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UNIT 1: Supernatural Realm

LESSON 5: JULY 30, 2023.


Memory Verse: Exodus 12:12 – I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD (KJV).
Lesson Bible Text:
Exodus 11 and 12
Lesson Central Truth:
God is mighty to deliver from all bandage.
Most believers–and many unbelievers as well–are familiar with the story of the Exodus. God’s people were delivered from bondage of slavery through a series of miracles. In the form of plague against Egypt. Exodus 7-10 records the first nine of these plagues. Then, in Exodus 11, we see an event that foreshadows the sacrifice that was made for our own salvation. In one evening the presence of the blood of sacrifice spared the Israelites from the grief of death and served to deliver them from bondage. Jesus is our Passover Lamb, and as we study the Passover events, we will learn how we can experience Jesus more deeply and personally in our lives today.
A. Plague Of Judgement With Come – Exodus 11:1-3
B. God’s People Escape From Judgement – Exodus 11:4-10.
A. Blood Delivers From Judgement – Exodus 12:12-13, 22-23
B. Celebrate Divine Deliverance – Exodus 12:24-28.
A. Death Visits The Egyptians – Exodus 12:29-30
B. God Gives Israel Deliverance And Blessing – Exodus 12:31-36
Exodus 11:1-10
✅️ God used Moses and Aaron to perform supernatural plagues. Before now, Moses had already performed nine plagues that came as Judgement on Pharaoh and the people of Egypt. Sadly, in spite of the plagues, Pharaoh refused to let the people of Israel to leave Egypt. The hardened heart of Pharaoh failed to respond to the wonders of God in the land of Egypt. The Lord said to Moses that one more plague which happened to be the last one will cause Pharaoh to let the Israelites to leave. Moses instructed the elders to tell the people to ask for silver and gold from Egyptians, for God had given Israel favour among them. The Egyptian people will comply with the request, giving Israel the valuables they asked for. To some degree, this could have repaid Israel for her many years of hard labour and injustice under Egyptians. From this, we can deduce that our Almighty God is able to provide for His people even in the midst of tribulation. Beloved, note that God provides and those who belong to the Lord lack nothing! If you are struggling and in any need, know that God provides, even in the midst of trials. God never shortchanges us in His provision.
✅️ The final plague was destined to occur “about midnight.” The particular night was not specified however. Perhaps this was done by design in order that Pharaoh might have time to ponder the fate that awaited him and his people. All that Pharaoh knew was that a tragedy was to strike at midnight, which, unlike some of the other announced plagues, would have left him with a fearful suspense. What would befall Egypt would affect the full range of the population, and bring bitter grief to every family. Such a judgement falling on the firstborn left no family exempt. The destiny of the family focused on the firstborn son, who was the chief heir of the family property and who would become responsible for its well-being. Indeed, in the case of the firstborn son of Pharaoh, it was the future of the whole nation that was involved. When his father died, he would ascend the throne as the divine ruler of Egypt. His premature death would be a blow to the whole political and religious system of the land. We see here that God distinguishes between those who believe in Him and those who don’t. He sets His people apart. Because He is holy, they shall be holy. There is a judgement here, and there will also be another final judgement at the end of time. Those who are in Christ Jesus will find their names written in the Book of Life. Those whose names are not written in the Book are thrown in the Lake of Fire. This is a final and terrible judgement that is worse than all the plagues.
Exodus 12:12, 22-23
✅️ The first aspect of God’s redemption of Israel concerns blood. Exodus 12 records that each household was to kill a lamb and apply its blood to the upper and side posts of the door. Without the shedding and application of the blood every Israelite family would have lost the firstborn of their children and their animals. There was no deliverance without the shedding and application of the blood of a lamb. The only part of this sacrifice given to God was the blood; the rest was eaten by each family or discarded. The blood served as demarcation between the Israelites and Egyptians. The remarkable difference is in the blood application and not in any other act they observed. For Israel to be spared from the judgment on the firstborn, they had to apply the blood just as God said they should. The blood of the lamb was essential to what God required. Just as the Israelites had to personally apply the blood to their doors, same way, we must apply the blood of Jesus to our lives. How do we do that? By trusting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, and the penalty for our sin is death. However, Jesus shed His blood and took our punishment so we could be forgiven!
✅️ Another wonderful instruction the Israelites observed was to stay indoors for that wonderful night. They obeyed the given instructions. How much of His Word do you obey on a dialy basis? Non of the Israelites disobeyed any of the instructions. The Lord would pass through the land of Egypt in darkness to inflict judgement on that nation. But if He saw the blood on the doorpost of a home, He would pass over that home. The judgement that fell on Egyptian home that night would not occur in the homes with the blood on the doorpost. Note that this Passover scene foreshadows the ultimate deliverance from bondage–the sin sacrifice of Christ on the Cross for our salvation. Sin brings death to those who refused to turn from it. Passover reminds us that the only deliverance from the penalty of sin is through the blood of Jesus (cf. Romans 5:8-9). He died for sinners. Only His blood can cleanse sinners from their sins. Only His blood can keep sinners from experiencing the penalty of the sin.
✅️ God desires that the events of the passover continue on in the memory of His people, so He gave instructions to the passover to be a lasting ordinances observed by the future generation. After they entered into the promise land, they were to continue to celebrate the passover. Celebrating the passover each year would serve a great purpose. Children would be prone to ask about the meaning of the ritual. When they did, parents would have the opportunity to tell them about the supernatural deliverance God had provided for their ancestors. The event, and its profound meaning, would then not be lost with the coming generations. Christians parents, guardians and other family members should sense this same responsibility with regard to the salvation Jesus Christ provides. They should seek to instill in their children the importance of the sacrifice of Jesus. As believers, the story of our salvation should stand as a great testimony to our children and other people that will hear it.
Exodus 12:29-36
✅️ The time for judgment (on Egypt) and deliverance (for Israel) had come. The LORD Himself went through the land of Egypt at midnight and killed all of the firstborn, even Pharaoh’s. Previous plagues involved some aspect of nature. There was nothing natural about this plague–it was supernatural from beginning to end. The LORD did not use any other agency but His own hand. At this time, the LORD Himself “struck all the firstborn.” Social standing did not matter, because every firstborn from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sat on his throne to the firstborn of the captive who was in the dungeon was killed. From the highest echelons of power in Egypt to the lowliest of its victims, all suffered loss. Even all the firstborn of cattle. God can not grant immunity to those who refuse to repent and receive deliverance from their sins. Sin brings judgement and automatically leads to death, but salvation through the death of Christ as our ultimate Passover Lamb brings life and it leads to eternal life.
✅️ Pharaoh woke up, saw what had happened, and called Moses and Aaron and commanded them to leave Egypt with all their families and flocks. Pharaoh didn’t simply allow Israel to leave; now he commanded them to go. This was just what the LORD told Moses would happen: :When he lets you go, he will surely drive you out of here altogether” (Exodus 11:1). He also asked Moses for a final blessing. This shows that now, Pharaoh knew who the LORD was, the God who was greater than Pharaoh and whom Pharaoh must seek for blessing. Pharaoh only came to this knowledge through being broken. The Egyptian people also agreed that the Israelites must go, to the extent that they essentially paid the Israelites to leave. Therefore, the children of Israel left in a hurry, so quickly that there was no time to let the bread rise. This is why they had to eat unleavened bread as the LORD had commanded. Israelites didn’t leave the slavery land empty handed. God provided for them through the Egyptians. God gave them all-round favour in the presence of their captors. This is the doings of the Lord upon His chosen ones. Happy moment of Israelites became the sad moment of Egyptians. Just like the people of Israel became free from the bondage of Egyptians, we are also free from the bondage of sin through His blood.
🎤Lesson Action Word🎤
The Passover is a memorial of the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt. Jesus became the Lamb for us. There are no more sacrifices of sheep, goats, or lambs. That work was finished on the cross. We are no more slaves to sin because of His perfect sacrifice. Glory To His Name.
🙏Lesson Prayer Point🙏
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being the Sacrificial, Passover Lamb so that we may be redeemed back to the Father. We praise and worship Your Name now and forever. Amen!
Remain blessed as you join us in our Sunday school both online and at any Assemblies Of God Church close to you as we study together under the Feet of the Master.

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