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Let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

We Thank God for this Year’s Convention and Thank God for His Mercy.

I’m also Thankful to God and Thankful to our daddy and mummy.

I appreciate the Privilege to bring you the Word of God today.

But I believed that the Word that is coming is not just for you; it is for me too.

Somebody is about to have a “Boat-Sinking” Blessing tonight.

Daddy GO, the Lord will Preserve you – You will be in Strength and in Health. As your days are increasing, so your Strength shall also increase – Amen!

Mummy GO, the Lord will Preserve you – You will be in Health and in Strength (Amen).

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Heavenly Father, we Thank You. We give You Praise and Glory for Your Word tonight.

Father, we desire from You “Boat-Sinking” Blessings; Prepared by You tonight.

Sent forth Your Words into our lives – The Word that will create the Miracles, the Word that will make us to receive the “Boat-Sinking” Blessings.

Thank You Heavenly Father – Thank You for the Word, Thank You for the Grace and Glory be to God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

I have been given the Message to Prepare everyone here and everyone under the Sound of my Voice or reading now on the Label of DMC; to receive a “Boat-Sinking” Miracle of Blessings tonight.

That is Blessings that is:

– “So Much” and “Too Much”.

– “Much More” than your boat.

– That will make you to require another Extra boat to be able to take the Blessings home!

And if you are going to be one of such People that will go home with a Load and Overload of Blessings, let me hear you say Amen – Amen!

The Scriptures reading is from Saint Luke 5: 1-11.

Jesus Christ was under the “Crowd Pressure” and Jesus Christ wanted to escape the Pressure and He wanted to Preach to the crowd.

He was by the Seaside and an idea crossed his Mind – He could as well made a Pulpit on the waters when there was crowd around.

And as He looked around, he saw two (2) empty boats and the Fishermen washing their Nets. So, He approached one of them and beckoned to whoever was the owner of the boat – And the boat belonged to Peter.

And Peter quickly hurriedly went to attend to Him and He said: Can you just thrust a little bit away from the Shore as I need to use your boat as my Pulpit to stand upon to Preach to the crowd. And Peter obliged Him.

I Pray for Someone here tonight or reading now  may the Lord desire the use of your boat – Amen. May the Lord choose my boat for His use – Amen!

So, He began to Preach and to teach from the boat.

And at the end of the Sermom, He turned around in Gratefulness to Peter and said: Peter, Thank you for helping me. Can you Please Launch into the Deep?

And Peter said: Master, maybe you thought that we have just arrived. We toiled All-Night and we caught Nothing – It has been a bad day, its being a bad Night as we caught Nothing. And it is more difficult to catch a fish in the Daytime.

Nevertheless Master, since You have spoken, I will obey – So, Peter launched into the Deep.

As soon as he threw his Net, it enclosed so much fishes that he considered that the Net will break should he try to Pull it.

So, he quickly beckoned to the owner of the second boat, who came quickly to his rescue. And they threw their Nets around and the two boats were filled.

It was at this Point that Peter became afraid – What kind of Man is this?

He became convicted and he knelt down in the boat, over all the fishes that they have just brought in.

And he (Peter) said: Depart from me as I am a Sinner.

And when they got to the Land, Jesus Christ said: Never worry; you have seen what you have never seen in Life before. I will make you Fisher of Men.

That Day, Peter connected with his Destiny!

There is Somebody here under the Sound of my Voice tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC; you will discovered your Destiny in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

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It is the Unfulfilled Part of your Life!

I. Beautiful woman, married to a Wealthy husband but the Marriage is full of crisis.

Your “Marriage Boat” is empty.

II. Great Brain, Great Skill, Hardworking, very Diligent but there is Nothing to show for your Great Brain.

Then you are an empty boat, an ineffective Net and you need Jesus Christ to come into that boat.

III. Great Gift, Great Anointing, Great Eloquence but look at the Ministry committed to you; there is little or Nothing to show.

If Jesus Christ takes over your boat tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC; the Story will Change – Amen!

IV. Hardworking Students, Diligent Students but everytime the Exams results comes out, it goes the wrong way.

You have spent the regular five (5) years in School; you extended yours to seven (7) years and still, Graduation does not seems to be at sight.

It is an empty boat situation.

Jesus Christ will come into your boat tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Amen.

V. Years of Marriage and not a Single Fruit to show for it.

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You have done everything – IVF (NOTES: IVF simply means: In vitro fertilization (IVF). And it is the joining of a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. In vitro means outside the body.

And even attended everything Medically but Nothing seems to be coming forth.

Jesus Christ will take over that empty boat tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Amen!

When Jesus Christ took over the empty boat – He borrowed the empty boat for His Pulpit.

Peter listened to the Sermon and at the end of the day, Jesus Christ turned around to Reward Peter.

And He gave Instructions to Peter – Instructions that does not seems to be useful or sensible. But he (Peter) said: Nevertheless at Your Word!

You have become Hopeless – There is Nothing working again. Listen to me:

I. Jesus Christ will take over tonight – Amen.

II. What is not working will start working – Amen.

III. The “Empty Workshop” will now be loaded with Patronage – Amen.

IV. The Market that is not moving will begin to move – Amen.

V. The Efforts and Struggles that has not yielded Results will begin to yield Results – Amen.

VI. And the Results shall be “Beyond Expectations” – Amen.

… For Peter, it was “Beyond Expectations”.

The Good thing about that I liked is that he respected Jesus Christ.

But that is not his first time of meeting Jesus Christ:

Weeks before, he has met Jesus Christ – Andrew his brother has met with Jesus Christ and the following day, went to Command Peter and said: Let’s go as I have found the Messiah.

He (Peter) said: Where? And Andrew said follow me.


NOTES: We can get to read this Account where John the Baptist revealed the Identity of Jesus Christ as “The Lamb of God – The Messiah” to 2 of his own Disciples in which Andrew was one; who later told Peter and took him to where Jesus Christ can be found as recorded in John 1: 35-42.

Now, they saw Jesus Christ and they came back to Fishing and then they toiled All-Night and caught Nothing,

Your years of Fruitless Effort is coming to an end today or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Amen!

Jesus Christ wants to take over that area(s) of your Life that you have Nothing to show – Allow Him to take over!

Jesus Christ took over and became the Captain of the boat!

You have directed your Life enough – You have directed and directed your Life and you have ended up in Frustration. Allow Jesus Christ, the Captain to take over!

So Peter said: Master, okay no argument as You are the boss. What should we do?

Launch into the Deep and Pater moved immediately – Simple!

Many Christians will continue to Struggle Financially until they obeyed the Instructions of the Master!

I. Simple, give Him the Tithe of everything.

You Pay Tithe of your Salary but you don’t Pay Tithe of Other Incomes? Whose Money are you keeping? God’s Money?

II. Honour Him with your First Fruit.

… Launch into the Deep – Peter said: Yes sir!

Every Commandments that Jesus Christ gives, you will say: Yes sir!

I believe God for a Word tonight – The Word that will bring me “Boat-Sinking” Miracle (Amen).

I am going out of here tonight with my boat loaded with my Blessings – Amen.

I am connecting with my Destiny tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Amen!

I am just here to Prepare you.

What is that Instruction(s) that Jesus Christ has given you over the years that you have flaunted? It is Time to say: “Yes Sir”!

And when you say “Yes Sir” to Him; that is the end of the Emptiness!

Job 36:11 – If you obey and serve God, you will spend your days in Prosperity and your Years in Pleasures.

Peter saw and he beckoned to his fellows.

Somebody will receive a Breakthrough tonight but you will need a lot of People to help you carry it home – Amen!


– He saw the Futility of his Life.

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– He saw the Wastefulness of his years

All the Life History of Peter, he has never seen a Harvest like that before.

I am believing God for a Divine Touch tonight – Amen!

My Miracle has started, there is a Turn Around for me and you and no more empty boats – Amen!

Peter saw “More Than a Man” – This is the Man they called the Messiah; that is our King. He must be King as He has Dominion over the sea. He spoke and the fish came out.

Ha, Ha; I will follow Him.

He said that I am a Sinner but I will follow Him.


– He saw a Man whose Voice the Sea obeyed.

– He saw a Man that has Dominion on Land and Dominion on the Sea.

– And He said: This is our King, our Messiah, the Everlasting King.

What am I doing with Fishing?

He came to Land, and instead of taking the fish to the Market; he abandoned the fish for his People and said: For You Master, I follow You – Wherever You go, I will go; whatever You want me to do, I will do; anything You instruct me, I will execute it. Because I have come to discovered that You have the answer to every situation.

I want to tell you tonight – You have been struggling on your own, making efforts on your own but it is ending upon Nothing.

There was a New Captain:

– Who wants to take over your Marriage.

– Who wants to take over your Business.

– Who wants to take over your Preaching.

– He wants to take over your Life.

– He wants to take over your Health.

The Doctors has tried enough for you. They are even tired of you – When they heard that you are coming, they say that they are not around.

Your case is so bad – Don’t worry, let Him take over tonight!

And as you allow Jesus Christ to take over and be a Captain of your Life; your Story will Change tonight – Amen!

Peter was just looking for some fishes to sell to eat; Jesus Christ gave him overdose!

I want to make a Call tonight:

You are one of those People that has tried and tried on your own and you have ended up with Nothing.

That Particular area of your Life:

I. You said: Well my Finances are okay; it’s just my Marriage – He is going to take over.

II. You say: My Finances are okay, it’s just my Health – He will take over.

III. You said: Well, my Healthy is okay, it’s just that there is no Money – He will take over.

IV. You said that everything is okay, it’s just my Career that is a Failure – Jesus Christ will take over.

It is the boat that you “Hand Over” to Jesus Christ that will be filled with Overflowing!

And once you give over your Life, the first thing that Jesus Christ will take from you is your sin!

He took over Peter sin when Peter cried that I am a Sinner and He gave Him a New Destiny!

– Do you want Jesus Christ to take over your boat?

– Are you serious about it?

– Do you really want it?

– Have you identified the areas of your Life where you need Jesus Christ to step in?

I’m going to Pray with you tonight – I will hand you over to Captain Jesus and you are going to hand over the boat of your Life to Him.

And I assured you that by the time the Heavens begin to release the Miracles; you will go back home with Overload – Amen!

So, I’m going to make a Call now for those who knows there is an empty boat area in your Life and you want Jesus Christ to take over.

The first thing that Jesus Christ took away from Peter was his sin; when he said: I am a Sinner, depart from me.

The Miracle gave him the Conviction.

And Jesus Christ said: Don’t worry, I will make you Fisher of Men.

James and John brought their boat and all of them became Fisher of Men!

Let Us Pray!


i want to make a Call for those of you who wants Jesus Christ to take over in your Life – Take over that area and give you a Boat-Sinking Miracle.

I will ask you to come out quickly as we will be Praying – And Jesus Christ will take over and there will be Boat-Sinking Miracle Offer to you tonight.

So, if you want to come, start coming now – Come and hand over the boat of your Life to Him now.

I will count from one (1) to ten (10) – Those of you that encountered God tonight, start coming and come quickly.

Those of you infront, say: Jesus Christ take over the boat of my Life.

I Surrender to You: My Academics, Business, Marriage, Future Health, Ministry – Saying I am tired as I have tried and tried.


Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy riven side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure,
Save me from its guilt and Power.

Say: Father, everything making my Life to be empty, take it away from me now.

Take away my sins, my Suffering, my Emptiness; Oh Lord.


Not the Labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All could never sin erase,
Thou must save, and save by Grace.

Nothing in my hands I bring,
Simply to Thy Cross I cling;
Naked, come to Thee for dress,
Helpless, look to Thee for Grace:
Foul, I to the fountain fly,
Wash me, Savior, or I die.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in Death,
When I soar to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy Judgment Throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

IIn Jesus Name we Pray – Amen!


Please say after me:

Lord Jesus, You know my Struggles, You know my Frustrations, You know my Emptiness and You have spotted me Out.

I Surrender my Life to You, I Surrender the boat of my Life to You – I Surrender everything to You.

From today, become the Commander of my Life, the Director of my Life and the Captain of my boat.

By Your Grace,, anything You say; I will obey; even if I don’t understand, I will follow Your Instructions.

And I believed that as You gave Peter a Great Miracle, You will give me my Miracle tonight and I will go back home with my boat overloaded with Blessings.

I received Forgiveness for all my sins and I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

I believed that Jesus Christ died and rose from the Dead and I made Jeaus Christ as the Captain of my Life.

I believe that You are coming again and I will follow You as Peter followed You. And I will follow You to the End.

In Jesus Name – Amen!

Now, Please Place your hands on your head as I want to Pray for you!


You came to this Convention – Don’t do what Gehazi did, so that you will not go home with Gehazi’s Problem.

God asked me to tell you – You know what you have been doing and He has told you severally.

People are going home with “Loaded Blessings”; may you not go home with “Loaded Trouble”.

The one the Holy Spirit is speaking to, knows!


Father, I have declared Your Counsel – You took the sin from Petter and You gave him a Ministry; You took his Failure and Emptiness and You gave Him Abundance.

You revealed Yourself to Peter to the Point that he looked at the fish and said: I think there is something more than this fish.

Father, more than the Miracles that is waiting; reveal Great Things to them in the Name of Jesus.

The Revelation that made Peter to abandoned the Fish and followed You, give it to us tonight in the Name of Jesus.

Father I declare – From today, your boat will never be empty again.

No more Failure in your Academics, no more Sorrow and Unfulfillment in your Marriage, no more Business Failure, no more Fruitless Labour.

By the Word of the Lord, I declare into your Life – Enter into your Abundance; “Little Labour” much Fruits, “Little Labour” much Success in the Name of Jesus.

Be Connected with your Destiny – You will Prosper, you will Excel, you will no longer Struggle in vain, every Directions you turn, Help will come to you – Heaven will help you, Angels will work for you.

Jesus Christ will be your Captain for the rest of your Life.

Glory be to God!

Father, I Pray for myself as well as all Your Children, give us the Heart to do whatever You tell us to do and let us not be Disobedient Children.

Jesus Christ, You know where to find whatever we are looking for; You have the answer to every Questions – Tonight, answer every Questions, Supply more than we need and exceed all our Expectations.

And beyond the “Temporal Miracles”; be our “Eternal King”.

Thank You Heavenly Father and Glory be to Jesus.

And in Jesus Name you remained Bless – Amen!

Shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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