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Proverbs 10:19; 15:28; 20:19; 20:11; 31:26; James 3:2-12

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord (Psalm 19:14, NIV).

To help the child understand the importance of controlling his/her words and to know that controlling his/her tongue is one way to witness for Christ with his/her life.

During and after the lesson, each child will show that he/she understands the lesson by:
1. Mentioning ways he/she, can use his/her tongue in a wrong way and in a right way.
2. Saying how he/she can control his/her tongue.
3. Praying the words of the memory verse unto the Lord.

1. What Words Are Like – James 3:2-12.
2. Wise Use of Words – Proverbs 10:19; 15:26;29:11;31;26.
3. Wrong Use of Words – Prov 10:19b: 15:28; 29:11b; 31:26.

Words can do or undo. They can build or pull down. You may, at one time or the other have said something to someone maybe a friend or your brother, sister, or classmate that either made the person happy or unhappy. It is the tongue that helped you say the very thing that caused trouble or caused joy.
The tongue is the organ of speech in the human body. We use it to make words. And we use words to communicate with others. It is the tongue that helps us make the words. They can be a blessing or they can get us into trouble. We often misuse God’s name. Some use bad language. Some say cruel things about others all with the tongue.
The tongue is a small but very, very powerful part of the body that will either help or destroy our witness for Jesus. The tongue needs to be controlling our words.
From this week’s lesson, we will understand the importance of controlling our words and we shall learn how controlling the tongue is one way to witness for Christ with our lives.

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1. What the Tongue Is Like – James 3:2-12
People stumble in many ways but a perfect person is the one who does not stumble through the use of his tongue. He is able to bridle or keep it in check and therefore able to keep his whole body in check.
James compares our tongues to a horse, a rudder on a ship – these are small things yet they can do great things for good or bad. People use bits in the mouths of horses to make them obey them. Very small rudders can turn ships no matter how great they are to go where the captain wants. But it is not so with the tongue. The Bible says that no man can tame the tongue though they can tame every kind of animals. People can tame every kind of animals, but no person can tame the tongue. It has the power to be unruly and full of deadly poison.
Though the tongue is a little part of r the body, it is a fire (v6), and a little fire can destroy a big forest. The same tongue can be used to bless God and to curse men at the same time. Thus blessing and cursing come from the same mouth. It should not be so since it is not possible for the same stream to bring out fresh water and bitter water or the same tree to bear two kinds of fruits at the same time.

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2. Wrong Use of Words – Proverbs 10:19a; 15:28b; 20:19; 29:11a
Solomon says that he that talks to much gets people into trouble. Sin is always present where there is talkativeness. People who talk too much soon run out of what to say and they start talking about things they know nothing about. They end up revealing secrets and hurting the feelings of others.
One way our words can cause damage is through gossip. The mouth of the wicked man pours out evil. Such a person is a talebearer or one who reveals secrets, lies, gossips, criticises, makes fun of others, and even uses the name of God in vain. Using the name of God in vain has to do with any reference to God or His character said in a way that doesn’t give honour to Him. Solomon says we should not associate with a person who uses his tongue wrongly. Such a person is a fool. He says out all he feels without any bit of self- control.

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3. Wise Use of Words – Proverbs 10:19b; 15:28; 29:11b; 31:26
Words are not always sources of evil just as a fire is not always bad. Words can be tools for good. Restraining the mouth from talking too much is a way to use the words wisely.
Another way is the ability to know how to use correct words in every situation. Solomon explains that a righteous man studies how to answer. But it is not so with the wicked man. His mouth pours out evil. A wise man is self- controlled in the way he uses his mouth to say all he sees and all he feels. The wise person opens his mouth with wisdom. This means that he talks wisely at anytime. He operates by a certain law- the law of kindness. This law considers, before speaking, the effect what he says will have on a person. If the effect will not be good, he then refrains from saying whatever it is.
In the memory verse, David is seen praying that his speech and his thoughts would be pleasing and acceptable to God. He knew he needed God’s help in thinking and talking the way he should.

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What we say mean things about a person, we are starting a fire. And just like a fire our ugly story can go around fast. Mean stories have caused people to lose their jobs or even kill themselves. Our stories do not have to be untrue to hurt someone. We may hear true stories that may cause a lot of harm. Let us decide not to tell anyone else, and tell the person that told you to stop spreading it.
God can help us control our tongues if we let Him. If we swear, curse, lie, gossip or say bad things, it is because God does not have full control of our lives. When He is in full control in our lives, our lips, our voice, and tongue will come under His control. And then He helps us grow in Him so our words can witness for Jesus and do good things. Only with His help can we always use our words for good.

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The words we say in public or private show how deep our Christian commitment really is. Our words can do wrong when we use them to impress others and make ourselves look good. Sincere compliments are always in order. But compliments that are not sincere, given to get something or win favour are wrong. Our words as Christians should be honest without any motive for personal benefits.

1. Who, according to the lesson, is a perfect person?
(A) Everyone who reads and believes in the Word of God.
(B) One who does not stumble through the use of his tongue. He is able to bridle his tongue.
(C) One who confesses Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.
(D) One who prays and confesses his sins to God.
2. What does James compare our tongue to?
(A) A horse and a rudder
(B) A horse and a tree
(C) A ship and fire
(D) A and C
(E)B and C.

3. What does a talebearer or one who reveals secrets do?
(A) He goes everywhere preaching Jesus Christ.
(B) He cannot keep his mouth from talking all the time.
(C) He goes to the hospitals to pray for the sick.
(D) He flatters people, swears, lies, gossips, criticises, makes fun of others, and even uses the name of God in vain.
(E) B and D
(F) D only.

4. A Christian can use words wisely in the following?
(A) Restraining his mouth from talking to0 much.
(B) Being able to use correct words in every situation.
(C) Keeping silent all the time.
(D) Considering, before speaking, the effect what he says will have or a person,
(E)All of the above
(F)A, Band D only.

Mon: Speaking against God – Matt 12:30-32
Tues: Words Are Fruits – Matt 12:33-37
Weds: Speaking Wisely – Matt 22:15-22
Thurs: Speaking Scriptural Words – 1 Cor 2:10-15
Fri: Speaking Gracefully – Col 4:6; Prov 15:1
Sat: Encouraging Others with Your Words – 1 Thess 4:18

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