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TREM New Year 2024 the Year of Great & Mighty Things!

TREM New Year 2024 the Year of Great & Mighty Things! post thumbnail image

TREM New Year 2024 the Year of Great & Mighty Things!

TREM New Year 2024 the Year of Great & Mighty Things!

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3 (KJV)

Dearly Beloved, welcome to the New Year 2024, the Year of Great & Mighty Things!
I declare that this operative Word will find expression in your life, in Jesus’ name, amen!
The Word of God is errorless, infallible, impregnable and authoritative, and it will not fall to the ground concerning you, in Jesus’ name, amen!
Receive Great & Mighty Things with joy!

Compliments of the Season. Happy New Year!!! I am so excited you made it to 2024 in spite of all that happened in 2023. Indeed, it is the doing of the Lord and marvelous in our sight. This Year, as I sought the face of the Lord concerning 2024, he said to me in clear terms that this is the Year of Great and Mighty Things. Hallelujah!!! You should be excited. Your spirit man should leap for joy. You should take a moment and have a celebration dance before the Lord because Great and Mighty Things are coming out of you.

You may be there thinking, how will it be? You may have looked at the economic horizon, read the various forecasts, looked at the various economic indices and felt it is impossible, but I have come to challenge you to start the Year with great expectation. Remember, like I have said repeatedly; expectation is the mother of miracles. You cannot receive what you do not expect. So expect Great Things this Year.

If you look at our text for today, Jeremiah was not in the ‘best’ of times when this Word came to him. It came when he was locked up in prison. Yet, God gave Him a Promise of Great and Mighty Things. That tells me that the promise is not about where you are now, but where God is taking you to. Like the song writer said, yesterday is gone, so please let it go. Stop holding on to your yesterday – Stop holding on to the past months, years, or decades. Realise that it is a new day and God is set to do Great and Mighty Things in your life. Stand firm on the Promise. Be excited at the Word. Be expectant and it will come to pass. I speak over your life today that it will come to pass. This Year, God will do incredible things in your life. Only believe.

Further Reading:
● Jer. 33: 1-4
Daily Bible Reading:
● Morning – Genesis 1-3;
● Evening – Matthew 1

Authored by:
Dr. Mike Okonkwo MFR
Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM)

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TREM, which stands for The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, is a vibrant and dynamic Christian church with a significant presence in Nigeria and various other countries. Founded by Bishop Mike Okonkwo, TREM is known for its commitment to spreading the gospel, empowering believers, and engaging in community outreach.

The church emphasizes spiritual growth, teaching biblical principles, and encouraging a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. TREM places great importance on worship, prayer, and the study of God’s Word as essential elements in the life of a believer.

One of the hallmarks of TREM is its focus on impacting society beyond the walls of the church. Through various initiatives and outreach programs, TREM engages in humanitarian efforts, educational support, healthcare programs, and social interventions aimed at improving the lives of individuals and communities.

TREM also hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops aimed at equipping believers with practical tools for personal and professional development. The church has a strong emphasis on leadership development and mentorship, seeking to raise leaders who positively impact their spheres of influence.

The worship services at TREM are vibrant and energetic, incorporating contemporary music and fervent praise and worship sessions. The sermons delivered by Bishop Mike Okonkwo and other anointed ministers often focus on practical application of biblical teachings to daily life, empowering believers to live purpose-driven lives.

Overall, TREM is known for its commitment to spiritual excellence, social impact, and empowering believers to make a difference in their communities. It serves as a place of spiritual growth, fellowship, and empowerment for many individuals seeking a deeper connection with God.

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