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TEXT: Prov 6:16-19; Eccl 12:13-14; Luke 12:15; Rom 12:1-2; 1 Tim 4:12; Titus 2:7-8
Key Verse: Galatians 1:10
Am l now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be servant of Christ. (NIV)
One of the main purposes we were created is to please God, We have the opportunity to live this out every day in the choices we make. Unfortunately, our society has become incredibly hedonistic – most people only live to please themselves. The life standards of the world are set by people who have only their own interest in mind. But Christians have a higher set of standards to follow that lead to eternal life.
The general image unbelievers have about Christians is that we are all miserable and don’t have the ability to enjoy our lives because we are living by God’s rules. That is far from the truth. Living by God’s rules allows us to live fulfilled lives. When we obey God, we are doing what we were created to do. As you teach this study, keep this truth in mind, and try to communicate to students that there is peace and contentment in obeying God. Feel free to insert any personal experiences you have had when living by God’s Law enhanced or bettered your situation in any way.
>>The Basic Message: Explain to students…
God wants us to live by His standards of right and wrong.
Our lives will not be pleasing to God if we let our friends and our society define our standards.
Commit to a lifestyle that pleases God, stand for what’s right no matter the cost, and live out a good example of Christianity to those around you.
>>Study Overview: Explain that today’s study considers…
• How society tries to define what’s right and wrong.
• How friends’ view and worldly standards cannot be the gauge by which Christian sets his or her own standards.
• How being a godly example can attract a hurting world.
>>inform and Discuss
a). Don’t let Society Set Your Standards
>>Guide: Explain that every person has certain standards they live by.
They have rules that allow them to determine what is acceptable and what they should avoid. The laws of our country set some of those standards and limits for us.
1. Why do you think we have these laws and limits?
>Guide: Explain that standards are set with our best interest in mind. Parents often buy their young children things like tricycles, thus setting a standard that healthy activity for the child is desired. On the other hand, parents limit where their children ride tricycles to protect them from harm. In the same way, God has set certain standards for our lives that are in our best interest.
2. Read or have a volunteer read Prov 6:16-19. What do the things God detests have in common? [Hint Al the actions are self-serving rather than focusing on others. Some of them, like lying, killing, and starting dissension directly harm others.)
>>Guide: Explain that our standards should be set on doing good to others, not only doing what is good for us. Sometimes this can seem at odds to a popular view in society – the one that encourages you to get everything you can for yourself, even at the expense of others.
>>Guide: Read or have a volunteer read Luke 12:15. Explain that this verse tells us to stay away from greed. This is contrary to the standard the society sets, which glories focus on gathering up all the possessions we can.
3. What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possession”?
>>Guide: Explain that possessions cone and go. If you set your value and self-worth based on what you have, you will feel good when you have a lot and terrible when you lose it. Instead our self-Worth should be found in our relationship with God and the fact that we are His beautiful creation whom He loves and cherishes.
b). Live to Please God
1. Read or have a volunteer read Rom 12:1-2. Why should we live lives focused on pleasing God? [Hint: Our lives should be focused on doing what pleases God for three reasons:
• Because of the mercy we have been shown.
• Because it is a spiritual act of worship.
• Because it allows us to find God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will.]
2. How does doing what pleases God make our lives better? [Hint: God has a perfect will and plan for each of our lives. When we live to please God we know that we will and are able to fulfil God’s will. When we are fulfilling it, our quality of life improves because we are doing what we were created to do.]
3. If pleasing God allows us to fulfil our created purpose, why do some people choose to please themselves or others instead? [Hint: It allows them to fulfil their own selfish desires because they either don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge that God’s desires are better for them than their own.]
c.) Stay Accountable
1. Read or have a volunteer read Titus 2:7-8. Why was it important for Titus to be an example in godly living? [Hint: As a pastor, his actions were being watched closely. In the same way, people are watching your actions to see how you live, and whether or not you are following Christ’s standards.]
2. Read or have a volunteer read 1 Tim 4:12. Why was it necessary and important for Timothy to be an example to all Christians regardless of his age? [Hint: Though a young pastor, Timothy’s age didn’t mean he was excused from being a good example. Teens in our society are sometimes expected to rebel against- rules and act irresponsibly. Christian teens should put off social expectations and follow God’s expectations by setting an example for society as well as other Christians.]
>>Guide: Explain that teenagers often follow the examples set by other teenagers. One teenager passionately pursuing God’s will can inspire others to do the same. The energy produced by a group of positively charged teenagers can not only energize a church worship service, but it can cause a godly spiritual revolution that can change a whole church atmosphere for the better. Don’t waste this awesome season of your life, make impact!!
3. Read or have a volunteer read Eccl 12:13-14. What does It mean to fear God?
>>Guide: Explain that we are not only accountable to each other to be a good example, but ultimately we are accountable to God to do what is right.
God will judge every action we take. That can seem like a lot of pressure, but it should be used as a motivation to do what is right. We should obey God because we have respect for who He is.
>>Involve Them: FAST HAND
Distribute paper and pen or pencil. Write a simple sentence or verse on the board and ask students to copy down the verse or sentence with the hand which they do not usually write. After they’re done, discuss with them the following questions:
• What challenge did you encounter keeping to the instruction?
• What are some examples of times when doing what was right was more difficult than doing what was wrong?
>>Guide: Explain that it would have been much easier and probably faster to have copied what was on the board with their normal writing hand, but doing so would have disqualified them from winning the race. It is always necessary and important to follow God standards on every issue of life, instead of falling to the temptation of following easy but ungodly standards.
>>Inspire Them: Remind students “The Basic Message” of this study (pg 78), explain WHAT the Big Idea behind the study is; WHY it matters; and HOW we can live the lesson captured in the study.
>>Ministry Activity: GOALS
Allow students to form small groups of three to four people. In each small group, allow students to share something in their lives they want to commit to do (or not do) based on what God wants from them (e.g. praying twice a day, not watching movies of a certain rating, hanging out with a certain friend more for witnessing opportunities, etc.) After sharing their goals, allow a member from the group to pray for the group’s success in fulfilling their goals.
>>Teacher Hint: Ask Yourself…
1. Do students understand why its important to live by God’s standards?
2. Can students explain why they mustn’t let friends or society define their standards of behaviour?
3. Were students given opportunity to commit to a lifestyle that pleases God?
4. Did students define ways they could live as example of Christ to others?
>>Dally Dew Drops
Mon: Do What’s Right – Deuteronomy 6:18
Tue: Keep Doing Good – Galatians 6:9
Wed: The Only Thing to Boast about – Jeremiah 9:24
Thu: God Is Just – Job 37:22-24
Fri: He Will Answer You – Psalms 65:5
Sat: All Will Bow to Him – Revelations 15:3

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