Daily Devotions May 8th, In Touch Ministries: The Importance of Motive

Daily Devotions May 8th, In Touch Ministries

TOPIC- The Importance of Motive Devotional by Charles Stanley

Bible verse for today: 1 Samuel 17:20-30

Our culture is action-oriented. Generally, when we see a problem, we plunge ahead with a solution. But before taking action, it would be wise to examine our motives. Not every good deed is prompted by a good motive.

In Touch Devotional

Think about the last conflict you faced, or maybe the one you’re experiencing right now. Are God’s honor and your spiritual growth the focus of your desires? If not, then you are at odds with what He is trying to accomplish in your life. But if His will is more important to you than your own agenda, you can be certain that He will use the battle for your good and His glory.

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Bible in One Year: 1 Chronicles 22-24

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