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Apostle Joshua Selman

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Apostle Joshua Selman Biography

This is a biography of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, who is a well-known teacher of God’s word that is followed all around the world. He was born on the 25th of June, 1980, and is now famous as the founder of Koinonia (Eternity Network International).

Apostle Joshua Selman Biography


As stated earlier, Apostle Joshua Selman, who is from Langtang in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria, was born on the 25th of June, 1980. He schooled however in Zaria, Kaduna State, and also obtained the call of God very early in life. As God already predestined him, God was helping him as a young boy to keep growing as expected.

The young Joshua Selman started pursuing God truly and sincerely from his heart, and even as a teenager, his unwavering love for God even at the time caught the attention of many. He will be found alone reading and studying the bible diligently while his peers were playing. Obviously, he may not know that these things were only helping him to prepare and shape him for the task ahead.

Then, along the lines, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and there was a transformation to newer heights for him. Along with certain companions of similar minds, they started embarking on the supernatural in their school. Amongst other miracles, this birthed the healing of a stammerer. Now, considering that some of the things he was doing then were new to some people around, they felt he was being a heretic. However, he was eternally transformed after an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in 2002. He then began to cry profusely as he rededicated himself for the Master’s use.

He had his tertiary education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria where he studied chemical engineering. His ministry started when he was on campus, working as a minister of God as an undergraduate preaching and sharing the gospel to fellow students in school with the help of his friends. One thing he ensured was that his hunger for God keep growing. Even as a young chap then he would often go to the dam to pray and ask God to reveal to him his purpose in life.

So, he knew from a young age that the LORD had called him to be a preacher and a minister. The Apostle’s most dramatic encounter was when Jesus Christ Himself appeared and stood before him, and all the LORD did was stretch His hand towards him and a great beam of light came upon him. That singular encounter was able to open the door to a level of anointing and understanding. Then he started working in power on another level entirely and having extraordinary insight into the Word like never before. Even before breaking through and attaining where he now stands, God has been using him heavily back then in the University. He has been walking in the prophetic, in healing the sick and performing miracles.

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By God’s grace, he founded the Eternity Network International (ENI) in March 2011. They organized KOINONIA, and it became a gathering that attracts thousands of people from different parts of the world. If you follow his messages enough, you discovered that he usually describes himself as a product of many graces, anointings, and divine impartations. He has been mentored and influenced by many heavily anointed men of God, including Benny Hinn, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, Pastor E.A.Adeboye, Pastor Daniel Olukoya, T. L. Osbourne, etc.

Is Apostle Joshua Selman Married?

Currently, Apostle Joshua Selman is not married. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that he has been in a relationship with a lady known as Sandra Areh, who is also fondly referred to as Selwoman after the Apostle’s surname “Selman”. Sandra Aleh Selwoman was born December 9, Sandra Areh. She is said to be a graduate of Mass Communication as well as a long-time member of the Eternity Network Internationa. It was made known that she started out with her work in the media department of the ministry.

Additionally, while a lot is not currently known about his immediate family, it should be noted that he usually talks about his mum many times while he is ministering (her birthday is also celebrated every year on the 24th of August).

In Conclusion

Apostle Joshua Selman has been impacting lives all around the world to God’s glory, particularly through the Koinonia platform. The platform was established with the sole aim of serving as a medium of reaching out to God with worship, love, miracles, sharing, listening to the word of God, and experiencing true intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The program is utilized to seek and save the lost and was launched to help in the salvation of human souls.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Koinonia is equipping and making perfect the saints by the revelation of God’s word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. They demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders, and miracles to prove that the Lord Jesus is alive. Apostle Joshua is a man of the presence of God, and the presence of God is usually made manifest in worship.

The ministry is also dedicated to revealing the wealth of the kingdom and financing God’s end-time agenda. Also, they are focused on important things like faith, anointing, evangelism, character, intimacy and fellowship, purpose and kingdom, love and prosperity, etc.

While there are many things to include in Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography, all that matters is that God is using him for His glory. God’s servant currently leads the Eternity Network International, Abuja, and regularly visits the Zaria assembly where it started. He is also the Principal of the Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM). The Koinonia School of Ministry is God’s training ground for people who sense the call of God upon their lives and it is a place that can be recommended.

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