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Joyce Meyer ‘s daily sermon for today : Be Aggressive in Your Approach to Life

Topic: Be Aggressive in Your Approach to Life

joyce meyer ministries

True godly aggression begins in the inner man. Be bold and aggressive, approaching each day with confidence, expecting
to be successful in whatever you do that day.

If we have a quiet, confident inner attitude, we will never have any problem
doing what we need to do. Confidence is not a feeling that we must work up and then go out into the world and move fast,
talk loud, and often be obnoxious. It is a quiet and beautiful thing that begins in the heart and stands firm in its conviction
that we are not alone and we are able. The attitude of the confident person is filled with cans, not can’ts. It is firm, steadfast, and strong in the Lord.
Approach every area of life with confidence. If you are facing a major change at this time in your life, don’t be afraid of it. You can be confident that it will be a new season of blessing. If you are in the midst of some trial or difficulty, even
in that you can be confident that God has a plan and that He will never allow more to happen to you than you can bear. He
will provide a way out, and you will gain valuable experience that will aid you in the future.

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