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AUGUST 6, 2023
TEXT: 2KINGS 18 & 19


CENTRAL TRUTH: Because of God’s awesome power, the Christian does not need to fear the enemy.

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The events of 2 Kings 18 – 19 follow decades of spiritual decay in Judah. And this decay occurred as a result of the Kings not holding unto the eternal values of God as at the time(eighth century BC). It began with King Uzziah who did not tear down pagan shrines during his reign, to King Ajax his grandson who completely turned his back on God, and then Hezekiah who led the nation into revival which later faded and many people returned to their sinful ways. They were to lead the people of God with absolute fear and unreserved reverence to the one and only incomparable God who delivered them from bondage in Egypt. But because of challenge they derailed from the ways of God – forgetting that God’s awesome power can rescue from the hands of the enemy. So these two chapters of 2 Kings (18 & 19) serves as a reminder to all believers today that there will be trying times as we move through our life of faith and that we should find comfort in praising (serving) God even through the hard times of life. And thus the lesson presents the following outlines;

1. God’s People Threatened
2. Hezekiah Turns To God
3. Almighty God Responds

👉The Assyrians threatened God’s people on hearing words from king Hezekiah by coming to ask him: Whom are you trusting?, Who will rescue you? from the hands of Assyrians.
📌Lessons Derived: God’s people were threatened under the leadership of Hezekiah because they turned against the Lord and God allowed their enemy to invade & took them captives. The enemy capitalize on the claim that Judah had lost God backing and buffet them. Challenges or trying times may sometimes be permitted by God, but we do not have to lose hope, but find comfort in praising God ( staying connected to Him)even in such times. Job said, “though he slay me, yet will I trust in him – Job13:15″. The devil made boast that there no rescue for Judah, but the people held their peace as Hezekiah instructed them. A similar situation, where David in one of his Psalms said, ” many there be which say of my soul, there is no help for him in God. But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter of mine head – Ps3:2-3″. No matter the degree of challenge we face, let us wholly trust in Him, He will lift us out from any bad situation. He is the Supernatural God who heads and controls everything in the spiritual realm.

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👉When the report of Assyrian threats or insult gets to Hezekiah, he turns to God by responding in humility, also sending words to Isaiah to pray God to punish the enemy, perhaps the LORD has heard the insult.
📌Lessons Derived: With the challenge or trouble stirring them(Judah) in the face, a king – Hezekiah went into the Temple wearing sackcloth to seek the face of God. With all his paraphernalia of office as king he humbled himself before God. If a king can do this, we have no excuse when faced with challenging situations in our daily walk with God. He was not just praying alone he recognised the presence of of the prophet of God in the land – ie, Prophet Isaiah by sending words to him to pray that the Lord his God may hear the insult of the Assyrian and punish them. That shows he (King Hezekiah) believed in the God of Isaiah. When challenges ensues what actions do we take? where and whom do we run to? Hezekiah relied on God in all his actions and he was never disappointed. Note this: spiritual battle which is connected to everything that happens in life cannot be won with natural or artificial intelligence. Our victory lies in connecting with the power of the Supernatural.

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👉Seeing Hezekiah’s humility, the Almighty God responds through His prophet Isaiah, telling them: Do not be afraid, even as He honoured His promise.

📌Lessons Derived:The Almighty God rewarded the confidence or trust Hezekiah had on Him by taking over the battle, fighting Sennacherib and his men His own way – ie, Supernaturally. And thus;
* Hezekiah was told not to be afraid of the threat of the enemy. In the same vein, we are not to approach spiritual battles with fear. Fear torments – 1John4:18.
* Hezekiah was told that the Lord will cause the Assyrian emperor to hear a Supernatural blast (ie, spirit or wind) that will make him return to his country and the Lord will have him killed there. There are battles in the spirit realm that God does not need human’s or his people’s might. He would always come to the rescue of his people with his saving Power.
* Hezekiah was also made to understand that God saves for the honour of his name and in fulfilment of the promise he made to David that the reign of his kingdom will continue in all generations and that he will protect his people(2Sam7). God’s word can never fail, His Words to David came to pass (ie, fulfil) as He released one angel to slay 185000 Assyrian soldiers in one night, so his people were rescued from the attempted attack. And Sennacherib was killed by his own sons as the Prophet said.
Lastly, while we may not face the kind of threat Judah experienced, there are situations that seems insurmountable with us today, we should not lose hope and trust in God who understands everything, we should rather pray for wisdom to recognise spiritual battles for what they are.
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