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Shiloh 2019 Message David Oyedepo Day 1- Understanding Faith As the master key to a world of No limits

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Shiloh 2019 Message David Oyedepo

Shiloh 2019 Theme: Breaking Limits By David O. Oyedepo 3rd December 2019

Shiloh 2019 Online Broadcast

1 Samuel 3:21

It shall be your Shiloh of release: its a verdict of release at the end of every 7 years there shall be a release Deuteronomy 15:1

This the 21st Shiloh God has vowed to release you and terminate your slavery like Joseph

Prophetic word for Shiloh 2019 By Bishop David O. Oyedepo 

  • Psalms 105:18,  every impossible situation in your life is declared possible in Jesus Name
  • Your Joseph’s order of release is taking place in this mountain in Jesus’ name.
  • Many generational giants is rising from this mountain in Jesus name.
  • Shiloh 2019 shall be for you a mountain of testimony
  • It shall be for you a mountain of testimony 1 Samuel 1:9 In the name of Jesus Shiloh 2019 shall be a mountain of answers to questions
  • Shiloh 2019 shall be a Shiloh for Diverse word encounter
  • Shiloh 2019 shall be a Mountain of vision and revelations
  • At Shiloh 2019, You never get stranded again
  • Shiloh 2019 Shall be a mountain of baptism into the realm of no limits

In the precious name of Jesus Christ – So shall it be

Faith is a path to breaking Limits

Shiloh 2019 Online Broadcast
Shiloh 2019 Online Broadcast

Hebrews 11:33 Daniel 6:4 you can’t stand for God and end of a looser, don’t stand in the middle of the road it is a risk if you stand with God Stand with him fully and not halfway

John 14:12 from now everything that refuses you will begin to answer you now in Jesus name

Matthew 4:23, we have a heritage of no limits in Christ as you hear this Jesus He is healing all manner of sickness and disease.

From today those things that make people ask where is your God shall be changed to testimony in Jesus name

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Mark 9:23 Through faith Serah at 90 received strength to conceive Genesis 21:7, through faith the Red Seas Exodus 14:3 was parted. All the enemies after you shall drown in that Red sea you are going through in Jesus’ name.

Shiloh 2019 prophetic Prayer David Oyedepo Day 1

  1. Every impossible case around your life will be crushed in Jesus name
  2. Daniel 3:27 what consume others has no more power to consume you as your father is a consuming fire
  3. Tonight marks an exemption in your life in Jesus name
  4. Your life will never smell affliction again in Jesus’ name. That’s the No limit power of faith.

Until your faith fails your command remains in place. There is no irreversible case with faith John 11:40

Every death sentence on anyone’s life its reverted tonight in Jesus name

Whatever has been thought impossible in your life becomes a testimony in Jesus name

Mark 4:40 fear and faith can not work together its like light and darkness, no fear at all at all = great faith, 40 years now I have not fallen sick, and no devil can dare my path.

Faith is a master key to a world of unlimited impossibility.

First mystery – What kind of faith empower a believer into a world of No limit

  1. Redemption Rooted Faith: whatever is born of God overcometh the world 1 John 5:4

Many are struggling because they are running on an appropriated faith. They cannot put their finger on when they were saved. It can never be late to get it right Gehazi did not get it right though working with Elijah, so being in church does not make you a child of God

2 Corinthians 13:5 prove yourself to certify your salvation. What are the proves of redemption I my life?

John 3:3-7 Jesus said unless a man is born again he cannot enter into the kingdom. So you must be born again. The new birth is experiencing a transformation. You cannot practice it as a philosophy but you must have experience.

How do I know I am born again and what are the proves of new birth.

  1. Love – Your heart goes after God. This the first thing that happens Revelation 2:4
  2. The love for righteousness Psalms 45:7 your love for righteousness blossoms
  3. Supernatural Joy 1 Peter 1:8 every truly born again child of God is difficult to be depressed jealously guard your salvation 1 Corinthians 10:12
  4. Peace John 14:27 peace that passes all knowledge Philippians 4:7, you cannot buy it with money

It takes the above to prove your salvation

  1. Spiritual Understanding: Mark 4:41 you have a revelation of scripture New birth grants us ACCES to spiritual understanding


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