Joyce Meyer ‘s daily sermon for today :Integrity



Integrity is vitally important. It is part of being an excellent person. People of integrity take responsibility for their actions.

joyce meyer ministries
joyce meyer ministries

They keep their commitments instead of making excuses for not keeping them. They keep their promises. They do what
they tell people they are going to do, and if for some reason they absolutely cannot, then they contact the person, give an
explanation—not an excuse—and ask to be released from the commitment.

We expect God to keep His promises, and He expects us to keep ours. Some people today don’t even know what the word integrity means. It should be taught in schools and colleges, and if it were, we would have more people in the
world with good character. As I mentioned earlier, God told me that if I wanted to be a success in ministry, then I must be a person of integrity.

To us at Joyce Meyer Ministries, this has been a top priority. I know there have been times when we have not been able to do what we said we would do, but it was
never intentional. I have learned over the years to be more careful about the commitments I make. When we make them rashly or emotionally, we often end up wishing we hadn’t made
them at all and sometimes find that we cannot keep them.

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Be very careful when you give your word that you will do something. It is better to not commit at all  than to commit and
then make an excuse for not following through.

Don’t even tell someone that you will call them back on the phone unless you
intend to do so.


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