Devotions by Ray Stedman -To Cause To Shine- A daily devotion for May 29th

Topic:To Cause To Shine
A daily devotion for May 29th
Read the Scripture: Acts 11:27-30

What wonderful instruction in the Holy Spirit they must have had under the leadership of these two men! They understood the essential character of the church — that it is a body that shares life, one member with another. You notice that there is no sense of hierarchy here, no priesthood. There is just the body of Christians together, one group in Jerusalem and one in Antioch. One has need and the other has plenty. And so the body in Antioch sent to the body in Jerusalem what was required to meet their need and to share together in the life that is in Jesus Christ. What a wonderful picture this is of the church. The essential characteristics of a church are all here: The gifts of the Spirit, the shared life in Jesus, the proclamation of the Word, the teaching of the Scripture, the sharing of the body; it is all here.
Lord, thank you for your Word. I pray that you would cause it to shine in me and that I would respond as these early Christians did.
Life Application: Godly, biblical leadership in Christ’s Body will assure the outworking of the spiritual gifts, including sensitive, compassionate attention to others’ needs. Are we attentive and obedient to our personal gifting of the Spirit? Does the love and compassion of Jesus find full expression in our serving? Shine, Jesus, shine!
We hope you were blessed by this daily devotion.

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