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I Enlarge – Not by Power, not by Might but by the Spiritt of the Living God (Amen).

Let Us Pray!


To God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit – Today, Standing on this Altar, we stand on your Mountain Oh God of Transformation for a re-configuration of the Great Grace You have appointed to us, to bring us through Oh God to the Place I’m standing of Greatness.

Greatness not in our own Strength but Greatness as Strengthened in our own.

We decree by Your Strength that has been made Perfect in our Hope that makes us not ashamed.

Today, Lord God Almighty, in this Convention Last Day, we receive the Blessings of the First Fruit adoring by the Appointment of Heaven as it came upon the Valley of Dry Bones – We received it.

And let every Word that has gone forth, come forth into our Life right now – Visit Foundations and re-arrange the Desolations so that what has been in Lamentation shall become a Celebration of Testimony and Announcement by this word Command: Enlarge.

Father I bless You, I Thank You as a daughter and a Product of this Altar.

Today, as I speak, let me speak Oh God by the Unction of the Father and Mother of Faith of our Commission – Our father and mother in the Lord; Daddy and Mummy GO (Adeboye) and all the Great Pastors for this International and Expression of this Word – May it go forth into lives, into Destinies, into Communities and above all for the Kingdoms in all Nations of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Youths of this Nation in Jesus Name I Pray – Amen!

Whatever in your Life that has been seeking and asking; today the Lord has appointed you through me; a Word that speaks by Breadth that which comes alive again!

When Jesus Christ was with Jairus and they brought the Report to Him that his daughter was no longer between Life and Death but confirmed Dead – He said: “Only Believe”.

Today, the Charge for Enlarge is that you will “Only Believe” – She is only Sleeping.

Whatever that situation is – It looks Dead, you have “Given Up”, there seems to be “No Way Going Forward”.

But the Lord has appointed by this Word, by this Pronouncement: Enlarge; you shall rise up – Amen!

Even as that Valley of Dry Bones have Testimony, raise up a Great Exceeding Army – The Lord has appointed unto you a rising in the Place where you had been Set Apart, Marginalised, Condemned and Confirmed Dead – Amen!

The Confirmation is a Contradiction of that by which the God of Israel and by which the God of the Nation and of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has appointed unto you.

It is a Legislation by Heaven and it is a decree Enlarged.

I have Titled this Message: “THE CRY OF A GENERATION”.

Because this word Enlarge shall be your cry.

Because it shall be a Testament – Not a Cry of Lamentation but a Cry of Commandment that has come.

And for you, that Enlargement has been sent for your Destiny – For the Path of the Just shine Brighter and Brighter to a more Perfect Day, to a more Greater Enlargement of the Perfection of God; in the work of whatever your seemingly Imperfection, your seemingly Limitation may be.

The Lord that has taken you out to set you up and to set you above and to set you on High; that you may at His Praise becomes a Testimony of IYC 2023 – Enlarge!

I Prophesy to you that whatever you are, by whatever Name they named you before you came here; by the time you leave here, you are leaving with a different Size, different Capacity distinct Audacity – Amen!

ALso see; open-heaven-1-november-2023

You are leaving and you are rising – You will leave, and you will thrive – Amen

You will rise, you will Shine and you will keep Shinning unto a more Perfect Day because the Enlargement that has started here today, shall not cease in your Life – Amen!

How do I know? Why do I speak this so Confidently?

Because I am a Product of this Altar.

Thirty (30) years ago – It was my Privilege even as I was Privilege to stand before you Excellencies of the Most High God of a New Generation.

It was my Generation as a Youth back then and somewhere just by the Main Gate, as you come in; there was a Place there and I cried a Cry as a Youth, thirty (30) years ago.

I said Oh God, I don’t just want to be Ordinary, I want to be Extraordinary.

I believed on You, I have come to You, I have been a Ridicule among my family and friends.

Oh God, make me a Miracle – Give me Oh God such an “Extent of Grace” that there shall be no doubting that this one has been Enlarged by the Most High God.

When I heard Daddy GO saying during the Plenary 10 of Day 4 Evening that you will no longer be a Master Mathematician but you will become Exponential in Settling my Own Mathematics of Destinies.


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And he said that I don’t want to be Ordinary, I don’t want to be one of the others. But I want to be the one that does nor need a Card to get to a Presidential Invitation.

And I Pray for you today and even as you read now on the Label of DMC and I Prophesy – As the Lord has done it for me and I have been a Testimony; so that the Tops of my Mountain are seen all around the world.

I’m just arriving now from United Nations.

I speak to you – Above United Nations; you are a Nation, you are a Generation. You will speak to Kings and Queens of Kingdoms, they will bless you and you shall be by the Appointment of Enlargement!

ALso see; report-of-the-rccg-governing-council-meeting-for-the-rccg-71st-annual-convention-2023-and-other-announcements

… Like I said it – It is my Testimony!

Let us look at 1 Chronicles 4:10 – And  called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted  that which he requested.

And I Prayed that Prayer as Jabez Prayed that Prayer.

But he did not Pray that Prayer as a “Casual Prayer” – He Prayed it as a “Serious Prayer” that causes a Change in him in his DNA, in its Constitution so that his Cry became a Manifestation of the Son of God in such a time as he was brought to.

And he became by Testimony through the Scriptures – More Honourable than his brothers.

The Lord has appointed that as you leave this Convention; you will leave more Honourable than those you have been compared to; and than those who has looked down on you – Amen!

The Lord has Appointed not by Pride but by the Assignment of the Effectual Working words, that you will become the Expression, the Dimension, the Manifestation, the Dramatisation of the Son of the Most High God – Amen

When I say: “CRY OF A GENERATION”; I am talking about three (3) things:

1. “C” – Means “Courage” (I have Courage).

2. “R” – Means “Righteousness” (I am the Righteousness of God).

3. “Y” – Means “You” ((You are the Answer Nigeria is seeking and has found).

God has appointed, assigned and released you now by this Word!

Not just to release yourself but to Enlarge your Territory, Community, Place of Reference, Impact – To re-define, re-design, corroborate, cooperate and create a New Expression of everything Radical in you by the Righteousness of God!

Bring your Cry to Him – He said that when your cry comes into His ear.

God is not looking for a Cry of Pity but a Cry of Audacity, a cry of Tenacity

In other words – The Righteous Youth that is as bold as a Lion!

When you are bold in Christ, you are Beautiful in Life – You must be bold to be beautiful in the beauty of God by His Cry of Holiness.

Because Holiness in God, is not just in words but some Fearful Representations.

It is a word that brings fear into the Enemies and Adversaries of your Life.

Everytime they see you coming, you are Bigger everyday.


I have Jesus in my Life
I’m living for His Glory
I’m on fire everyday
And Nothing can stop me
Doesn’t matter what I face
I am getting bigger everyday

The Lord has appointed a Multiplying Factor by Mercy over Judgement, and over Condemnation to raise you up, to build you up, to make you a Superlative Expression of who you are.

You are no longer common by this world – You are uncommonly re-DNA, you are uncommonly Set Up for Showing Forth.

Who you are when you are Enlarged, is who you are always created by God to be – Don’t make any mistake in thinking that you are not becoming something.

You never imagined it because it is beyond your Imaginations – Everything you have Prayed and asked God for, God said that beyond that; I have Set you Up.

Let me tell you – A lot of People looked at me and say: Why is she so confident.

No, I am so confident that I do it in the face of whatever it is.

Today, it is my Privilege standing before you a Great Nation of Great Nigeria Youths in the Kingdom of God, on the Platform of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to say one thing and one thing only – Great Nigeria Youths!

Just lift your hands and sing this Song:

Just breathe Your name upon me
Just breathe Your name upon me
Is Your name, breathe Lord
Just breathe Your name upon me

There is a Breadth of the Almighty God – It will make you Wise, it will Galvanised you and it will get you ready.

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly (woo)

When there is an Enlargement, there is a “Take Off,” there is “Showing Forth”, there is “Breakiing Forth”, there is a “Brighter Day” of Enlargement that will announce you in Jesus Mighty Nane – Amen!

It is my Privilege to speak to a Generation whose Time has come, whose Time is now, who has been Set Up by God for a Set Time!

And today is such a Time – By His Words, God has Appointed that:

I. He will Enlarge your Territory.

II. He will Enlarge your Dignity.

III. He will Enlarge you on every Sides.

IV. He will make you Bigger, Better and Blessed.

V. Not just Blessed, He will make you a Blessing.

VI. And through you, God will appoint the Anointing to Enlarge your family and your Community.

… And because God has said it, it will surely come to Pass.

In Psalms 24, God speaking to a Generation that will seek Him – He says that He is the Lord Strong and Mighty; He is the Lord Mighty in Battle.

The Lord has appointed by Psalms 24:6(a) that He is looking for a Generation that will seek Him.

I want to ask a Question – Has He found you?

Because if He truly has, He will Enlarge you!

This is not just a word or Statement; it is a Commandment which as you received it; it will conceive in you and Pregnate you with ideas that will by Commandment Enlarge you!

Not by Power not by Might but by the Spirit of God working and activating a “Sure Word” of Prophetic Commandment in Jesus Name – Amen!

But according to Deuteronomy – Just as Mummy GO in her Teaching said during Plenary 4 of Day 3 Morning said – An Open Heaven demands an Open Obedience.

If you will not walk in Obedience to the Commandment of God – To separate yourself and been seen as Holy. You are afraid without the fear of God to become that “Single One Representation”; where you are in the midst of the crowd, then you are not ready to cry like Bartimaeus cried such that Jesus sent for him and his Mockers were his escorts.

But you will not be Singled Out for Distinction.

Many People loved to be Distinguished. But you see: “Being Distinguished” and “Being Distinctive” are two separate things!

When you are Distinctive by the DNA of what God had already put in you, and what God had already Powered you with; you will become a Distinction above all those who called them Distinguished!

You see, that which God has appointed by Distinction; can never be Extinguished by whatever the Force of Hell may be against you.

You are “Too Blessed” to be Cursed!

Whatever has been a Pattern or a Cycle of Generational Curse in your family is Broken and it is Finished – Amen!

Jesus Christ Enlarged Himself – When He became Son of God to Son of Man and He hung on that Cross. He became the Enlargement of everything that will Enlarge you.

But if you do not connect, if your first connection by Obedience is not with the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Suffering that He took for you; then you will never know the connection that will bring your rising to the Distinction that will Celebrate you by force of this word: Enlarge!

So, don’t just make it a Statement today – By the Power of the cry of Jabez, the cry of Bartimaeus; that brought him attention – I Charge you to cry and call on God because the Place of your cry is the Place of your Encounter.

When Jacob cried, he said that I will not let you go until You Blessed me.

How many of you have come to that Place in this IYC 2023 Convention?

Have you touched this Altar? Have you brought yourself and truly Surrendered?

Not just calling you out but you received Jesus Christ as your Lord?

But you now come in through the Breadth of everything around you is contending and you are coming to that Place or situation and you are saying: I am not allowing myself to be held down.

No God! And you cry until you get His attention.

David said: I encourage myself in the Lord.

He told his Soul – Awake! Something in you has gone to sleep or had been put to sleep.

On this Mountain of Enlargement, wake it up in the Name of Jesus – Amen

Shout it to the ear of your Future – Enlarge!

God has Commanded it – The Question is: Have you believed?

In that Place of Believing, have you activated it by the Power of Faith?

Because what this is – It is about your Faith.

Faith without works is dead.

You will not leave this IYC 2023 Convention a dead Man/Woman – You are going to leave in the Power of the Activation of this Command: Enlarge, in Jesus Name – Amen!

And when you Enlarge, you will become a New Shape, a New Definition, a New Swag, a New Direction, a New Expression, a New Size and you will become a New Instrument having teeth.

Are you ready to Enlarge?

It takes your Intentionality for you to arrive in the Place of Certainty.

If you are ready, there is a way you set yourself and Prepare yourself – Your Preparation for Enlargement is your Consecration!

Because in the Place of your Enlargement, you need to be Consecrated.

That which Cleanses you, Purges you; that by the Power of your Cry, Righteousness makes you a Righteous of God!

It is not enough to say that I am Righteous – You must become the Expression of the Righteousness of God.

And when you become that Expression – You will become a Dimension that is Untouchable, that is Unstoppable, that is Unkillable and that is Unbreakable.

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Are you Set?

You must search your Mind, Heart, Will and everything in you.

Are you ready to be a Winner?

It begins with a Mindset and you grow from your Mindset through the Word of God.

Everything that you have heard, become a Practical Manifestation of things at work in you.

Everytime you come to a Place of Fear; don’t be afraid but do it with Faith. And you will end up to be a Product that is called a Testimony of the Lord’s doing!

So when you get Set; you get on your mark.

You are marked over every crisis, and by your Tribe – You belong to The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Youth and it is the largest Dimension of Christ in the whole wide world.

Understand who you are – You are an Uncommon Ambassador!

Not just for your Village, not just for this Church but for this Nation and United Nations, for a Global Expression.

Not just for your Citizenship here on Earth but that which separate you and say you are first and foremost in this world, not of this world but son/daughter of the Most High and King of Kings.

You are the Lord’s Anointed Ambassador and above all, you will Represent!

You are marked for a Prize of the High Calling such as the Apostle Paul – Who himself was a Youth, engineered by the force of Enlargement in that same Distinction that he connected with in that moment when that Light shone on him and Darknesa was afflicted on him.

For that moment, he was taken to a Street called Straight and in that Place, the Prophetic met and discharged him through the Anointing of Enlargement.

You are here and the Prophets are in the house – Let us put our hands together and Celebrate our father: Pastor Belemina Obunge and all the Representations of the IYC 2023 Convention.

Because what they have done for you and me is that they have given us a Stage to go forth, to break forth; with no Limitations on your Right and Left.

Daddy Adeboye Ministered during the Plenary Session 10 of Day 4 Evening and said: Next Year (2024); you are coming with your Company.

I Prophesy to you according to Isaiah 60:22 – All the “Little Ones” shall be more than a thousand.

And by the time God had worked it all together, you shall come into the Expression of Greatness.

Isaiah 60:22 – A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time.

Whose Time? – “Your time”.

The “his” there in not Capital letter “h” but small letter – So, it is talking about you,

You and I has been called into a Time and Season. And in this Time and Season, as you come into this Prophetic Oracle; the Unction to hasten, to speed up, to wake up what has been asleep, to speed up what has been walking like a Locomotive and not moving as Hypersonic Movement; the Lord is going to accelerate it for you and translate your Motion into the speed of Light because He is the Father of Light.

You and I are children of Light – And as you move in Him and every Perfect Gift is Perfeccted in us by the Place of our Talent, our Academics, our Connections, in the Place of Service, God will serve You with an Expression that will select you and set you up by the Power and the force of Enlargement.

I Prophesy to you again – By the Power of your Mindset; your Skill Set Change!

During Day 4, Pastor Bayo was speaking and said that it is not enough for you to have a Master – You need to be a Master.

Many of your Generation, you need to be Practioners of what you claimed you desired to be or what your Certificate said that you were.

You were not, until you become a Dimension or Boss, or recognised as the Celebrated, as the one who is the Solution.

Without you – Whether you have a Master or No Class; that answer cannot come because:

– Like David, you are the one who has the answer.

– Like Joseph, you are the one who has the answer.


If David didn’t have the Skill Set with that caterpault and stone; Skill Set in Boldnness, Courage to fight Lion and Bear; which was driven by his Compassion and his love for the Sheep.

Because he loved the Lamb, it wasn’t easy for him to let go – Because that is a force of the Protector.

And the Comprehensive Protecction that He has, He will leave the ninety nine (99) to find and bring out and Enlarged you.

And you Show Up, so that in the day they came looking for a King; even if you are not Present, they will say none of these.

And when you appeared, they will say: That is our King/Queen!

Because God would have Enlarged you by the Power of your Skill Set.

David had a Skill Set before he became a King.

Don’t seek for a Title ahead of seeking and going through Process and getting your Skill Set to manage to rule.

You need to be Skilled, you need to be Prepared by Consecration so that you will not Compromise or become another Subject or Object of Ridicule who from Kingdom came to serve in Government but failed because they had not sorted out the Righteousness by God or the Skill Set to function Govermentally.

Without Skill, you cannot kill a Goliath.

There will be Lion, Bear and Goliath on your way one day – You have to be ready with your Skills.

You Skill it, to kill it!

You kill a Goliath by your Audacity and not by your “Calculated Precision”.

And he said: This day, I will feed your head – And he did.

He took the sword that is bigger than the King’s sword, and cut off the head that is bigger than everybody’s head. And he became the Head above all heads.

Enlarge your Submission in the Place of Service, become more Subservient, more Subjected to Authority.

During the Plenary10 of Day 4 Evening, Daddy GO said – Which is better: To be Anointed for Enlargement as an Activist or to be Anointed for Enlargement as an Influncier over Kings?

One of my conversations with God following my cry thirty (30) years ago – He told me: Dayo, it is going to take you time.

And my Question to God is: How much time? And He said: Long Time.

My dear sons and daughters; I want to use this opportunity to thank you because if there is any Generation that has held me on Celebrated and Strengthened, it is your Generation.

A Generation that has given me Courage to stand.

I want to Celebrate the Youths of my Church and my Husband and Coach – Pastor Tunde Benjamin-Laniyi, Oxygen Club, Throne Room of RCCG Abuja; for what all of you has done for me over and over again.

I am Celebrated today as a mother of Dreamers.

And as I tell People, as a Generation, you must dare to Dream Big, reach for your Stars and its a Choice you must always attained.

Always aspire for what is higher than you, to become more of what is in you.

You are a Nobody if all your “More” is only about you. You have to work your “More” with others around you.

Wherever I go:

I. I look for who is not in the room and I call them into the room.

II. I look for who has not been given an opportunity and I define opportunities for them.

Sometimes, it means that I may miss something; but you know what? I may miss it because of my Empathy. But God has given me the Power of Divinity.

God still resets, God still reposition.

When what comes out from your heart to your Community; comes in Spirit and in Truth; He will give you that space and hold it for you like He did for Mephibosheth.

Today, you need an Encounter so that you will not return the same way that you came or the same Size that you came with.

You need an Engagement right now in this Place and at this Altar.

You need an Interphase with God.

In this Room, by the Commandment of Enlarge, I Charge you – Do not leave this Campground and Altar without Contacting from the Altar.

Everything must be altered in you – The way you think, your Understanding, your Revelation and even your Submission to God for Consecration.

And infront of this Altar, it will be altered and it will be Enlarged – Amen.

Your DNA demands that you align with the Commandment by your Obedience – Christ in you, God in you; is the Expression of Enlargement for you and all that is around you!

God is seeking for a Generation that will seek Him!

Ezekiel 22:30

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

God has found “The DMC Family Members!

Whatever is it by Christ in you, you must understand that God will never leave you nor forsake you.

He is going to make you the Expression, definition and description of this Command Enlarge!

I want to speak to the daughters in the house listening to me now or reading now on the Label of DMC – We need more of us giving Expression from the Altar into the Apostolic Place.

We need more of our Understanding – You are not Limited by your Gender.

If anything God has given you – Your Boaz, like I have mine in my husband.

And you also have your brothers, and fathers; who raised you up to make you the Expression of Distinction as a woman in your time such as Esther, lSarah.

Brothers, you also need to Enlarge – You need to Enlarge the scope of your Engagement.

We are too sentimental and moved by emotion. We have to move by the Wisdom of God that none is able to find out.

Because there is a Wisdom God has put in you and me. As you speak, no one will be able to Negotiate or resist you because He has given you a tongue, He has given you a Language and made you irresistible.

Be reconciled to Righteousnes.

You must Enlarge your opportunities – Where you are, seek someone who will give you a Greater Capacity to become a Greater Expression of your Gifts and Talents in your Academics and Proffessional Representations in the Name of Jesus.

The reflection of who you are is a reflection of who you see God in your Life.

There are Personal Conversations you must have with God that will bring you to the Place where you will cry to God – What is aligned with God’s Will to Enlarge you.

I cry that cry, and that was when God started Perfecting me,

The Boldness and the Courage to Stand even where I am afraid, even where I lacked; Wisdom or slack in it to seek of Him and always to hear – May you hear from God (Amen).

Is there anything that this Generation needs? – That you may hear from God.

Because in hearing from God, you will know by the Spirit that this is the way and I will go in it.


I have made You too small in my eyes
O Lord, forgive me
I have believed in a lie
That You were unable to help me
But now, O Lord, I see my wrong
Heal my heart and show Yourself Strong
And in my eyes and with my song
O Lord, be Magnified
O Lord, be Magnified

Be Magnified, O Lord
You are highly exalted
And there is Nothing You can’t do
O Lord, my eyes are on You
Be Magnified
O Lord, be Magnified

When you Magnify God, He will Magniify you!

Make your Personal Prayer now:

That even like a Magnifying Glass, that keeps going across; you will become the definition of Enlargement in Jesus Name.

Energised and Exercised your Authority – God has given you Authority.

The Authority that will cast out Demons, Set Up to thread upon serpents and scorpions.

According to Luke 10:19 – Pray and ask God for the Power to exercise your Authority in Jesus Name so that Nothing by any means will hurt you.

Neutralise your Enemy – The Enemy is the devil.

But according to James 4:7 – As you Subject yourself to God, as you are Submitted to the Altar for Consecration in the Place of Preparation; you will resist the devil and he will flee from you (Amen).

The Lord had appointed that in the Place of Hell to Liberalised your Mindset.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says: Casting down Imaginations and every high things that has Exalted itself.

And Father Lord, we declare this Imaginations and every High Things cast down.

Advertise God’s Glory. According to Colossians 1:27 – To whom God will make known what is the Riches of the Glory of this Mystery.

God has put in you a Mystery of Enlargement – They won’t understand it but you are that little Enablement.

You will continue to grow and Enlarge and Outsize your Enemy.

Hebrews 12:2 – Looking Unto Jesus as He is the Author and Finisher of your Faith,

Because Jesus even inspite of the suffering and the Reproach of the Cross, He went through for the Glory that was set before Him.

Release your Inner Strength – Shine your Shine; God’s Grace is sufficient for you, His Grace is made Perfect in you and with Greatness of Enlargement you go forth.

Isaiah 10:27 says: It shall come to Pass in that day, His burden shall be taken off.

Empathise the Passion of the Cross – It was a Finished Work.

And as Jesus Christ said in John 19:30 – It is Finished.

He bow His head and gave up the Ghost so that you and I can become the Expression of the Ressurrection and the Light in Him!


Today, I Pray for you in Concluding this Message – That the Anointing of Enlargement will come upon you now. It shall break forth in exceeding Proportion beyond what you imagine or think.

Your Thoughts are now His Thoughts – Thoughts of Peace, no longer Mental Trauma, Depression and Anguish.

God gives you Peace – And by His Peace, He Sanctified you Body, Soul and Spirit.

And I Pray and Prophesy to you – That by the Power of the Cry of Jabez, it is appointed to you, a cry of Courage, a cry of Righteousness and a cry that shall define and design you for Enlargement.

Wherever you may be “Too Small” in your eyes, His eyes upon you as you Submit to Him, that Place of Consecrate.

His eyes shall run to and fro the whole Land to Show Himself Mighty on behalf of you – Amen!


I have made You too small in my eyes
O Lord, forgive me
I have believed in a lie
That You were unable to help me
But now, O Lord, I see my wrong
Heal my heart and show Yourself strong
And in my eyes and with my song
O Lord, be Magnified
O Lord, be Magnified

Be Magnified, O Lord
You are highly exalted
And there is nothing You can’t do
O Lord, my eyes are on You
Be Magnified
O Lord, be Magnified


Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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