R. Stedman Daily How to Shine A daily devotion for March 13th

R. Stedman Daily How to Shine

What happens when a Christian behaves in unbelief? As Paul points out, the world around cannot see Christ, so there is no light in their darkness. In other words, if the life your neighbors see in you is explainable only in terms of your human personality and background, what do you have to say to your neighbors that will awaken them to their need of Christ? If the situations you face cause you to react with the same murmuring and discontent and bitterness they have, what’s the difference between your quality of life and theirs? They will simply say, my life is explained in terms of my personality. I like certain sports and entertainment, and certain kinds of music and you like religion — that’s all. ( R. Stedman Daily How to Shine ) Unless there is a quality of life that can be explained only in terms of God there is nothing to challenge the world around. The world waits to see God, and they will as Christians stop their mumbling and complaining and disputing.

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There must be that quality of life explainable only in terms of God, and then, as Paul says, as we live in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, the light of the gospel will shine into the darkness of where you live. This is what Jesus means when he says, Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works. Stop your mumbling and complaining and disputing about everything that comes in your life. It is only the obedience of faith that produces that quality of life which cannot be explained simply in terms of your own human personality.

Forgive me for my grumbling, Lord. Help me to trust you in every situation and in doing so shine brightly in a dark world. R. Stedman Daily How to Shine

Life Application: Do we have a lifestyle of complaint that simply discredits the authenticity of our Christian witness? What is the counterpart to grumbling and argument that will release the Light of Christ in this world’s darkness?

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