From The Book Of Making Good Decision – Reprogram Yourself By Joyce Meyer


Topic: Reprogram Yourself

It’s amazing how powerful your subconscious mind is. Every
single time you do something, your subconscious programs it
into your brain.

The more you do it, the more entrenched the

program becomes. I have been amazed at how difficult it is for
me to do a new exercise and how much easier it gets each
time I do it.

My coach told me that it is not because I am too

weak to do the new exercise but because my cells have to get
accustomed to doing it. Each time I do a new exercise, my
cells remember it and it is easier the next time. God has
created us in an amazing way, and He has enabled us to be
excellent people simply through doing the best things over and
over again until they become part of who we are.



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I have a bad habit of throwing my makeup brushes into a
drawer after I use them. When I put on my makeup the next
day, I get frustrated because it seems I can never find the
brush I want.


So I am in the process of forming a new habit
right now. In order to do so, I have had to slow down and keep
my mind on what I am doing. Now, as I use the brushes, I take
the time to put them where I know they will be the next day. I have only been at it about three days, but by the end of three
or four weeks it will be a habit and I won’t have to put out the
same effort to remember it that I do now. I think a lot of our
bad habits are simply the result of being in too big a hurry to do
a thing right to start with.
Some people never pay attention to what they are doing,
so they almost never know where anything is when they need
it. This type of disorganization causes a lot of frustration,
stress, and loss of precious time. Through repetition, you can
become organized in any area you need to. Remember, though
difficult at first, it will get easier as time goes by. Slow down,
breathe, and actually take the time to think about what you are
Charles Dickens said, “I could never have done what I
have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and
diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on
one subject at a time.” God had given him a tremendous gift of
storytelling, but he still had to form good habits of
concentration, order, and diligence to be a good steward of his
Many people are talented but don’t bother to form good
habits. They won’t discipline themselves to do what they know
they should do, but instead they wait to be moved by some
outside force. This is called passivity, and it is a huge open
door for the devil. If we are not actively doing what is right, it
becomes very easy for the devil to get us to do what is wrong.


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