Happy New Month From Joyce Meyer – Devotional MAY 01, 2018


Joyce Meyer Devotional MAY 01, 2018

TOPIC- Hunger and Thirst for Peace Devotional guide by Joyce Meyer for May 2018

When Jesus sent out the disciples two by two to preach and heal, He told them to go into each city, find in it a suitable house in which to stay, and to say to the people, “Peace be unto you.” He went on to say that if they were accepted, they should stay there and minister. But if they were not accepted, they were to leave, shaking the very dust of that place off their feet (see Matthew 10:11-15).

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I used to wonder why Jesus said that. Then the Lord revealed to me that if the disciples remained in a house or city that was in strife, they could not do any real work there. Do you know why? Because strife grieves the Holy Spirit. When peace leaves, the Holy Spirit leaves, and He is the one who does the real work. Joyce Meyer Devotional MAY 01, 2018

When you picture Jesus going about ministering to others, how do you see Him? Certainly not with the hurry-up attitude we often have. Don’t you instead get an image of Him ministering in quiet, tranquil peace? That is a trait you and I need to develop. As ambassadors for Christ, we need to be more like our Master. If we want to do anything for our Lord and Savior, we need to learn to hunger and thirst for peace.

Prayer Starter: Joyce Meyer May 1

Father, thank You for Your peace. Please reveal any areas of my life where I am allowing strife to creep in. Help me to become a “maker and maintainer of peace” everywhere I go (see Matthew 5:9). In Jesus’ Name, Amen { Joyce Meyer Devotional MAY 01, 2018}


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