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Joyce Meyer daily sermon for today : Help Yourself

Topic: Help Yourself

If you want to form a habit of being excellent, develop some kind of system to help you remember to press past the point of comfort. It is easy to vacuum in the middle of the room, but to do an excellent job you may have to get under the furniture and move a few things out of the way.

joyce meyer ministries

Pressing into excellence won’t be easy at first, but eventually it will become a habit and you won’t be comfortable unless you do everything you do in the best way possible.

I am a big fan of signs or notes to help us remember while we are forming new habits. Make five signs that simply say
EXCELLENCE and place them strategically where you will see them several times a day. I also strongly believe in the
power of verbal confession to help us form a new image of ourselves, so try saying out loud at least ten times day, “I do what I do with excellence.” Do that for a while and then expand your confession to “I am an excellent person, I do my work with excellence, I take excellent care of myself and all that I own, I treat people excellently, I think excellent thoughts, and I speak excellent words.” The confessions you make, perhaps totally by faith in the beginning of your journey, will help you not only remember to do things with excellence, but they will change how you see yourself.

Once you see yourself as being excellent, it will be no struggle to do what you do with excellence.
Remember that habits are developed through repetition.
As you repeatedly choose the more excellent way in every situation, you will not only form the habit of excellence, you will break the habit of mediocrity.

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