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Unit 5: My Daily Voyage With God

TEXT: Psalm 119:9-16,54-64,161-168; James 1:19-25

KEY VERSE: Psalm 119:165

Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. (NIV)
>>Focus As a Sunday School teacher, one of your greatest privileges is to teach the Bible and watch God use it to change teens’ lives. Yet, beyond the classroom experience, God wants your students to delve into His Word on their own. As you present today’s study, you can encourage them to do that. If your students aren’t sure how to start studying the Bible, refer them to quality resources, such as Intentional Shepherding. This Christian maturity Bible study series guides the believer on how to develop the basic DISCIPLINES that will help him or her live the Christian life EXCELLENTLY.
Whatever resource your students choose, the most important thing Is for them to make the commitment and follow through. At this point, their primary concern should not be the amount of time they spend in prayer and reading, but the fact that they do something daily to establish a healthy routine and are committed to follow it through. Teens who develop Bible study habit now will be more likely to continue with that habit as they grow. As you guide your students toward daily Bible study, let them know that you plan to stay in the Word yourself. Then bring accountability into the practice by checking on their progress (as well as yours) in the future. If possible, share with them some excerpts from your personal devotional journal.
>>The Basic Message: Explain to students…


God wants His people to study His Word faithfully and apply its teachings in their lives every day.


When we neglect God’s Word, we’re more likely to sin.


Read the Bible daily, asking God to increase your desire for His truth, Show you how to apply it, and help you obey His instructions.

>>Activity Option: TREASURE MAP Make and bring to class copies of “Treasure Map”. Let students study the map for one minute and try to memorize it. Then collect the maps, distribute sheets of paper and pens or pencils, and challenge students to re-create the map from memory. After a few minutes of trying, have a volunteer draw his or her version on the board. Encourage others to offer suggestions of what they remember about the map. Finally, rerun the original maps to students, see who was able to make the closest replica, and discuss the following:
• Was it difficult for you to re-create the map from memory? Why? (Note: it’s hard to know the details about something if you’ve only studied it for a minute.]
• What are some ways the Bible is like a treasure map? (Hint: The Bible is extremely valuable because it shows us how to grow closer to God, teaches us His will for our lives, and reveals the incredible plans and blessings He has for us. Just as a treasure map points the way to riches, the Bible leads us to the greatest treasures anyone can ever have: a relationship with God and the promise of eternal life.)
• Why is it important to study the Bible?
>>Guide: Explain that like a treasure map, the Bible must be studied. And if we really want to know what it says, we can’t just look at it for a minute or two now and then. We need to examine it closely, memorize parts of it, and inspect the details closely. As we study the Bible daily and apply what it says to our lives, we’ll discover the wealth of knowledge that it provides.
>>Study Overview: Explain that today’s study considers…
• Why studying the Bible every day is valuable and important.
• How we can apply what we read in the Bible to our lives in practical ways.
• And how to increase our desire for God’s Word, and begin to love spending time studying it.
>>Inform and Discuss
a).Read It!
>>Guide: Read or ask a volunteer to read Psalm 119:9-16 [Guide: Explain that God’s Word is like a treasure to us. It gives guidance, wisdom, peace, hope, strength, and assurance. According to this passage, the Word will help us remain pure, resist sin, and it brings joy and delight into our lives.
1. How can the Bible help us remain pure? [Hint: The Bible tells us who God is, what He expects of us, and what He promises those who serve Him. It helps us recognize and deal with temptation. And it transforms our hearts and minds, creating in us a desire to be more like Jesus.)
2. What does God want us to do with His Word? Why? [Hint: God wants His Word to affect who we are. This happens only as we study it, and live it out. It’s not enough simply to know what the Bible says; it only makes a difference when we allow it to change us from the inside out.]
3. How could memorizing the Scripture benefit you as a Christian? [Hint: You’re better able to bring God’s truth to mind when you’ve spent time memorizing It. Being able to recall and quote the Word is especially Important in dealing with temptation and sharing your faith.]
b). Apply It!
1. Read or ask volunteers to read James 1:19-25. What does it mean to apply the Bible to your life? [Hint: Applying the Word often involves comparing your life to what the Bible says, then willing to make any needed changes. You also apply the Bible when you let its truth give you direction and encouragement for specific situation or need in your life.]
2. Read or ask volunteers to read Psalm 119:54-64. According to this passage, what will happen when we apply God’s Word to our lives? [Hint: We’ll start to live according to God’s decrees or commands — and even be willing to change directions and put aside things that might lead us away from God.]
>>Guide: Explain that applying God’s Word affects both attitudes and actions. Faith becomes more personal when we realize that God speaks to us individually through His Word. Rather than worrying when problems comes, we’ll look to the Word. Instead of trusting in ourselves, we’ll remember to focus on God and measure how we live according to His Word.
3. Why do some people resist applying God’s Word to their lives, even when they know what it says? [Hint: It isn’t always easy to apply God’s Word personally. We tend to want to do things our own way and make our own choices. But God’s Word calls us to change and follow Him completely.]
4. How will applying God’s Word change specific areas of your life — like relationships, choices, and entertainment? [Hint: On relationships, you’ll treat people the way Jesus would treat them and be an example of God’s love and compassion. On choices, God’s Word will help you know what direction to go. On entertainment, you’ll be able to discern whether a certain form of entertainment is okay, or something that will hurt you spiritually.]
c. Love It!
>>Guide: Discuss the different attitudes people have about the Bible. For example, some non-Christians hate it because it exposes their sin and need for God. Others think it’s boring and outdated because they don’t know it applies to them. Still others see it as nothing more than an interesting book. Many have never heard of the Bible. Finally, emphasize that we, as Christians, should love the Bible and value it as God’s Word.
1. Read or ask a volunteer to read Psalm 119:161-168. What are some reasons the Psalmist gave for loving God’s Word? [Hint: Learning God’s promises was like discovering a treasure. God’s laws brought peace into his life end kept him from stumbling into sin ]
2 Why do you love God’s Word? [Guide: Encourage students to give specific examples of how the Bible has helped them in some way. Maybe a particular verse gave them comfort in a hard time or direction when they needed an answer. Or they might just want to describe why their favourite verses or Bible stories are meaningful to them.]
3. What can you do to gain a great appreciation for God’s Word? [Hint: Recognize that God’s Word contains principles for the situations you face. As you read the Bible, ask God to speak to you, reveal His love, and show you ways to apply His truth to your life.]
>>Guide: Explain that as we apply God’s Word and experience the blessings of serving Him, we’ll learn to love the Bible more. And since following what the Scripture says will draw us closer to God, our love for the Word only becomes stronger as we grow in our relationship with Him.
>>Involve Them: SPREAD THE WORD Organize a class project to raise money to buy Bibles for people who need them. This could be a project to help newcomers in your church who aren’t able to purchase Bibles themselves. Your church may also support a missionary or missions project that could use the funds you raised to get Bibles into the hands of needy people around the world
>>Inspire Them: Remind students THE BASIC MESSAGE of this study (pg 98), even as you explain WHAT the Big idea behind the study is; WHY matters; and HOW we can live the lesson captured in this study.
>>Ministry Activity: Have students divide into groups of two or three and spend a few moments praying for one another, asking God to help them put the Word into practice this week. Encourage them to share any situation in which they are struggling to practice their Christianity. Then instruct students to be accountable to one another by getting together next Sunday and describing how they put the Word Into action within the week.
Conclude the study by asking God to help your students love His Word and put it into practice every day.
>> Teacher Hint: Ask Yourself…
1. Tea corner why I’s important to read and study the Bite regularly.
2. Do they realize and appreciate that the Bible speaks to them personally and has the power to change their lives?
3. Do they know how to increase their love for God’s Word, and do they understand why this is important?

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