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Major 1 deals with a prophecy hijacker Video

Major 1 deals with a prophecy hijacker Video

Have you ever wondered what could be God’s voice upon your life? Major 1 locates a woman in a congregation and, as a PROPHET OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, he gives her direction on which man is meant for her life. To prove that God is speaking, Major 1 tells her of the past relationships which she confirms to be true.

Khesed Favor Diplomatic Service LIVE : The Things Of The Spirit Teaching By Major 1 | Ecg Church
People tend to remember curses than blessings. Many recall incidents where


grandmother, Neighbor, parents cursed them but they fail to remember the many times a random person blessed them or the time they’re Pastor/ Prophet told them ‘your blessed’.

Remember blessings not a curse bare confidence in the Lords blessings.


Major 1 deals with a prophecy hijacker Video 247devotionals.coom
Major 1 deals with a prophecy hijacker Video 247devotionals.coom

-Major 1

October 14th 2018 Sunday Service Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Live streaming
Sunday Service LIVE: Find Chen and Khased

Wherever you go, may you find Khased and Chen wherever you go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”
We can be shaken But not destroyed!
Sunday Service LIVE: Obtain Favour

“Do I have women in the house, I want to talk to you now. It don’t matter how beautiful or expensive the make up, perfume your friend do apply, you are going to be lived over her after you obtain favour today.

But it is useless to be favoured by everyone and not God”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE Bushiri 247devotionals.com
Sunday Service LIVE Bushiri 247devotionals.com
Sunday Service LIVE: Why Esther?
The Bible explains how Esther was a Jew and an orphan.She stayed with her uncle Mordecai because she had no parents.

In the King’s kingdom there was a wicked man called Haman.Everyday a Jew was hung and killed.

Why do we say Esther had found favor? Because she was from in a foreign land.She was old and the king had called for virgins.

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: Receive favour
“There is a favour I want you to receive and this is the favour God want you to have today”


Shephard Bushiri
Prophetic Voice 247devotionals.com Shephard Bushiri

Sunday Service LIVE: You are chosen over every one

“When you operate with Chen and Khased, you will be picked, chose and favoured over everyone even over your competition”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: A double Khased and Chen impact
“Esther received things she didn’t deserve by the kings uncommon kindness”

-Major 1
Sunday Service LIVE: Know this!

“What matters is if you have this types of Favor from people and God knows it is done.

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: Favor

“We might have people who have been praying for something but no answer to prayer.After you receive Chen favor today things will begin to happen on your favor.!”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: Until you receive it
“You have been praying for so long, and you haven’t received yet. But wait until you receive Khased and Chen favour”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: Receive Chen Favour

“Chen is receiving what you don’t deserve”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE; The Esther Change!
Esther 2:17Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)

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The king loved Esther more than any of the other young women, and she became his favorite. He approved of her more than any of the others. So King Xerxes put a crown on Esther’s head and made her the new queen in place of Vashti.

Two things happen to Esther and they changed everything about her.l which are Chen and khased.

Kindness which is not common.there is a level.where as a Christian you graduate and reach.

Chen is a favor that you don’t deserve.
You don’t work for it.

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: A certain level of spirituality
“After this service you will understand you needed this teaching. Sometimes you will realise you needed a certain level of spirituality”.

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: Only to those who believe!

In this month I am very sure that it is a month of shining but only to those who believe!”

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: A star on your forehead
“This is a month which God is going to put a star on your forehead”

-Major 1
Sunday Service LIVE:You will shine!

“A star shines where there is darkness. So in this month the same people going through dark moments will shine!”

-Major 1
Sunday Service LIVE: Month of Esther!
“The word Esther means -“a star” Which means that this month is a month of you shining like a star.

It is a month of shining like a star.They will look at you and wonder!”

-Major 1
Sunday Service LIVE: Month of Esther!

“Move around and tell your neighbor that in this month they will experience favor .!”

-Major 1
Sunday Service LIVE : A father pays homage to a son

Today our father began by comforting sons and daughters over the loss of gems in our midst, namely James, Beston and Brain who have since completed their walk on earth. The Prophet of God called on the Media crew to show the prophetic utterance earlier in the year as well as the teaching where he explicitly spoke of the end of life as we know on earth. The prophet encouraged us to rejoice that we had the amazing ministry of our brother James and Major 1 mentioned how we can forever enjoy the beautiful music that has made James legend in our family. We observed a moment of joy in remembrance of the wonderful mission that our brothers have completed.

Do not mourn but rejoice for these heroes have returned to heaven and will be received there as men who worked well on earth.

“When your body fails you, may your spirit must live on” Major 1

James , Beston and Brain will be forever celebrated both here and in heaven as saints whose walk was glorious!

Sunday Service LIVE: He loves you!

“God’s love is beyond our imagination.”!

-Major 1

Sunday Service LIVE: God is good all the time!
“We are glad we are in the house of God. God is so good and the badness of the devil will never win over us

God allowed you to be here today.!”


Sunday Service LIVE: Opening Remarks!

Thank You Jesus
We bow and before You
In Glory and praise
Thanking You for who you are.
We Thank you because You are with us,
Hope of Glory,
We thank you because today is a set day
A set day for someone to receive
We ask Your presence through Your son Jesus Christ.

Major 1 Sunday Service LIVE: Gear up , the fire is coming!
All women on fire, get your gear for the Women on Fire. T-shirts are available and it is going to be an amazing gathering of the daughters of fire! Come with a friend, encourage a woman to attend. Our mother will be here and we shall be in the spirit.

Contact the information desk and allow your life to be set alight so that you can set the world on fire!

Sunday Service LIVE: Women on Fire!
All roads will lead to ECG on Saturday because women from all over the world will meet the grace that is in this house. Women will gather in their large numbers as our mother in the Lord hosts the annual conference. Women will enjoy the power and the praise – God will be blessing the queens of ECG in this month of Esther!

Major 1 deals with a prophecy hijacker Video

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