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Daystar Online Service 4th August 2019

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Daystar Online Service Live September Streaming

Daystar online is the virtual church of Daystar Christian Centre. Our Senior Pastors are Sam & Nike Adeyemi. The Internet has broken down the barrier of communications across the globe. Our purpose is to help you enjoy Daystar’s experience and deep connection. Each week, we gather to worship and serve God. The Daystar experience is one like none other. God’s promise of transformation is sure to manifest in your life. You are never alone. We want to be there for and with you. Our team of dedicated members is here to journey along with you till your transformation manifests. Welcome to your place of victory.

Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos under the
leadership of our Senior Pastors, Sam & Nike Adeyemi. Our Vision is to raise role
models in the society. Our core values form the acronym REAL.
R – Righteousness
E – Excellence
A – Accountability
L – Love

The Covenant (Part 1) by Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Daystar Online Service

Topic: The Covenant (Part 1)

Psalm 89:34-35 – “34 My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips. 35 Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David.”

Our faith as believers is a function of a love relationship with God which exists within a context which is called a covenant. A covenant is an agreement that is legally binding. Why do we need agreement? An agreement increases the degree of certainty that the terms of a relationship will be met or that promises will be kept.

In Gen 15, Abraham was in this scenario in which he needed some assurance that what God had promised him in Gen 12 would come to pass. Time was passing and nothing was changing except his body and Sarah’s body. God told him to take some animals to cut them into halves. God had to come down to speak human language to Abraham in order to give him the assurance that what He promised would come to pass. In those days, people would cut blood covenants that way. A covenant cut with blood was literally cut with a person’s life. The blood covenant is the highest form of agreement. The two parties would pass through the middle. Those animals died on their behalf indicating that they had ceased to exist the way they were before. When the two parties passed through the middle, it means the old them is dead and there is a new them now and the two parties were fused together and were now one. So Abraham passed through the middle and in the evening, there came a burning lamp and it passed through the middle and God spoke to Abraham that He was going to give that land to his descendants. Abraham came out of that experience with faith exploding in his heart.

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The validity of the covenant depends on the integrity of the parties in the covenant. This covenant cannot fail from God’s end because God will never lie. In Hebrews 6:13-20 describes what happened in Genesis 15. There is absolutely no threat to God’s capacity to fulfil His promises. God cannot lie because God cannot die. If He makes a promise to you, He will hang around you till it is fulfilled. Daystar Online Service 02 June 2019

God will not lie because there is no power that  can stop Him. God cannot be stopped by the power witchcraft. We were raised on the culture and diet of fear of witchcraft which has shaped our Christianity. Our concept of God and prayer point. If any entity anywhere can leverage supernatural powers to stop god, that god is not the God of the Bible.

In Numbers 23:19-20, Balaam was hired to curse Israel, he proclaimed that God has blessed and he can’t curse them. God cannot lie because whatever He says is created.

Our greatest aspiration in life should be to cultivate a relationship with God. Jesus said in Matt 22:37-38 that loving God was the first and greatest commandment. Unfortunately we have been indoctrinated into a transactional relationship. We recognize God because of what He can do. But love is a celebration of value. Loving God is celebrating His worth and value. Praise is celebrating what He does, Worship is celebrating who He is, His value. Your greatest ecstasy on this planet will be found in a loving a relationship with Him then ultimately you will be able come to the point where like Jesus in John 10:30, you will say “I and my father are one”

Pastor Samuel Adeyemi is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast growing, life changing church committed to “raising role models” based in Lagos. He is also the President of Success Power International

Daystar Online Service Live September Streaming

Daystar Live Online Service September

Daystar Online Service Live September Streaming
At Daystar Christian Centre, the most recurrent word is change. Timely and inspired
change is the mark of a healthy church that is alive to the directive of the Holy Spirit.
Daystar has evolved over the years, passing through series of changes required for
more effective church ministry and by implication a greater impact on the larger society.
In this vein, the church has been restructured to function in line with its core purposes
which are: membership, maturity, evangelism and mission, ministry and worship.
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Daystar Online Service Live September Streaming

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