as he did not know why the king sent for him. He must have known that his grandfather wronged David greatly because of the hatred he had for him. And in those days, kings often killed the family members of their enemies. They did this in order to protect themselves and their kingdom. So he told him not to be afraid. He told him that he was going to show him kindness for the sake of Jonathan, his father. Then he announced to Mephibosheth that he would give him back all the land that belonged to his grandfather Saul. In addition, he would live in the Palace with him and eat from his table every day.
Mephibosheth could not believe it. He bowed again to the king and thanked him for the good he said he would do to him. Then David told Ziba that he and his Sons should work for Mephibosheth and serve him. Ziba agreed and went home while Mephibosheth remained in Jerusalem in David’s palace.
3. Following God’s Example – Luke 6:35, 36; Ephesians 4:32
Here Jesus told His disciples something about the kindness of God. He said that God is kind to everybody, both to the thankful and to the unthankful and evil. He is also merciful. Therefore, the disciples, and of course, every Christian should imitate God and love their enemies. They should do good things to everybody. They should lend to people not even hoping for anything in return. They should be merciful as God is merciful. Jesus said that when His people do this, He would reward them greatly and they would be called the sons of the Most High God.
According to Paul in Ephesians 4:32, God’s people should be kind to one another. They should have tender feeling towards people. They should follow God’s example and forgive just as He did for them for the sake of Christ.
The kindness of David is an example for us to follow today. We should be filled with kindness toward everybody including those who are hard to love. If we serve God faithfully in this area, we would be pointing others to Christ through our lives.
Someone has said that “there is no better way to be a good witness for Jesus than to show kindness to each other, to refuse to pay back evil for evil, and to do good to those who wrong us. If we live this way, it will prove to others that we truly love Jesus. It won’t always be easy, but we don’t have to rely on our strength alone. The Holy Spirit has promised to be our guide and give us strength we need to be faithful witnesses, showing kindness by word and deed”.
1. What promise did David make to his friend Jonathan many years back?
(A) To repay Jonathan the evil things king Saul had done to him.
(B) To forget everything about Jonathan and his father, Saul.
(C) That he would show kindness to him and his family.
2. Who was the only person left in Saul’s family?
(A) Ziba, the servant of Jonathan.
(B) Nobody was left in the house of Saul.
(C) A cripple son of Jonathan called Mephiboshet.
(D) James and John.
3. How did Mephiboshet feel in the presence of David?
(A) He was happy that the king sent for him.
(B) He refused to honour the king’s invitation.
(C) He was afraid, as he did not know why the king sent for him.
(D) He had died before the king sent for him.
4. What did Jesus tell His disciples about the kindness of God?
(A) Only to thankful people.
(B) Only to unthankful people.
(C) to our parents and men of God.
(D)To the thankful and to the unthankful and evil people.
Mon: Benefits of Being Kind – Proverb 11:6-17
Tues: Be Kind to the Poor – Proverb 19:17
Weds: Love ls Kind – 1 Corinthians 13:4
Thurs: Put on Kindness – Colossians 3:12
Fri: Growing in Kindness – 2 Peter 1:5-7
Sat: Kindness: Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22

Support the Good work on this Blog Donate in $ God Bless you

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