Daily Devotional Joyce Meyer – JULY 05, 2018 Adventurous


Daily Devotional Joyce Meyer – JULY 05

TOPIC FOR TODAY – Adventurous written by Joyce Meyer

Bible Verse for today – by Joyce Meyer

…Then shall your light break forth like the dawn…

— Isaiah 58:8

Adventurous means to be “inclined or willing to incur hazard; bold to encounter danger; daring; courageous; enterprising.”

read Isiah 26 Joyce

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Every human being wants to be free. We want to try new things, to be bold and fearless, to live an exciting, adventurous life.

We were created by God to have goals and to press toward them, and to dream of bigger and better things than what we have ever known. But fear and doubt can leave us frozen in place, unable to do much of anything except be idle and alone with our torment. As long as we become inactive every time we feel a doubt or have a sense of worry, we won’t live in confidence and we’ll miss out on the exciting, adventurous life God has for us. by Joyce Meyer

Please be assured that Jesus died not only for the forgiveness of your sins, but also so that you might enjoy a passionate, fruitful, and powerful life in Him. Be determined to experience all that He died to give you.

Prayer Starter by Joyce Meyer

Father, I ask for Your help to live the adventurous life You have for me. Help me to not hold back out of fear or doubt, but confidently walk forward into all You put in my heart to do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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