Today’s Word Joel Osteen May 12 2018: The Way of the Righteous


Today’s Word Joel Osteen

TOPIC-The Way of the Righteous a devotional for May 12, 2018, written by Joel Osteen


” …The righteous give generously”
(Psalm 37:21, NIV)

Today's Word Joel Osteen May 10 2018

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TODAY’S WORD: Joel Osteen

Did you know that when you give to others in need, the Bible says it’s like giving directly to God Himself? When you step out and bless other people, you are honoring and blessing the Lord. The scripture tells us to give our best, to give generously. In other words, stretch yourself. Go out of your way. It may be uncomfortable to walk over and pay for someone’s gas, but that’s being generous.
I encourage you today, look for ways to give generously and meet the needs of others. Remember, people have many different types of needs. There may be someone who needs some encouragement. Give generously when you give that encouragement. There may be someone in your life that just needs a friend; they need some quality time. Give generously of your time and pour into that person. As you give generously to others, God will multiply those seeds in your own life in return!


Heavenly Father, I come to You today giving all that I have to You. Open my eyes to the needs around me and show me how to be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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