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Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

Teaching Seris – Understanding the Demands of building noir faith.

Midweek Winners Church 3rd February 2022 – Bishop David Oyedepo
Praise the Lord I am more than a Conquerors
David Oyedepo speaking

TOPIC: Understanding the Demands of building noir faith.

Winners Church Theme for  March: Am redeemed for the top most top
Genesis 13:15 Deuteronomy 28:1 my son there is a place for you at the top if you are interested the top is open and free but everyone has to make his way there Joshuah 1:8

 Fundamentals of Success

Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.
Salvation is vital you have Christ you have life, you don’t have Christ you don’t have light Jesus said John 3:7 you must be born again. Then you become a member of the household of God then you have an inheritance in the house of God.
if it’s the extra that falls on the table others can have but is not as dignified as being on the table.
Inheritance in the Kingdom is only accessible through applied revelation James 1:22 be ye doers of the word, not hearer’s only. V. 25 he shall have proofs , you harken to my voice diligently?  Then you are entitled to supernatural breakthroughs.
Peter cast down your net into the deep for a draw- Luke 5:5 when they had this done before they encountered a met breaking boat sinking order of breakthrough. How many of us have caught a million revelations, especially in this Church? But many won’t do what they say they want a short cut. The process may appear slow but is sure.
Habakkuk 2:3 if you harken it might be slow but it shall surely come to pass. Every statement in this sanctuary of winners is a covenants of prosperity.
When we apply the revelation of the truth, we triumph always and in every place 2 Corinthians 2:14.
Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

Fundamental of faith

1. The Force of Vision
We have a very clear picture of the place of Vision in the Book of Joel chapter 2:1-11 we saw a people a kind that has never been known, what’s behind the fest of these peoples?
Men an women of unbelievable exploit, they are in charge , unusual strength, visionary who have discovered their purpose and stood upon it.
Every child of God is a child of destiny Ephesians 1:5 Chosen, predestined to enter that place God has predestined for them.  Romans 8:30
Ye are the light of the world a city set on a hip that cannot be hidden. The top most top is not enough we are seated far above and what ever is above is above all John 3:31 John 8:23
Your days in the valley are over in Jesus name

Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

But no one ever arrives at a future he cannot see Genesis 13:15 no ones destiny can outgrow its revelation. Revelation of the truth is what limit our light – I keep saying I am not surprised where winners Church is today because a saw it in scripture. You cannot make mW think poor why because Jesus show me that am so rich and no devil can make me believe otherwise.
If is too big for your mouth is too big for your hand.
No matter where God will turn every issues around you to a glory
No one arrives at a future he is not prepared for. God is waiting for you to develops faith stamina for your next Glory
Before we are born he knew us and predestined us for his purposes Galatians 1:15 even Paul acknowledged God knew him and brought him to his purposes. Vision is unveiling Gods plan as it relates to you.
Any race that is not definitive is a race in futility, Paul said I know  1 Corinthians 9:26, we must know Gods perfect will the Good , the acceptable the perfect will of God for us in Jesus name no guesswork.
Nothing can be more frustrating than not knowing where you are going
1979 RSV reading Jeremiah  29:11 it turned my life forever, it Gave me ( Bishop David Oyedepo) value for Gods plan and today am glad am walking in center of the will of Gods will.
Psalms 23:3 God said he is with me, when you are in the center of Gods will he makes your enemies helplessly helpless. They can’t come near you he turns your deserts to streams of water Isaiah 48:21 pleas Choose Gods plan

Closing – Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

There are 2 main channels to locate God’s plan
1. Through the words – Gods book of vision through the word Isaiah 29:12, Psalms 119:105 this is the book. Every revelation is a kind of conception when properly nurtured
2. Visionary encounters. You don’t need any spectacular visionary encounter but if you open up to the light of scriptures is a vision itself.
The bible is a bank of Vision, you don’t need any visionary encounter to enjoy prosperity, because its all packaged in the Bible. John the Baptist discovered who he was in the Bible from the book of Isaiah.
Jesus read in John 1:19 he read before all these scripture is fulfill before your eyes. Ask God for access


Every access to true vision confirms peace. If its not accomplished with peace it could be tour own ambition. Every access of true vision confers joy on the inside, it does not tense you up.
Access to divine plan allays all fears. The same grace that helped me Davis Oyedepo to walk in the center of the center of his will shall help you in Jesus name
Vision sets the pace, divine revelation gives you the step by step guide. You must locate your place in the is end times and stand on it. Locate your vision run with it.
Bishop David Oyedepo – Understanding the Demands of Building our Faith.

Don’t Let the Devil Put One Over on You Kenneth Copeland Ministries daily devotion 29 April

Topic:Don’t Let the Devil Put One Over on You
Gloria Copeland

When [the devil] speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

John 8:44

Some people find it difficult to believe God’s promises because they’ve seen so many things in the natural world that seem to contradict them. They’ve seen faithful tithers go broke. They’ve seen sick Christians fail to receive their healing.

In reality, it would be more accurate to say that they think they’ve seen those things. Because, you see, there’s a deceiver at work in the world. A deceiver who’s busily doing the same thing he’s been doing ever since the Garden of Eden: tricking mankind into believing God’s Word isn’t true.

And, after working on it for thousands of years, he’s a master at it. Think about that the next time he tries to make things look as though God’s Word is not going to work for you, when he makes it look like all hope is lost. Say, “I don’t care about appearances. I believe the Word and I refuse to doubt it.”

Let me show you what I mean. Have you ever seen a magic show where someone crawls inside a box and then is sawn in half? You can see it with your own two eyes. The guy’s feet are sticking out one end of the box and his head is poking out the other, and the box is plainly cut in two. Then the magician slides the two halves back together and the sawed-apart fellow jumps out of the box in one piece.

Now tell me, did you really believe, even for a moment, that fellow was truly cut in half? Of course not! You knew that you’d seen a trick, a deception, something that appeared one way when, in reality, it was a different way altogether. You may not have known how it was done. You may not have been able to explain it. But you knew a person couldn’t be sawn in half, then put back together, so you refused to believe your eyes.

That’s exactly the way you need to be where the Word of God is concerned. You need to learn to trust it and rely on it to such an extent that when Satan shows you something in the natural world that appears to contradict it, you just say, “Well, I saw that, but I’m not going to be gullible enough to believe it. I’m just going to stick with the Word.”

If you’ll do that, the father of lies will never be able to put one over on you.

Scripture Reading:
Psalm 119:89-104

Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche


SCRIPTURE: Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. John 15:16.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Every child of God is created and called by God to be productive and reproductive.

Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

Human life is designed by God to be productive and reproductive. Our anchor Scripture clearly makes us understand that every child of God is created and called by God to be productive and reproductive in life. Beloved, you are created to live and change lives for God.

Now, what does it mean to live a life that changes people? Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

1. Living to bear fruits for the Kingdom of God
It is living a life that affects the eternal destinies of men. It means influencing people with your life so they will not end in hellfire. It is living to transfer people from the prospect of eternity in hell to the possibility of eternity in heaven. You live to change the destination of people from eternal destruction and damnation in hell to eternal rest in heaven.

Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

Beloved, your Christianity is not authentic until someone follows you to church and is redirected to heaven because of you. It is not possible for the life of Christ to be in you and you do not sacrifice for others to come and know God.
2. Living to make massive spiritual deposits in the lives of people
This is making eternal impact on the souls of men. When you are committed to living like this, you are not living a static or stagnant life.

My counsel is, surrender your life as a seed so that fruits can come out of you; make eternal impacts on the lives of men. Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

Remember this: Every child of God is created and called by God to be productive and reproductive.

ASSIGNMENTS: Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche
1. Decide to impact lives by winning at least one soul a week.
2. Decide to make eternal deposit in the life of anyone who comes in contact with you.

PRAYER: O Lord, I receive the grace to reproduce my kind. Help me Lord, to be fruitful and win souls for You, in Jesus’ Name. Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche


DAILY BIBLE READING: Joshua 24:1 to 33, Luke 21:1 to 28, Psalm 89:38 to 52, Proverbs 13:20 to 23

AMAZING FACT: 80% of our memories are determined by what we see.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 22/04/1500 – Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil.

QUOTE: Your passion for God affects your portion in life. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche. Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche

PROPHETIC PARENTAL BLESSING: I decree that every spell of poverty, failure and captivity in your life is deleted today, in Jesus’ Name.

SEEDS OF DESTINY IN FRENCH: Seed of Destiny 22nd April 2018 By Dr Paul Eneche



LES SAINTES ECRITURES: Ce n’est pas vous qui m’avez choisi; mais moi, je vous ai choisis, et je vous ai établis, afin que vous alliez, et que vous portiez du fruit, et que votre fruit demeure, afin que ce que vous demanderez au Père en mon nom, il vous le donne. Jean 15:16.

PENSÉE DU JOUR: Chaque enfant de Dieu a été créé et appelé par Dieu, pour être productif et pour se reproduire.

La vie humaine a été conçue par Dieu pour être productive et reproductive. Notre verset d’ancrage nous fait clairement comprendre que chaque enfant de Dieu a été créé et appelé par Dieu pour être productif et pour se reproduire dans la vie.
Bien-aimé, vous avez été créé pour vivre et changer les vies des autres pour Dieu.

Maintenant, que signifie mener une vie qui change celle des autres?
1. C’est vivre pour porter des fruits pour le Royaume de Dieu.
Il s’agit de vivre une vie qui affecte les destinées éternelles des hommes. Cela signifie que vous devez influencer les gens avec votre vie, afin qu’ils ne finissent pas dans le feu de l’enfer. C’est le fait de mener une vie qui consiste à œuvrer pour faire passer les gens de la perspective d’une éternité en enfer, à la possibilité d’une éternité dans le ciel. Vous vivez pour changer la destination des gens, pour leur faire passer de la damnation éternelle en enfer, au repos et à la joie éternelle dans le paradis.

Bien-aimé, votre christianisme n’est authentique que lorsque quelqu’un vous suit à l’église et est redirigé vers le ciel à cause de vous. Ce n’est pas possible que la vie de Christ coule en vous et que vous ne vous sacrifiez pas pour que les autres viennent aussi, et connaissent Dieu.

2. C’est vivre de manière à faire des dépôts spirituels massifs dans la vie des gens.
Il s’agit de vivre de manière à créer un impact éternel sur les âmes des hommes. Lorsque vous vous engagez à vivre ainsi, vous ne vivez pas une vie statique.

Mon conseil est : semez votre vie comme une graine, afin que vous puissiez produire des fruits; faites un impact éternel sur la vie des autres.

Rappelez-vous ceci: Chaque enfant de Dieu a été créé et appelé par Dieu pour être productif et pour se reproduire.

1. Prenez la décision d’impacter les vies, en gagnant au moins une âme par semaine.
2. Décidez-vous de faire un dépôt éternel dans la vie de quiconque entrera en contact avec vous.

PRIERE: Seigneur, je reçois la grâce de reproduire mon genre. Aide-moi à être fécond et à gagner des âmes pour Toi, au Nom de Jésus.

LECTURE QUOTIDIENNE: Josué 24: 1 à 33, Luc 21: 1 à 28, Psaumes 89:38 à 52, Proverbes 13 :20 à 23.

CITATION: Votre passion pour Dieu influe sur la part qui vous revient dans la vie. Extrait du livre : 30 SECRETS POUR LE SOMMET, du Dr Paul Enenche.

FAIT SURPRENANT: Environ 32 millions de bactéries œuvrent pour la mort de votre épiderme, mais elles sont la plupart du temps inoffensives et certaines d’entre elles sont même utiles.

AUJOURD’HUI DANS L’HISTOIRE: le 22 avril 1500 – Le navigateur portugais Pedro Alvares Cabral a découvert le Brésil.

Je décrète que tout mauvais sort de pauvreté, d’échec et de captivité dans votre vie est supprimé aujourd’hui, au Nom de Jésus. – Dr Paul Enenche.




LA ESCRITURA: No me elegisteis vosotros a mí, sino que yo os elegí a vosotros, y os he puesto para que vayáis y llevéis fruto, y vuestro fruto permanezca; para que todo lo que pidiereis al Padre en mi nombre, él os lo dé. JUAN 15:16.

PENSAMIENTO PARA EL DÍA: Todo hijo de Dios es creado y llamado por Dios para ser productivo y reproductivo.

La vida humana está diseñada por Dios para ser productiva y reproductiva. Nuestra Escritura de referencia nos hace entender claramente que cada hijo de Dios es creado y llamado por Dios para ser productivo y reproductivo en la vida. Amado, usted ha sido creado para vivir y cambiar vidas para Dios.

Ahora, ¿qué significa vivir una vida que cambia a las personas?

1. Vivir para dar frutos para el reino de Dios.

Es vivir una vida que afecta los destinos eternos de los hombres. Significa influenciar a las personas con la vida de usted para que no terminen en el infierno. Es vivir para transferir a las personas de la perspectiva de la eternidad en el infierno a la posibilidad de la eternidad en el cielo.Usted vive para cambiar el destino de las personas desde la destrucción eterna y la condenación en el infierno al descanso eterno en el cielo.

Amado, su cristianismo no es auténtico hasta que alguien lo sigue a la iglesia y es redirigido al cielo gracias a usted. No es posible que la vida de Cristo esté en usted y no se sacrifique para que otros vengan y conozcan a Dios.

2. Vivir para hacer depósitos espirituales masivos en la vida de las personas.

Esto es causar un impacto eterno en las almas de los hombres. Cuando usted se compromete a vivir así, no está viviendo una vida estática o estancada.

Mi consejo es, rinda su vida como una semilla para que los frutos puedan salir de usted; haga un impacto eterno en la vida de los hombres.

Recuerde esto: Cada hijo de Dios es creado y llamado por Dios para ser productivo y reproductivo.


1. Decida impactar vidas ganando al menos un alma por semana.

2. Decida hacer un depósito eterno en la vida de cualquier persona que entre en contacto con usted.

ORACIÓN: OH SEÑOR, recibo la gracia de reproducir mi especie. Ayúdame, Señor, a ser fructífero y ganar almas para Ti, en el Nombre de Jesús.


CITA: Su pasión por Dios afecta su porción en la vida. Tomado de “30 SECRETOS PARA LA CIMA” por el Dr. Paul Enenche.

LECTURA DIARIA: Josué 24:1 a 33, Lucas 21:1 a 28, Salmos 89:38 a 52, Proverbios 13:20 a 23.

Hoy en la Historia: 22/04/1500 – El navegante portugués Pedro Alvares Cabral descubrió Brasil.

HECHO SORPRENDENTE: Alrededor de 32 millones de bacterias toman cada centímetro de su piel como su hogar, pero la mayoría es inofensiva y algunas de ellas incluso son útiles. Bendición Profética del Padre: Yo decreto que toda maldición de pobreza, fracaso y cautividad en la vida de usted es eliminada hoy, en el Nombre de Jesús.

Bible Inspiration for April 18 By Joyce Meyer: Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Bible Inspiration for April 18

TOPIC- Cultivate Healthy Relationships Joyce Meyer Ministries, Daily, Devo, Scripture

The man of too many friends [chosen indiscriminately] will be broken to pieces and come to ruin, but there is a [true, loving] friend who [is reliable and] sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24

Everyone wants friends, and God wants us to have them. He encourages relationships throughout His Word, but it is important to have healthy, safe, and godly relationships.

Some relationships are not safe for us because we are being used, manipulated, and taken advantage of. God wants us to pray for and love everyone, even our enemies, but that doesn’t mean we should let people take advantage of us. Bible Inspiration for April 18

I personally am not interested in having what I call one-sided relationships in which I do all the giving and the other party does all the taking. God does use us at times in the lives of selfish, self-centered people, and we do make sacrifices, but there is a point at which we are hurting people if we let them manipulate us for their own pleasure.

Stand up for yourself and always be willing to confront unhealthy relationships. Speak the truth in love (see Ephesians 4:15). You are very valuable and entitled to have good friends who will respect and honor you properly.

Prayer Starter: Bible Inspiration for April 18

Father, help me always be a good friend. I ask You for safe, healthy relationships in which I can flourish and grow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Bible Inspiration for April 18

From the devotional My Time with God by Joyce Meyer

Andrew Wommack Devotioanls – PEACE IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM By Andrew Wommack April 17, 2018


Mark 4:37-38, “And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master carest thou not that we perish?”
MATTHEW 12:46-50; 8:23-27; MARK 3:31-35; 4:35-41; LUKE 8:19-26

Considering the fact that the boat was filled with water, it is amazing that the disciples had to awaken Jesus. This was not a large ship with cabins below deck but rather a small, open boat and Jesus was, no doubt, “soaked to the bone.” This reflects Jesus’ humanity and how tired He must have been. It also shows that Jesus must have been in a very deep sleep. Medical science has discovered that the deeper we sleep, the more rest our bodies get. This is a clue as to how Jesus could maintain the grueling pace He kept, along only with an occasional all-night prayer time. He was receiving the maximum benefit from His sleep.

Jesus did not say “Let us go out into the midst of the sea and drown in a storm.” He was going to the other side. This shows that the disciples still didn’t understand Jesus’ authority. They were committed to Him as their Messiah, but they hadn’t yet realized that Jesus was Lord even over the physical elements. Many Christians still do this today. They receive the spiritual benefits of salvation but have not reaped the physical benefits of health and prosperity, which are also part of our salvation.

Whichever we focus upon – the storm, or the Lord in the midst of our storm – will determine how we manage the storms we face in life. He is not asleep concerning the things you face in this life, He’s right there in your “ship,” resting, because He knows you’ll both get to the “other side.” His peace is yours. Believe His Word. Rest in His love.

Daily Devotionals Andrew Wommack April 16, 2018 – JOINT HEIRS WITH CHRIST


Matthew 12:50, “For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.”
MATTHEW 12:46-50

We are not just heirs, we are joint-heirs with Christ. It would be wonderful to inherit any amount of God’s glory and power. But, the idea that we share equally with the one who has inherited everything God is and has is beyond comprehension. This is an awesome blessing, but it also places a tremendous responsibility on us.

In the same way in which a check made out to two people cannot be cashed without the endorsement of both parties, so our joint-heirship with Jesus cannot be taken advantage of without our cooperation. Unaware of this, many Christians are just trusting that the Lord will produce the benefits of salvation for them. They are acutely aware that they can do nothing without Him, but don’t realize that He will do nothing without us (Eph. 3:20).

The idea that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, PERIOD, is not true. He has power, but it is the use of His ability combined with the power that works in us. “No power working in us” means no power of God will come through us. The exceeding greatness of His power that is to us-ward who believe is power that is not external, but is internal, within the believer. It is working according to the faith that we exercise in the indwelling Savior. It was this principle that Paul was stating when he declared, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

The way we place our endorsement on the check is to believe what God promised in His Word and act on it as if it were true. IT IS! Jesus has already signed His name to every promise in the Word. We aren’t waiting for Him. He is waiting for us.

April 15, 2018 – Ray Stedman Devotional-Dealing with the Leprosy of Life

Topic:Dealing with the Leprosy of Life
A daily devotion for April 15th

Read the Scripture: Leviticus 13

When anyone has a defiling skin disease, they must be brought to the priest. Lev 13:9

The purpose of this chapter is to enable the detection of leprosy. When the Bible uses this term, it is not merely referring to the disease that we call leprosy today, Hansen’s disease. That is included in the term, but the Hebrew word translated leprosy here also includes other contagious and infectious skin diseases. They all were recognized to be dangerous and damaging, a serious threat not only to the individual but to the whole camp of Israel, and so they were to be detected. The process of detection was prolonged and careful inspection. The priest was to look at the symptoms, then shut the diseased person up for seven days, examine him again, and shut him up for another seven days. At the end of that time he could determine whether it was leprosy or something less serious.

All of this has its counterpart in our own spiritual lives. This passage is talking to us about the afflictions and diseases of the spirit, the hurtful attitudes we have, the burning resentments, the feelings of anger and upset we go through, and the grudges we carry around in our hearts toward one another. These are to be detected because they can be very dangerous, and the process is to expose them to a priest. Remember, now, that in the New Testament pattern all believers are priests together. We are all blind to ourselves. In my own eyes I am a very genial, gracious, inoffensive person. I don’t know why it is, but others don’t always seem to see me the same way. I find myself very blind to my own failings. We all have these blind spots. That is why we need each other. And so the Israelite was instructed, when he had a manifestation of disease, to bring it to a priest.

Transferring this to the spiritual realm, this means that the evil in question must be brought under the judgment of the Word of God in order to be cleansed. The evil must be faced and named for what it is, as God sees it. All the defenses that we have tried to build around it to protect it are to be taken down, and we must realize that it is wrong, and admit it. Then God can cleanse us from it and it goes out of our life. The scars may remain, but there is no need to fear any longer; the action of the evil has been arrested. What a beautiful picture this is of 1 John 1:9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. What a gracious provision this is!

Are your leprous spots being judged? Are they being dealt with openly in the light of the Word of God? Are they being brought to the One who can heal leprosy with a touch? Or are they being protected, covered over, hidden to avoid examination? Your moods, your disposition, your temperamental outbursts, your displays of anger or depression — what about them?

Lord Jesus, how often I have injured others by my leprous condition. I know that you want me to be clean and to walk in victory. So, by the faithfulness of your Spirit, please judge the leprosy in my life. Touch it and heal it, as I bow before you.

Life Application: Are we open to others’ observations about our attitudes and behaviors? What about our priestly service to others who may need our insight but most of all our compassion?

Devotional for April 14, 2018 – SATAN’S POWER IS LIMITED By Andrew Wommack

Topic:KING OF HEARTS – April 14

Mark 4:30, “And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?”
MARK 4:30-34

The word “kingdom” means “the realm over which a king rules.” When applied to God, it could refer to all creation, since “his kingdom ruleth over all” (Ps. 103:19), but the kingdom more often applies to His rule in and through those who are submitted to Him. “The Kingdom of God” more specifically refers to Christ living and ruling in our hearts. So praying “thy kingdom come” is praying for the expansion and influence of God’s rule in the hearts of men everywhere and, ultimately, the establishment of His physical Kingdom here on earth at His second coming (Rev. 11:15; 20:4).

Throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry, the Jews kept looking for Jesus to establish a physical kingdom here on the earth and deliver them from the oppression of the Romans. Although, during the Millenium, the Kingdom of God will physically rule over the nations of the earth, Jesus’ Kingdom is spiritually established by His Word and not by carnal weapons (2 Cor. 10:3-5). Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation . . .behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Lk. 17:20-21) Paul says we are already in the Kingdom of God (Col. 1:13). The Kingdom of God is therefore Christ’s “invisible Church,” His body. The Kingdom began during His earthly ministry and is still ruling the hearts of men today.

The new birth ushers us into the Kingdom of God which is infinitely greater in wonder and benefits than our finite minds can comprehend. To the degree that we do begin to understand how God’s Kingdom works and apply our lives to it, we can experience heaven here on earth. Pray for a release into the physical of what is already present in your spiritual being.

DCLM Daily Manna 13 April, 2018 – Godliness With Contentment

DCLM Daily Manna 13 April, 2018

Topic: Godliness With Contentment [DCLM Daily Manna Friday April 13, 2018]

Text: 1 Timothy 6:6-12 (KJV)

Key Verse: “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out” (1 Timothy 6:6,7).

MESSAGE: DCLM Daily Manna 13 April, 2018

Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish born American wealthy manufacturer, said, “Millionaires seldom smile.” His fellow American, John D. Rockefeller, said, “Great wealth is a burden destroying the real zest of life and banishing peace from the heart.” Consider Nero, seated on the splendid throne of the Emperor of Rome, conqueror of the then world: the porches of his palace were a mile long and the ceiling of his banquet halls were arranged to shower perfumes upon the entertainers gathered from every corner of the world. His crown was worth half a million dollars. A thousand chariots accompanied him whenever he travelled. He never wore the same dress twice, but he was gloomy, miserable, unhappy and dissatisfied. He committed suicide later.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. We must therefore be content with things which we have the privilege to possess because they that seek riches at all cost will get into temptation and eventual loss of faith in God. The Scripture says, “He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase…” (Ecclesiastes 5:10). The unregenerate man gets his spiritual life choked while insatiably searching for riches.

Whatever we seem to possess is loaned to us just for a while. A moment after death, the Christless millionaire is no richer than a beggar. The grace to use riches as counselled by Scripture is given when one surrenders the totality of one’s heart to the Lordship of Christ and seeks righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness. The nature of covetousness is then removed and one is able to please the Lord with one’s substance.

Thought For The Day: Wealthy is he who lives with contentment.

Bible Reading in one Year: 1 Samuel 18-20, Psalms 11:59

If you missed yesterday devotional, please click to read “Deeper Christian Life Ministry, DCLM Daily Manna HERE

DCLM Daily Manna was written by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi; is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church situated at KM 42 on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.


Andrew Wommack’s Daily 13 April 2018- Devotional: TARES AMONG THE WHEAT


Matthew 13:25, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”
MATTHEW 13:24-30
Satan has secretly infiltrated the Church with some of his followers for the purpose of hindering the influence of the Church. This has been a more effective strategy than direct opposition.

These tares that are spoken of refer to the Old World variety of darnel, which is poisonous. Virtually all grains are almost indistinguishable from tares when they send up the first blade from the ground. By the time the tares become distinguishable, they are so well rooted that, if growing in close proximity to a productive grain, uprooting the tares would also mean uprooting the productive grain. Therefore, verse 30 admonishes us to let both grow together until the harvest. The grains of the tares are long and black in contrast to the wheat, and are easily recognizable at harvest time. Many will profess Christianity, but “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

There will be those who are deceived and unaware that they are not born again, who will remain among the Church. Jesus warns us against trying to root them out especially since it is not always possible to discern other people’s hearts. In an effort to destroy these tares, we might offend one of Christ’s “little ones” and cause his or her profession of faith to waver.

It is important, though, for our own personal benefit that we be aware that the children of the Wicked One are placed among the true believers. Our best defense is to preach the Word of God without watering it down. False brethren will not endure sound doctrine. They leave when the Word, which is sharper than any two-edged sword, begins to expose the thoughts and intents of the heart. Stick to the Word!