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Joyce Meyer ‘s daily sermon for today : Traits of a Responsible Person

Topic:Traits of a Responsible Person

When a person is committed to being responsible, you can count on them to be dependable. They finish what they start
and do what they say they will do. They rarely give up on anything because they are steadfast and dedicated.

joyce meyer ministries
joyce meyer ministries

Responsible people pay their bills on time. They think ahead and don’t spend more money than they earn. If they do fall on hard times, they don’t ignore their responsibilities, but they are truthful with those they are committed to and make
arrangements to make things right as soon as they can.

Responsible people don’t have to worry about the future, because they have planned ahead. They have prepared for the
future by saving a portion of what they earn for emergencies or retirement. In Proverbs chapter 31,

we meet a woman who is the perfect example of what a responsible person looks like.
She gets up before sunrise to plan for the day. She works hard, and although she wants to expand, she always seriously
considers whether expanding would be prudent. She spends time with God so she is strong for whatever life may bring. She helps the poor and needy. She doesn’t fear bad weather because she has already made proper clothing for her family.

Responsible people take good care of what they own.
They are good stewards of what God has blessed them with.
They take care of themselves because they know their life and health are gifts from God that they need to protect. They take
care of family obligations, including meeting the needs of elderly parents or grandparents.

When they have a job that needs to be done, they do it. They do it without having to be prodded or reminded multiple times. They are self-motivated, and that means they don’t need outside influence to make them do what they should be doing.

I believe that helping the poor and those who are less fortunate than we are is not only a nice thing to do but is our
responsibility. The Bible teaches us not to forget them.
He who despises his neighbor sins [against God, his fellowman, and himself], but happy (blessed and fortunate) is he who is kind and merciful to the poor.
Proverbs 14:21

Helping people who are hurting is not something we can do or not do depending on how we happen to feel at the time; it
is something God has commanded us to do. It is our responsibility.



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Anyone who has anything is responsible to help someone who has less than they do.
I have been blessed with a responsible nature, and I have seen the benefit and rewards of it in my life. My brother, who
is now deceased, was not responsible, and I can honestly say that his entire life was one big mess after another. I loved him,
but he was lazy, mediocre, and irresponsible.

He had every opportunity in front of him that anyone could have had, but he
wanted others to do for him what he should have been doing for himself. Everyone who is successful is also responsible.
Success and personal responsibility cannot be separated.
It doesn’t matter how many opportunities we have in life if we won’t be responsible to do what we need to do to take
advantage of them. I boldly ask you to examine your life truthfully. Are you a responsible individual? Are there areas in
which you could improve?

Do you make excuses when you do
something wrong? Are you defensive when you are corrected?
As I said, facing truth is often emotionally painful, but it is one of the most powerful and freeing things that we can do. If you
don’t already have the habit of being responsible, are you willing to start right now developing it?

Responsible people do not have to feel like doing the right thing in order to do it. They cease asking themselves how they
feel early in life because they know there will be times when they won’t feel like doing what they should be doing, and they
have already decided not to let how they feel make their decisions.

When a mother has young children, she must take care of them no matter how she feels. She doesn’t even consider not taking care of them because she knows that she
must do it. We should look at more of our responsibilities like that.

Let’s stop seeing our responsibilities as options and instead see them as things that we must do.

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