Taming a Wild and Wandering Mind By Joyce Meyer

Taming a Wild and Wandering Mind By Joyce Meyer

Webster’s dictionary defines the word wander as: “1. To move about aimlessly: ROAM. 2. To go by an indirect route or at no set pace: AMBLE. 3. To proceed in an irregular course or action: MEANDER…. 5. To think or express oneself unclearly or incoherently.” If your mind starts to “wander” while you are studying God’s Word, be persistent in keeping your mind on what you are doing. And be patient with yourself! The enemy wants us to constantly think that something is wrong with us, but the truth is, God made us…and everything He does is good!

 This Week’s Scripture: Joyce Meyer

Guard your steps and focus on what you are doing as you go to the house of God… Ecclesiastes 5:1 AMP

The Benefits of a Made-up Mind
Are you constantly answering with “I don’t know,” “It doesn’t matter,” or “I don’t care”? Learn how to overcome indecision.

Tip from  Joyce Meyer

“The present moment is the greatest gift we have from God, but if we are not present, we miss it.” – Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind

Study Suggestion: Joyce Meyer

Study God’s Word at increasing lengths of time, to see how long you can maintain focus. When your mind begins to wander, just come back to where you left off and begin again. If you just keep on trying, you will make noticeable strides in this area.

Taming a Wild and Wandering Mind By Joyce Meyer

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