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Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Let Us Pray!


What a Mighty God we serve
What a Mighty God we serve
Heaven and Earth Adore Him
Even Angels bow before Him
What a Mighty God we serve


Ancient of Days, the Father of all fathers – We Worship You, we bow before You.

The Only One who can Promote, we humble ourselves before You – Accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Thank You for keeping us since last year (2022) till this moment – There were People who are alive by this time last year and by now are no more. It is of the Mercy of God that we are not Consumed.

Father, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Tonight in the Life of everyone of Your Children, let there be a New Beginning – A New Beginning of Progress, of Promotion, of Enlargement, of Empowerment, of Anointing, of Mighty Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

There are some of us here Lord God Almighty, we only hear Mighty Testimonies but we have never shared any – Please my Father and my God, before tomorrow Morning (Day 5 of the IYC Convention 2023); let everyone of us have something to shout about.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Somebody shout a really “Big Hallelujah” – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: Brother/Sister, I love you but tonight, my Miracle will be bigger than yours.

And then you may Please be seated – God bless you!

Now, I want to start by Congratuulaating you that this Year (RCCG IYC Convention 2023); we are more than last year (2022) – I rejoice with you because definitely, there is an Improvement.

But I’m looking forward to a time when we will have RCCG Annual Convention or RCCG Holy Ghost Congress or anything, that we will be compelled to go to our 3 by 3 Auditorium in Shimawa and start everything there because this Auditorium is yours and you have a Mandate to fill it up.

So, I’m delighted to see you this Year but by this time next year (2024); there must be no empty space in this Auditorium.

Matthew 5:6 – Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after Righteousness for they shall be filled.

How many “Blessed People” are here tonight? –

God Promised that it will satisfy “The Hungry” and “The Thirsty”!

The Question is: What are you Hungry for? What are you Thirsty for?

Because that is what is going to determine your Enlargement!

We have just finished the Holy Communion Service earlier tonight and you heard what I told you about


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The Theme that the Lord had given us for the RCCG IYC Convention 2023 (Enlarge) is not a Topic that should be toiled with – And so, I’m not here to tickle your ears.

At my age, every opportunity that I have to impact Life; I must grab it with both hands.

I have said it before that if a Man dies at 81, you can’t call him “Abiku”.


NOTES: “Abiku” is a Yoruba word that can be translated as “Pre-destined to Death”. It is from “That which was born” and “Death”. According to Yoruba’s Tradition, if a woman gives birth to a child and the child dies before becoming an adult, such a child is called “Abiku” especially if the Process of giving birth and dying of the child keeps recurring. It is believed that it is the same child that is coming to the world and dying just to torment his/her Parents. I

f Per-chance, the woman gives birth to a child that survives, such a child is usually given names like ‘Malomo’ (Meaning ‘Don’t go again’), ‘Kashimawo’ (Meaning ‘Let’s be watching him/her’).


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If Someone dies at 81 and they said that the Witches had gotten him – A Witch that want to kill an 81 years Old Man must be a “Terrible Witch” and a “Useless Witch”.

I am not going to die yet but I will be a fool if I didn’t treat every Meetings with seriousness because you can never can tell which one will be the last one that I will attend.

I am not afraid of Death – I have seen Heaven long time ago. I have seen Heaven, I have seen my Father on His Throne, I have seen my house in Heaven.

And I think that I have shared with you before – If God shows you Heaven, the only reason why you will not commit suicide is that if you kill yourself, you will miss it.

Because Heaven is so, so beautiful and you don’t have the word to describe it.

I have given an illustration of Heaven before – And I told the Story of the first time that I went to America.

You say: What has this got to do with Enlargement? – Just hold on.

The first time that I went to America was in 1979 and I arrived in Summer (Month of July).

Oh, that Place was Glorious – The Sun was still Shinning by 9.30pm, the town of Tulsa USA was at that time chosen as the third Cleanness City in America as they washed the Street everyday.

So, if your food dropped on the Ground, you can pick it up and you continue eating it.

The Hotel where we stayed, the tap has three openings – One for hot, one for cold and one for ice-cold.

The Light never blinked and everything there was fantastic.

We stayed there for two (2) weeks.

When we got to Ikeja, I looked out of the Window and I saw Mushin (NOTES: “Mushin” is a City in Lagos State Nigeria) – I said: Oh God, back to Prison.

Because in those days, if we get Electricity once in three (3) days, we shout for Joy.

That is a Poor comparison of Earth and Heaven!

You know that in Heaven, there is no Night there – It is beautiful all the time.

And I’m telling you – In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I will see you there (Amen).

God Promised that those who are Hungry, He will fill them; those who are Thirsty, He will fill them.

So, what are you Hungry for? What are you Thirsty for?

I want to talk to you very briefly on: “ENLARGING YOUR HUNGER AND THIRST FOR ANOINTING“.


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1. Single Portion of the Spirit of Elijah was good and great.

I I mean you know the Sltory in 1 Kings 17: 8-24 – It tells us that he (Elijah) decreed that food will just keep on coming and it happened.

II. He Prayed for the Dead and the Dead rose.

And I’m decreeing in the Name that is above every other name, after this Convention (RCCG IYC Convention 2023); you will be raising the Dead – Amen!

III. In 1 Kings 18: 36-38; he brought about a National Revival.

He Prayed and Fire fell and a whole Nation fell on her face shouting “Jehovah is Lord”.

How beautiful will it be if all of you Single-handedly can go to your Towns and Villages and do a Program – “Light Up Ifewara”; “Light Up Oke Igbo”; “Light Up Whatever Area you come from” and get the whole Town converted?

Years ago, we did “Light Up Ifewara” – We called it “Ifewara For Christ” then. And in less than one week after that Program, they discovered a Place where they were using People for Human Sacrifices and from that moment onwards, things Changed.


I’m Praying that by the time you come Next Year (2024), in all your Towns and Villages; Darkness will be chased out – Amen!


2. But if a Single Portion is so good, then Double Portion is better and Superior.

I. I mean you know the Story of Elisha very well in 2 Kings 4: 8-17 – The Bible talks about the Great Woman of Shunen.

By the time she came in contact with Elisha; the “Great” become “Greater” – The woman who said that I don’t need anything but was barren; just one word from Elisha. He said nine (9) Months from now, you will embrace a son.

The woman said: Don’t deceive me.

Take Note and read that Place very well – Elisha did not say another word or repeat himself.

He didn’t say whether you believed it or not.

No! When Power is Power, you don’t repeat yourself!

From tonight onwards – When you tell Demons to move, immediately they will obey (Amen).

When I call my Driver and say: Sir, we are going to Lagos. He doesn’t say what do you mean? Who did you discuss that with? Who do you think you are?

He is a Powerful Man – In case you don’t know, he is the Head of all the Drivers in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Do you know that without his Permission, you cannot operate “Keke Napep” on this Redemption Camp.


Also see; the-40th-holy-ghost-anniversary-2022-at-the-international-conference-centre-university-of-ibadan-ibadan-oyo-state

 NOTES: The term ‘Keke-NAPEP’ is derived from a Yoruba word ‘Keke’ meaning bicycle and ‘NAPEP’ meaning National Poverty Eradication Programme. The “Keke-NAPEP serves as a means of transportation for Commercial Purposes, since the use of Motorcycles for Commercial Purposes is unsafe and illegal.

But Power Passes Power – As Powerful as he is, when I say we are going to Lagos; the answer will be “Yes Sir”.

The Anointing that all Forces of Darkness will bow to you, receive it tonight – Amen!

II. When you read 2 Kings 7: 1-end; Elisha spoke and said: Within 24 hours, there will be Abundance in Samaria.

… He lifted the Suege on a City just by speaking a word.

I Stand before you tonight as a Representative of the Most High and I tell you that the Future of Nigeria will be alright – Amen!

III. The Second Portion Anointing is the kind of Anointing that speaks even after you are dead – 2 Kings 13: 14-21.

After Elisha died, his bones still raised the Dead.

My Brethrens/Little Ones/Colleagues; you don’t come to this Year’s IYC Convention 2023 for Cookies – You are here this Year for Enlargement as you are Hunger and Thirsty for Anointing.

Tomorrow (During The RCCG October 2023 HGS); we will talk more about other things that you can be Enlarged concerning.

But this is a Special Session for those of us who are the “Real Youths and Young Adults”.

God is not a Miser – There is no amount of Anointing that you want from Him that He cannot give.

He said in 1 Corinthians 12:31 – He gave you Permission to covet not casually but earnestly for the Best Gifts.

Covetousness is a sin but it is God Himself that said that when it is the Best Gufts, you are free to covet.

You know a little bit about me – That when it comes to Anointing, I can be Covetous.

I told the Almighty God the moment that I became a Christian – I don’t want to be an “Ordinary Christian” as I don’t like the idea of being one of the others.

You know when they are having a State Function – Maybe the President is being Sworn-In. When it comes to the time of Entertainment after doing all the Parades, all the Talkings and now those of you who are invited, to come and eat.

They will say: All the Head of States they will eat with the President at this Particular Place; then all Governors, Senators, Ambassadors, they will eat in such and such a Place. And they will keep on going like that.

Finally, they will say: And all others, you will be served where you are seated.

I don’t like to be among “All Others”; I want to be among the very, very first.

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Let me tell you the Truth – What will get you to the Top like I heard one of your Preachers said is not how much Book you read!

Reading is good and you should read – I have a PhD.

But he was talking about that “Illiterate Roadside Mechanics”; who knows more about Automobile than the one who says that he/she has BSc Mechanical Engineering.

Occasionally, it is not how much Grammar that you can blow – Nothing stops the Anointing.

True Anointing will make a Way where there is no Way!

I have told you before – One of the President was about to be Sworn-In – And to come to such a Program, you have to have a Special Card to be allowed to come near at all. And the Cards are in all manners – “A”, “B”, “C” et cetera et cetera.

And then one of the Bishops came into where I was staying in the Hotel – Excited and saying: Daddy, daddy; look at my Card,

And it takes Anointing for a Bishop to call a Pastor daddy – I hope you take Note of that.

It is not “The Title”; it is “The Anointing”!

And on his Card was written “Letter A” – That means this Fellow can go far. And so I rejoiced with him.

And while he was still there, a Second Man of God came in – And Oh, He was excited because on his Card was written “Letter AA” – That means “A” among A’s.

The first Fellow felt disappointed.

Not long after, another fellow came in with a “Letter AAA”.

Do you know what that means? When it is time for Refreshments and People were moving to where they will be Entertwined; there is a Place “Letter A” cannot enter, there is a Place “Letter AA” cannot enter, there is a Level for “Letter AAA”.

After a lot of fun, one of them asked – By the way daddy, where is your Card? He want to know what is written on it.

I told them that me, I’m at a Level where I don’t need a Card – All I have to do is to show up and the Man at the Gate will Salute.

I told them that if I choose to go, I will be sitting on the same table with the President.

Anointing is the “Door Opener” – You don’t want an Ordinary Portion as there is a Double Portion!

May I Submit to you – There is a Portion that is beyond Double Portion!

How Thirsty are you!

Today, I’m asking you to Enlarge your Humger, Enlarge your Thirst, Enlarge your Fasting!

Recall that I mentioned it during the Holy Communion (RCCG October 2023 Holy CommunionService) – When I told God that I don’t want to be Ordinary and I want to be the Best.

That it is either you leave me where I’m doing my job Teaching Mathematics – I want to be the Youngest Vice Chancellor (VC) in the world. That is all I wanted.

But you say No! Come and Serve me.

Then I want to be Number One.

And when we talk of Hunger and Thirst, you know that we are talking of Fasting – You can’t get to this Goal we are talking about without Fasting and Prayer!

Even the Lord Jesus Christ said that there are some Demons that cannot be casted out except with Prayers and Fasting.

Somebody said to me that the reason you won’t get too many Young ones coming to The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is that you Fast too much.

I said: Ha, why don’t you come and see us? Come and see my Youths and Young Adults anytime I said that we are not going to Fast for a long time – Thet will say, why now? They know where they are going.

And in the Name that is above every other name, you will reach the Top – Amen!

Let me share with you – I just returned from Israel. And there was a Program there and it is called “The Feast of the Tabernacles”.

People come from all over the world to that Program – At least this time, there are about ninety (90) Nations Represented there. And your father was the one they said should give the “Primary Address”.

And you should have listened to those who are Introducing us – They held a Special Reception for us that they have never done that before for anybody.

And the Man who was Introducing us said – Ladies and Gentlemen, we are doing this one Specially because we have among us a “Paramount Pastor”.

As the LORD lives, who has Called me – Because I have Prayed that my children will be Greater; then you will beat that one (Amen).

But in other to help you to Pray correctly tonight; when we are talking of Enlargement, the best illustration is the Balloon.

You know that “Little Rubber” – Something that you will blow it and it will become Big.

You blow it once, it becomes Big; you blow twice, it becomes Bigger and so on.

And you want “Real Enlargement”; then you must be like a Balloon – A Balloon who will surrender himself/herself to the Almighty God saying: “God blow into me”.

When you read Acts 2: 1-4 – On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit blew into the Apostles. You know the Story.

And we will just pick one of them – “PETER”:

1. When the wind blew into him, he Preached one Sermon and won three thousand (3,000) Souls.

2. The Next Day, he was on the way to the Temple and he saw a Man who has been born Lame – He grabbed him by the hand and say: You can’t remain Lame when I am around.

He wasn’t the one talking – The Bible says that out of the Abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks.

It was the “Air of God” in him (Peter) that was speaking!

He became Enlarged all of a sudden – And an “Ordinary Fisherman” was no longer Ordinary!

3. But then after he made the Lame to walk et cetera et cetera; there was another occasion in Acts 4:31 – The same People who were blown into on Mount Carmel, got another blowing from the Lord on the Day of Pentecost (The Second Blowing).


And then, all of a sudden, Peter became Somebody who can just speak a word and a Liar will die.

… He doesn’t have to touch now to get Miracles to happen.

His Shadow was now beginning to do Miracles because God blew into Him – First Time and Second Time.

One of us that we know very well, sang a Song – “Breathe on Me” when he got to the Point.


NOTES: “Breathe Your Name Upon Me” was sang by Dunsin Oyekan.

The Question is – How much Breathing can God do without you bursting?

Because I remembered very well when we were discussing years ago – And I told God that I want every Gifts of the Holy Spirit after asking for the Anointing of Elisha, Peter, Paul, on our Lord Jesus Christ and everything added together and doubled again.

I said I wanted the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


And Daddy (God) told me: Son, you will blow the fuse. He said don’t worry, anything you need when you need it among the Gifts; I will make it available.

He warned me in those days, when I was asking for those things; He said: Son, you are asking for dangerous things.

I said that You are the One who said: Covet earnestly the Best Gifts.

He said that they won’t let you rest! I said no Problem. I should have said, let us moderate it a little. Now, Inam not resting.

I am over 80 years old and I still want more of Him.

I finished the Convention, ran to Europe, I came back, did the Holy Ghost Service, ran back to America. I came back from America, back to Israel, back to Holy Ghost Service.

Whether you believed it or not, I am still Fasting.

I remembered when I was turning eighty (80) – And I used to Fast in those Days for forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights every Year. And a very good friend said to me – Sir, you are turning eighty (80); you can’t do that anymore. Even God will understand.

I said: Yeah He will understand but it is me who won’t understand.

Finally, we agreed that I will start and if I get to a Place where I can’t take it anymore, I will break then God will understand. So we started.

Little by little, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days. I won’t tell you how many days.

By two (2) days to the Special Holy Ghost Service Friday, I had gone out on my Natural Night walks – Got up from my Office, went to the Youth Center. The Turning by the Youth Center, and then go on and on, then came back.

You can calculate how many kilometers.

Even if you are not Fasting, and you are 80 years Old, and you trekked that distance; you should be tired now as you are Human Being.

I remembered when I returned to my office; I found out that my legs were Paining more than usual.

Ha, what is wrong with you legs – That is why on that Night I came up with the ideal that everybody is a Chairman – And that is why Ibegan to sit down.

And little by little, I looked at myself – What is happening to you? Whatever joke you want to crack, you are sitting down Men. Are you that Old? Moses was 80 years old when he started his Ministry.

So the Fast continues because I want more of Him.

Not that I don’t like sitting down. The sitting down is very Good – I mean you sit, let me sit now.

Then I came here among the Young ones, you want me to be an Old Man sitting down and looking at you? I refuse.

Today, I am going to ask the Almighty God to breathe into you – At least you will get the “First Breadth” from Him tonight.

And then, I will leave you to go on and ask Him how many times that you want Him to breathe on you – That will determine how large that you will become.

Nothing goes for Nothing – You must be willing to Pay the Price!

And when you begin to Pay the Price, the Enlargement will come!

There is no way that you can breathe into a Balloon and the Balloon will not expand.

But you have to be Hungry, you have to be Thirsty before you can be satisfied.


So my Father and my God, I commit all Your Children into Your Hands.

Thank You for those “Wonderful People” You have given unto me.

Thank You God Almighty for the “Beautiful Teachings” they have received thus far.

I Thank You for the Speakers of this Year (RCCG IYC 2023) – I Thank You because they are “Well Chosen”, I Thank You for Your Anointing upon their lives and I know that as they are Ministering, the Power in Your Word is already Imparting Your Children.

So Father, accept my Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, the Time has come for the Enlargement of Your Children to begin – Father, breathe into them.

Your Breadth Lord God Almighty that Change “Ordinary Mud” to a “Living Soul”; Father, breathe on them.

Your Breadth that Parted the Red Sea; my Father and my God, breathe on Your Children.

Your Breadth that makes dry bones to live again, breathe on Your Children.

And Father, let their Enlargement begins now.

Soon, they will be talking to You Lord – Please, answer them by Fire and don’t let them die Young.

When they leave this RCCG IYC Convention 2023; Lord God Almighty, let them become “Fire-Brand” for You.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, it is up to you now – Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

You know what you want; and you know how much of His Breadth that you want.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God and Pray – He will answer you!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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