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Sermon for today by Joyce Meyer : You Have All the Faith You Need

Topic:You Have All the Faith You Need

I sometimes hear people say, “I just don’t have enough faith for that.” But the truth is that we all have all the faith we need
to do whatever God’s will is for us. “God has dealt to each one a measure of faith” (Romans 12:3 NKJV).

joyce meyer ministries
joyce meyer ministries

We all have faith, but the key to success is where we place it. If you put your
faith in you or in other people, you will be disappointed, but if you put it in God, you will be amazed at what He can do
through you.

When I sit down at the computer to start writing a new book, even though I have a subject in mind and have done some research, I still don’t know for sure what I am going to say.

Beginning is sometimes the most difficult. I sit there, look at the keys, then finally put my fingers on the keys and words begin to come to my heart. Then day after day and chapter after chapter, by faith I finally finish the book. I sigh in relief and satisfaction that another project is completed.

Faith requires that we step out. We must begin, and if what we are doing is God’s will, He will never fail to help us finish if we keep on in faith day after day.

You have faith, but it may need to grow, and that happens as you use it. Little faith can become great faith as you step
out on the promises of God. Peter was the only disciple who walked on water, but then he was only one who trusted God
enough to get out of the boat. Are you ready to stop merely having an idea of faith and begin taking steps of faith?

I think we all begin with the same amount of faith, but some people never use theirs so it never grows. As we take steps of faith to be obedient to God, we experience His faithfulness and our faith becomes strong.

Consider this story of a tightrope walker.
What is faith? One daredevil who was billed as the Great Blonden startled crowds with his death-defying stunts over Niagara Falls.

Pointing to the tightrope suspended over one area of Niagara Falls, this brave fellow would taunt the crowds that had gathered by saying, “Who believes that I can push this cart over the falls on the rope?” Hands shot up all over the crowds. The Great Blonden pointed at a man who had raised
his hand and challenged him: “If you really believe—get in!”

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There were no takers. God says to get in if we mean business.
A man fell off a cliff but managed to grab a tree limb on the way down. The following conversation ensued:
“Is anyone up there?”
“I am here. I am the Lord. Do you believe in me?”
“Yes, Lord, I believe. I really believe, but I can’t hang on much longer.”
“That’s all right. If you really believe you have nothing to worry about, I will save you. Just let go of the branch.”

A moment of pause, then: “Is anyone else up there?”
Are you committed to living by faith, or are you merely talking about faith? Faith is in us, but it must be released, and that is done by praying, saying, and taking action. Prayer carries our faith-filled requests before the throne of God andHe answers.

Pray boldly, for He is able to do more than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 4:16).
What is in your heart will come out of your mouth. Pay attention to what you are saying, and it will often help you discover how much faith you truly have. A man or woman of faith can still speak positively about a situation even when the
circumstances have not changed.

A person may have listened to hundreds of Bible teachings on faith, but I can tell whether or not they truly have faith just by listening to them for a little
while. Words in agreement with God’s Word will release faith and allow it to go to work in the supernatural realm.

Taking action releases faith. When I sit at the computer and put my hands on the keys I am taking action. I am
releasing my faith and God shows up. That would not work for someone who has no gift to write, but even though I do have a
gift, I still must begin and in faith continue throughout the process.

When Peter got out of the boat, his action proved that he had faith in God’s Word when he heard Jesus say, “Come.” Is
God asking you to do something and you’re waiting to feel safe?

If so, that isn’t faith. In order to do or have greater things, we are usually required to let go of what we have and head into the unknown. God told Abraham to leave his country, his home, and his relatives and go to a land that God would show him after he started on his way. He had to leave, not
knowing where he was going. That is faith!

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